Field Trip to Yates Cider Mill


Hi evfurrybuddy, it's me, Dori, President of the Ber Months Fan Club.

Today I invite yoo to join me on my first ever field trip to celebrate Everything Autumn. 

We're going to visit Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

My momma and daddy grew up in Michigan with fond memories of elementary school field trips to Yates Cider Mill, now celebrating 160 years of being one of Michigan's most beloved places to spend a day in autumn.

So without further delay, click on the video below.

I hope yoo enjoyed my field trip and learned stuff yoo didn't know about how apple cider is made. If the links in the video aren't working and yoo want to learn more about the history of  Yates Cider Mill, please click the image below to go to their website. And while there yoo can also order apple cider and donuts to be shipped to yoo on the day yoo request.

Well, I'm exhausted and need a nap, so I'm going to say bye bye. If yoo would leave me a message to let me know if yoo enjoyed my field trip, it might help me create future field trips. Thank yoo so much for joining me. Now go off and make it a Wonderpurr day. 

Until Next Time...