A Peopley Kind of Week

Humans are exhausting. I live with two, so I know what I'm meowing about.

Last week I was denied my social media experience because my meowmy was overwhelmed by stuff like the air conditioning system being replaced on Wednesday, so Chevy and my daddy cat Nikolas had to spend all day in Jesse's room, and Nik of course peed on something cuz that's how he rolls... Then on Caturday my pawrents were waked up by the front sidewalk being ripped up and twee woots being chopped out at six o'clock in the morning. 

You see, the week before Daddy got a notice from the HOA peoples that the sidewalk needed to be replaced. The house is 15 years old and that twee has been growing woots for at least ten, so why after being here nine months or so do my pawrents have to shell out the big bucks to get it replaced? Because that's how Life at Chateau Wonderpurr has been since we moved here. It's the gift that keeps on giving...or rather, taking.

Not my pwoblem! Why should my social media suffer?

I asked Momma, but she had no answer. She just sighed and went to wescue Elly who was screaming because Wabbit was chasing her. I've noticed Momma buying a lot of wed wine lately.

Life at Chateau Wonderpurr is a give and take of constant energy swirling in a vortex of anxiety mixed with unexpected events. A phone call might bring joy or growling under brefs. That's why I don't have a pawphone. I get enough joy from playing wif my dolly, and growling when Wabbit hunts me and gwabs me by my neck to woll me like dice.

Good news is that Momma got her first vaccine, and Daddy gets his this coming Thursday. One impawtent step toward getting the Normal back to our lives. Momma got the Moderna and had a little ache in her arm, but it was gone in a day or so, and she had no other side effects.

On Friday my pawrents drove to Daytona Beach so Daddy could buy his brother a biker tee shirt for his birthday. During Bike Week its very peopley so they avoided the area during BW. A week later they found a shop and bought the tee, and then decided to walk down to the beach to see if they could find a good place on the water for lunch. 

As they walked they passed Carol's Cat House, and there was Carol on the doorstep, smoking like a chimney. At least she smoked outside, away from the clothes she sold and the cats she had in the back room. By now I'm sure evfurryone knows that ciggie butt smoke clings to our furs and when we lick the furs, we ingest the toxins. Momma knows someone who smokes who has lost several pets to cancer, and yet she still smokes. So sad.

Anyway, this Carol lady is a rescuer, and spends a lot of time and money TNRing the strays who live around the local cemetery. She and Momma talked for about ten minutes, and then Daddy dragged Momma off because when Mom is talking Rescue, time stands still. The beach was crowded and the only restaurant with a view was Bubba Gumps, which isn't a favorite of Daddy's, so they drove down to Flagler Beach to their favorite place on the water. No peoples, and a table was available in the sunshine overlooking the water. Turns out it was the best decision of the day.

We are now enjoying nicer days with Spring officially here. Daddy planted Banana trees in our Catio, which will fruit teeny nanners. When my pawrents lived in Jacksonville they had a huge banana plant in their yard. It took a few years but eventually produced sweet bananas.

Well, that's my wepawt for this week. But before yoo scamper off, please enjoy a moment from my Catio:

Until Next Time...

The Leprechaun Trap - A Wondepurr Cattoon

Hi everyone, this is Dori. Surprise Numpurr 1: It's not Tuesday. Surprise Numpurr 2: It's not Caturday. Surprise Numpurr  3: It's St. Patrick's Day and I have a Wonderpurr Cattoon to share with yoo featuring a Leprechaun who didn't lawyer-up after a run-in with the AssRabbit. I know, that sounds incredible. So, without further adieu, let's find out what happened when Wabbit set a trap to catch a Leprechaun.


What Time Is It?


Welcome to another Wonderpurr Cattoon. Today's feature is What Time Is It starring Frank and the lovable, but thoroughly obnoxious Ass Rabbit.

Florida Wildlife Featuring Ibis

Last month Ray joined a Facebook group devoted to sharing information about Flagler Beach. He was told by the owner of our favorite Italian restaurant, Tuscany, (featuring two huge slices of pizza and one large soft drink for $5.00 - Ray's all about great pizza with an even greater price) that the group will post about whales spotted along the shoreline. He really wanted to see whales this year, but alas that didn't happen.

However, a couple weeks later someone mentioned a huge flock of Ibis roosting at sunset in a parking lot that just so happened to be where my hair salon is located. Even though I knew exactly where the flock was, and that Ray himself had been to the strip mall where he got his car license tags, he carefully punched the directions into his Google Maps, and away we went.

A couple weeks earlier I'd filmed a group of Ibis hanging out along the side of the road, enjoying a rain puddle. I'm always amazed by how much wildlife we see along side the road. Ibis, vultures, herons aplenty.

As we pulled into the parking lot we saw a couple cars parked off to one side with people standing on the curb. I had never noticed the pond before, but there it was, and there were already over one hundred Ibis settling in for the night. Ray told me he'd read there were alligators in the pond. Well, duh. Where there's water, there's sure to be alligators around here.

We were there for about thirty minutes, and the birds kept coming, like they'd also subscribed to the Flagler Beach for Friends group and knew exactly where to go. In no time the group had doubled, and still they kept coming. I felt rather bad for those late-comers as they had a struggle finding a decent branch to settle on. All that was left were those flimsy ones near the bottom.

Invasion of Strangers

Happy Tuesdays, furends! This past week has been very exciting upsetting due to mass invasion by Stranger Danger. I've never spent so much time under the bed!

Actually, it's pretty nice under the bed. There are cushions, pillows, cat toys, and couches. Also a wide-screen HGTV with surround sound, a mini-bar with chilled bottles of cream and designer water, and a kitchenette for late-night snacks.

Passing Time Until Lunch - A Wonderpurr Cattoon



Welcome to another Wonderpurr Cat-toon. Hope you are having a beautiful Caturday! Today's cat-toon features Opie and Jack, two best furends who can spend all day just hanging out, enjoying each other's company. Let's see what they're chatting about today.