November 30, 2021

Remembering Pete Cusack

I always looked forward to Tuesdays with Tim. Timmy Tomcat was the Face and Meow over at Tomcat Commentary by Tim. Yesterday I got the heartbreaking news that his daddy, Pete Cusack, had passed away on November 20th. And it does hurt my heart to know I'll never again read one of his funny blog posts. He had such heart and love for his cats. His blog now stands as a testimonial for us to remember him by.

That last thought stuck in my head yesterday, thinking about how, at any given time, I could pass and leave behind not only eleventy-billion cats, but also my blog as a remembrance to my life here among the cat bloggers. I know of several cat bloggers who have passed, and yes from time to time I return to remind myself that a single post can live in the hearts of those who knew me, albeit via the blogger world. 

This past August we at Wonderpurr Life hosted the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. One of the entries was Rumpy Bump Stumpsnot, by Pete Cusack, supreme cat dad for Tomcat Commentary by Tim.

I adored his humor and kindness. He will be greatly missed. Not only by his family and his furkids, but also by all of us who have loved and laughed with him through the years. In his honor I am posting his humorous entry to our contest.Thanks to Pete's humor, Rumpy tied for Naughty but Nice category. Please see his blog link above where Rumpy got his award prizes.

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Rabbit my man cat. So glad you reminded me. I had a day of it laying on the windowsill. Taking an extra nap just because. Waiting for Dad to make dinner! Bizy Bizy Bizy. Oh yeah, backstory. I have been sick, dying really (True as fish Dad did not think I would make winter), for the past year or more and the new vet turned that around and I feel like I am 9 again! Yeah baby, I'm back! No Asthma A-Tacks A-Toll. Yee Haw!This is a true story of me being my kindly self. The bed has had our sleeping spots staked out since there were dinosaur cats. I sleep on the bottom left, Fitz the bottom Right, Toby cuddled with Dad's leg kinda left middle and Einstein middle kinda right. That is where Dad puts his little suckle blankie. Can you believe a 6-year-old suckling? Yeah, real Man Cat there, fella! Anyhow, that sets the stage.

So, Dad was reading, and I was sleeping. I awoke feeling kindly towards my kin. I proceeded to visit Ms Fitz. I stood (Dad says I was Looming. Can you imagine? Looming MOL) over her but she was sound asleep. I prodded her, very gently I may add, whereupon she took offense, stood, and proceeded to give me her quick paw jab. OK, maybe 3 as they are super-fast. Really rude right! But she is a lightweight, me a heavyweight. Two whaps and it's over, she turns tail and... I mean she leaves.

Dad says "RUMPY" recognizing my skill. I walk over to my spot. I then circle clockwise to the suckle kid who is curled asleep. I could feel the mental vibrations from him: "I. Want. To. Play. Now." So, I jumped on him, and we started wrestling. Can you believe after I took time to play with him, he did a Bitey on me? He has a zoom-fast-snake-head-zip-forward Bitey. Einstein, dood, I have Floof, thick Floof. I Bitey Back. He whaps. I whap. Him, I did Loom on. I mean. The Nerve! He leaves post haste.

Smart. Dad says, "RUMPY WHAT ARE YOU DOING." He is curious. He wants to know so he can tell me to do it again. So, Toby was awake by now and as I went close, to give him a manly man cat hug mind you, he gave me his Big Hiss. Now Toby is a man cats man cat. His Hiss curls paint off the walls, melts ice, is the thing kittens wake Mom over. So, I amble over, and I get the WHAP! Not a Miss Fitz jab, jab, jab but a WHAP with Claws, Owchie. I admit, I flinched. I squinted. You would too, but I am bigger, younger, and dumber smarter!

"I was just going to give you a hug" I meow. This throws him off his timing and as he looks at me with a "Huh?" I give him a big overhead Whap ducking back and squinting, just in case he has another one in him. Nope, he Jets. Dad just stares in awe at how amazing I am. He gives me the nose tap of appreciation. Twice! Guess who got to lay on Dad's leg, this guy! Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Dad: "Rumpy that's not what happened. You just walked around the bed whapping everyone in turn! You are an Ass-Hat"

Rumpy: Ahh, but my version has Panache! O old one! MOL!

So that was Pete and Rumpy's entry to the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards, and he tied for First Place Winner in the Naughty but Nice category:


Here's something I thought about while reading Pete's obit. His birthday is January 31st. Why not honor his memory on that day by posting your favorite Tomcat Commentary post on your blog? It's just a thought, but I cannot think of a better way to honor our cat blogger friend than purrusing through his blog to pick out a post that gave us joy.

Rest in Peace, Pete and Timmy. You both were Wonderpurr.