The SpaceX Launch

 Using the aroma of my favorite Pikes Peak coffee, Ray lured me out of bed at five a.m. on Friday to drive to Flagler Beach. The launch of the SpaceX rocket was scheduled to lift off at 5:49. He chatted like a sugared-up six-year-old the entire thirteen minutes it took to get there, while I silently sipped my coffee, praying he'd come down with laryngitis... but only until I got enough coffee in me to comprehend the conversation.

I used to be a MORNING PERSON, but between the Covid Quarantine chaos, Ray retiring and being home ALL THE TIME, plus the endless antics of my Flying Monkeys aka The Wonderpurr Gang, I'm now only a MORNING PERSON after two cups of coffee and one episode of Cybill or I Dream of Jeannie on the Roku channel.

Watching the NASA lift offs is part of our Bucket List while living in Florida. SpaceX was the second one we've enjoyed so far, with beautifully clear skies enabling us to see the entire launch. My video is a little over six minutes, but it's worth it.

If you missed Rabbit's First Feline Astro-Nut in Space, click here to enjoy.

First Feline Astro-Nut in Space

Dear Diary: 

Yesterday my pawrents escaped before breakfast. In fact, it was so dark outside, I was still asleep in my Zen Den. Oddly, they returned about an hour later and went back to bed. I asked my Mom what the Friskies that was all about, and she told me she and Dadders went to watch the SpaceX launch down at the beach. That got me to thinking... Instead of being a DoriDeer wrangler, or a Ninja kitteh hunting Opipotomuses... What if I decided to be an Astro-Nut when I grow up? I bet being a pawfessional Astro-Nut would be really fun. I'd make headlines around the world as the First Feline Astro-Nut in Space!



Happy Jifabu Day


Did you know Tuesday was Scrabble Day?

As life simmers down to a dull roar around Chateau Wonderpurr, Ray and I are playing Scrabble more often, both the board game and on our phones. 

Ray isn't one to sit around watching television, and he isn't a big reader, so the challenge for me was finding something that would keep him entertained, other than exploring his new Facebook account, and showing me cute animal videos (the ones I'd just posted on my account.) He's still getting the hang of Facebook, and his other passion is exploring Class Rock videos on his phone at high volume, some of which I'd never heard, even though I grew up alongside him listening to Detroit Motown music. Float On by The Floaters is one example. 

Dieting Dreams and Microchipping Parents

 Hi everyone, welcome back to another Tuesdays with Dori.

It seems like I was just doing this a week ago. How time flies! 

This past week was super busy at my house. My pawrents weren't home so much, I was convinced they'd runned away from home. I am vewy upset because they are not microchipped and there was no way for me to put out an alert to find them. But every day they returned, mostly in time for our 4 o'clock dinner noms.

So yesterday my momma got her second Moderna vaccine. The first she breezed through without hardly any side effects, except for an achy arm, and she said that was mostly due to me sleeping on her upper arm all night long. I'm a vewy sound sleeper, by the way.

Celebrating National Pet Day - Truly It's a Wonderpurr Life

Today everyone is celebrating National Pet Day. I don't know about yoor house, but at my house EVERY DAY is NATIONAL PET DAY.

We love posing for selfies so today we are featuring several members of the Wonderpurr Gang that actually tolerate our momanager aka pawpawrazzi's camera in our faces.

The first featured is our beloved leader, Hwermie, aka Herman TattleCat. Hwermie has enjoyed an illustrious career as Sherlock Herms, a Purranormal Detective. He's traveled extensively to far away places like Michigan, Smokey Mountains Tennessee, Nashville, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Las Vegas (he actually flew next to our mom in the plane to Vegas where he walked the red carpet at Blogpaws.)

Next featured is...
Jack is the son of Peaches, the brother to Jesse the Toothless Wonder. Jack was born under a neighbor's deck in 2008, and when the neighbor shoo'd Peaches and kittens away... guess where they ended up? Jack had a bad experience with another neighbor who may or may not have hit him with a shovel. Mom never found out, but Jack went missing for a couple of weeks, and then when he returned he walked in circles. He spent a month at the vet, and when he returned, he never allowed anyone to pick him up again. He's reverted to being semi-feral, but we love him and he's very happy here in Flory-Da.

