An Opportunity to Help Fight Cancer


Hi evfurrybuddy, it's me, Dori. Today I am here to ask yoo for help for our friend, Jaymee Dale, who is fighting for her life. 

Not only her life, but also the life of her Turkish Angora, Vonnie, who has been very sick.

Yoo may already know Jayme is sick with Mantel B Cell Lymphoma Stage IV, a rare and aggressive cancer believed to be caused by Pyrethroids sprayed in her apartment every week for six months.

She was told by management the spraying was harmless, however her Willy aka Cybercat919 on Twitter, soon passed away.

Jaymee cannot receive treatment in Idaho. She has to fly to Houston, Texas every month. This is both costly and exhausting for her. She's never had debt, but now she's maxed out three credit cards to pay for travel expenses, and for expensive medications that are not all covered by insurance.

Please listen to my impawtent message, then please let me know if yoo have donated. My momma will be happy to make yoo Instagwam highlight covers.

We are planning other cool ideas to help raise funds for Jaymee, so please stay tuned!

Note From Kim:

Think about this: If everyone who learned about Jaymee's fight donated only $5, she would be able to concentrate on fighting cancer, rather than the worry of her huge medical debts.

I'm asking for $10 donations. I'm happy to make you five Instagram highlight covers such as this:

Thank you kindly for your donations, and also for sharing Jaymee's Go Fund Me campaign among your social media connections. We are not expecting huge donations. Like I said, even $5 among ten people is $50 toward helping Jaymee afford her $600 a month medication.

Love you all! Kim


Sandee said...

To bad she can't get treatment in Idaho. Prayers all around.

Have a fabulous day and week, Miss Dori. ♥

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dori; we will ask R food gurl two hop over to go fund me and see if we can help jayme and vonnie a bit


Brian said...

How very sad. The Dad did give some but we don't want anything in return.

Adorapurr said...

Yoo are all so very kind to make a small donation. Yoo are blessings to my heart. Love, Dori