June 27, 2021



Our hearts are broken at Wonderpurr Life as we learned of Timmy Tomcat's passing. 

Timmy was his daddy's Heart Kitty, something we all aspire to being to our special hoomons in our lifetime. It's not a job you can apply for. It just happens, like it did for my mom and Herman. We all loved Timmy. And we all mourn his passing.

But cats like Timmy don't just fade into a warm memory for their family. No, they stay with all of those who have been touched, and Timmy touched a lot of us. So he will be celebrated and remembered for a very long time to come, by so many who never even met him. That's the power of what Timmy's daddy did. He reached beyond the blogosphere and touched us all with Timmy's wonderpurrness.

Rest in Peace, sweet Timmy. You left behind huge paws to fill.


  1. We'll always, always remember dear Timmy.

  2. My dear friends it warms my kitty heart to read your sweet post. You truly are good friends and know that I am looking down from heaven with love. Yes. Rabbit, I have my eye on you so watch it!
    Angel Timmy Tomcat


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