Next features is...
Candy is an intellectual. She's well-read, watches high-brow documentaries, and has a quirky love for coffee. At least for the smell of it. Mom refers to her as Caffeine Candy, especially when she tries to lick the Keurig machine. Candy traveled to Blogpaws Kansas City where she made the rounds with the Brands while me, Dori, hid out under the bed. Candy used to be my bestest furend until her boyfriend is K.C. aka Kevin Coopurr  arrived, rescued from our yard two years ago. They have a serious commitment to each other. *makes jealous gagging sounds.*

Next featured is...
Frank aka Fwank
Everyone knows Fwank arrived as an angry tomcat at the age of four. He was tired from no one loving him, and he had learned to be aggressive on the mean streets. However, our Mom took a chance on him, and even though he attacked Mom who fended him off with a broom, and shredded Daddy's leather jacket, Fwank soon learned about unconditional love. Today he's loved by everyone, and no longer shows any signs of the angry tomcat he once was.

Next featured is...
Momma always wanted an orange tabby, so when a little weenie kitten showed up in our yard, eating grass alongside the raccoons...and also a momma fox and her kit (yikes!) Mom rescued him. Opie is Jack's bestest friend, and is sweet on Peaches. We all love Opie, even though when he first joined our family he did not get along with Herman. Herman wanted to be the only Ginger in the house... but eventually they settled their differences. Today Opie is enjoying his Flory-Da retirement by relaxing in the Catio sunpuddles, or walking around the house in the wee hours of the morning, crying with his favorite orange ball in his mouth.

Next featured is...
Elly arrived four years ago after getting a tip from Mom's beloved Noah, a feral black darling who later passed from feline AIDS and leukemia that same year. Elly immediately made friends with Candy (and I immediately despised her because of that. Candy was MY bestest furend.) Anyway, today Elly has claimed our Daddy, and loves to snuggle with him all night long. She hardly waits for him to lie down, before she jumps on his chest and pushes her face into his. She doesn't mind at all that Daddy has asthma. And frankly, Mom thinks Daddy doesn't mind either. He looooves his "Miss Elly."

Next featured is...

Let's try another selfie, shall we?
Next is Rabbit aka Hermes LuxuryCat aka AssRabbit
Wabbit is a Turkish Van like our Hermie, but he's nothing like Herman. Where Herman is sweet and lovable, and always well behaved... Wabbit has no filter, and is in constant need of entertainment. If he's bored, watch out. He goes looking for something to entertain himself, and that usually means hunting me, Dori. He has been jumping on me and putting the bitey on my neck for three years. Momma puts him in tee shirts that act like thundershirts to simmer him the hekk down. And it works. Mom doesn't want to keep him on any kind of sedative, because Vans are naturally active and curious and...frankly, out of control. Good thing Daddy has the energy to keep Wabbit entertained. Together they are always finding some adventure to wear Wabbit out. He's a handsome dood, though. And when he's not biting my neck or chasing the seniors under the bed, he really is a nice guy.

And finally, I've shaved the bestest selfie for last.
I would like to be an only child. Except for Hwermie, of course. And Fwank. I could be very happy just being an only child with them. Since moving to Flory-Da I've found my inner AssRabbit. Guess I've been influenced by yoo know who. These days I like to climb the shelves in Momma's closet, and I like to chase Gidget (I've never liked her) and I run around with my dolly - a stepped-on old Mylar ball - mostly in the wee hours of the morning, crying for everyone to meet Dolly. I sleep with my Momma every night, under the cover, and recently I've decided I love the taste of Aveeno night cream on her face. My favorite hobby is playing with baby dwagons in the Catio. 

Manatee Springs

Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor hostess, Dori. *wavy paws*

I hope yoo all enjoyed a beautiful Easter. Spwing is in the air, with flower blooming and sun puddles popping up in some of my favorite places both inside my home, and outside in my Catio.

Today I want to share wif yoo a special place here in Flory-Da reserved for Manatees.