October 28, 2022

Zoo Boo Date with Baunilha


Dear Diary,

I try to make my dates fun with Baunila, my Portuguese girlfriend. Trouble is, like most girls, she gets all nervous when it comes to scary stuff.

I love scary stuff. I love to jump out at my sisfurs and make them scream with either fright or fury, though I still can't tell which cuz it all sounds the same. And I love to prowl the catio at night when flying predators are skulking about in the trees, swooping overhead like they might be hunting me.

Yah, that's a real tail-biter kind of feeling. Like I could become owl poop. Yow!

October 25, 2022

Jesse the Traveling Cat and Why I Wasn't Invited on Vacation

Hi evfurrybuddy, it's me Dori *wavy paws.* If yoo are reading this, I assume yoo have survived the weekend and the return of Monday with all it's despicable hekkishness. Purrsonally I am working on a serious letter to the gov'mint to abolish Mondays at the same time they kick Daylight Savings to the curb for once and for all.

So yoo may have noticed that I was virtually invisible last week to my social media frens. I am mortally wounded to the core of my little heart to be ignored, but my momma explained that she needed a bweak and unfortnately I was sacrificed along with her accounts and our IG Cattoon account.

October 15, 2022

At the Mewvees: Now Playing: The Revenge of Bode

copyrightkimberleykoz wonderpurr.com

CAST: Herman TattleCat, Bode 4Catsstrapski, NancyCakeFace, DanaPixie, 3PhiBotticelli, Frankencat1, TweetingTruman, and a cast of dozens!

PLOT: Sometimes friends have misunderstandings. At Bode's wedding to NancyCakeFace, Herman got hungry while waiting for the bride to arrive by camel. (No wonder she was late.)  So Herman found a tub of popcorn, and munched happily, never realizing Bode was upset.

Meanwhile Bode was plotting revenge:

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