May 24, 2022

The Struggle is Real

Greetings to all of yoo who are still reeling from the aftermath of Monday. My best intentions to banish the Cujo of weekdays and replace it with Funday has sadly failed. 

Even my nemesis Wabbit tried his best to send the M-day packing, but it came back like an unscrupulous snollygoster who just won't go away.

Go ahead and Google that word. I'll wait.

Anyway, this morning at precisely one second after midnight, Tuesday safely arrived, so yoo can all simmer down and catch yoor breaths. There's no use worrying about the inevitable until Sunday anyway.

By now I had hoped to report the completion of the novel my momma is working on, but sadly she continues to struggle to find quiet time to allow her brain to function where words flow into sentences and sentences flow into paragraphs that actually make sense. I fear the struggle is real, especially when a certain AssWabbit has his floofy foot in her back and spends his days pressuring her to work.

The book is entitled The Diary of an AssRabbit, so of course the subject matter has a keen interest in seeing his story unfold in a timely manner. 

However, contrary to what I have told him in memo form -- I refuse to meet with him in purrson due to the restraining order I filed a few months ago -- Wabbit doesn't seem to understand that the chaos he stirs up among our fur sibs requires Mom to disconnect from her work to go deal with him.

And as Mom has Attenshun Deffy Sit DisOdor, every time she disconnects from her work, it takes about twenty minutes for her to reconnect to where she was at the time of disconnection.

She has told me in confidence that not only is Wabbit a distraction, but also Daddy is a distraction, and sometimes my fursibs are distractions all in their own unique ways. But by far Wabbit is Numpurr One.

Purrsonally I think he's a big ol' Numpurr Two (giggles behind paws) but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, it is my heartfelt wish that you survive whatever chaos this week has planned for you.

May 17, 2022

A Window to Positivity

Welcome to Tuesdays with Dori. *wavy paws*

My Friends, I have a good feeling about today. Yes, I spend my days behind closed doors in my castle suite because there is a crazy Wabbit running amok who is determined to hunt me like prey, but I prefer to focus on the positives in my life.

Like enjoying a toasty sun puddle shining through my private window that overlooks a beautiful garden where deer nom Daddy’s hibiscus and cute bunnies dine on fruit and veggies left by Momma.

I think of my view as a Window to Positivity.

There is a saying: “What you think about, you bring about.”

Do you actually listen to what is going on in your mind? What do you spend the most time thinking about? 

Are your thoughts about accomplishing goals and dreams, or are they dwelling on people and relationships? Problems and disappointments? Why are you thinking about those things?

It is a known fact that what we think about and talk about is what we bring about. So, Friends, please be careful about what occupies your mind because your thoughts are like seeds that will bring forth fruits.

Make sure them fruits are sweet like strawberries n peaches. Not tart like lemons. 

Now go off and make it a Wonderpurr day! Love, Dori

May 13, 2022

Early to Bed


Hey, Pals. Rabbit here. I'm joining Feline Friday for the first time because I wanted to show off my new bed.

I'm a big boy, and Mom thought I looked cramped in the cat tree I used in my ZenDen. So she scoured the Facebook Marketplace and found a toddler's bed for sale. It is like new because the kid's school never had a sick kid to use it. 

This weekend Mom is headed to a yard sale to see if she can find a proper set of sheets and maybe a comforter. Meanwhile I've got a couple of blankets.

So, yah, I love my new bed. Dadders says he's going to give it a new coat of paint.What color do you think would look best? Mom likes shades of Purrrple, but I look best in Pink.

All Turkish Van's look great in pink.

See my friends in my bed? The yellow bunny is Peeps. The gray one is Carl, and the purple bunny is Debbie. Oh, and that's my camel Humpy, too.

Hope you all have a Wonderpurr weekend. I'm headed off to bed.

Purrs, Rabbit

May 12, 2022

Time Travel to Blogpaws 2014 - Conclusion


Hi pals, it's me Herman TattleCat back with the conclusion of my Diary pages when I flew to Las Vegas for the 2014 Blogpaws conference.

You know, no matter how old we pets are, there is still time to surprise our pawrents. For instance when Mom mentioned to our vet that she was concerned about how well I would do mixing it up with other pets at this conference, especially dogs because we never had a dog in our house, the vet told Mom she thought I would do extremely well. She said when I was around dogs at the vet (behind the scenes type of stuff while getting treatments) I was always chill, not at all upset with the barking.

And that proved to be right, because on day one Mom was wheeling me through the huge hotel lobby filled with dogs in  my Gen7Pet stroller named Mosey (you know him from my Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mystery novel that he's actually a Time Travel machine) when suddenly a Great Dane sauntered past me and licked my head before continuing on his way. My pawrents were stunned. Not only by my chill reaction, but also that they hadn't considered a huge doggo might slurp me.

So here is the Conclusion of my Diary to Blogpaws in Las Vegas:

Dear Diary --

It seems like yesterday when I was lolling around the gorgeous Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, meeting fabulous Anipals and their hoomans, and rubbing elbows wif celebrities like Hauspanther Kate Benjamin, Tillman the skateboarding bulldog, and Mia the baby Capybara.

At the conference my mom always wore a pendant of a wooden Scrabble tile, designed by Naomi at Hyperspace Hippo. It was my face, of course! She had lots of people ask her where she bought it, and handed out business cards for Miz Naomi and also for Butterfly Cat Jackets who designed by pawsome tiger jacket.

May 11, 2022

Time Travel to Blogpaws 2014 - Day 3

 Friends, there's nothing like getting sick when you're far from home. Me and Mom share this experience because on her first trip to Vegas a few years before me, she got food poisoning at the Treasure Island hotel after eating in their restaurant. 

She got so sick, she asked Daddy to call for a doctor. Mom never asks for a doctor, but she was scared. The hotel wouldn't help Daddy, saying basically they weren't responsible. So Daddy had to put Mom in a cab and rush her to a nearby clinic. They wanted to admit her because she was severely dehydrated, but Mom had a plane to catch back home and said no. The trip back home was horrible, and because Treasure Island was so unsympathetic, Mom vowed to tell everyone she knew about her experience.

Anyway, here's what happened when I got rushed to Emergency:

May 10, 2022

Time Travel to Blogpaws 2014 - Day 2


What the Friskies! You back already? Boy, that was a short night. I barely got in my standard nine hour cat nap. Anyway! I guess you're here to read the diary I kept while I attended the Las Vegas BlogPaws 2014 convention. Go ahead and read below. I'm going back to bed. 

DAY TWO: MAY 7, 2014

May 09, 2022

Time Travel To Blogpaws 2014 - Day 1


Hi pals, it's me Herman!!! back with an exciting week of Time Travel to 2014 when I flew to Las Vegas beside my pawrents to attend my first Blogpaws adventure. The week started out very exciting since I'd never been on a plane. But soon after we arrived, my pawrents realized I was in trouble and mom had to call 9-11.

I kept a diary of my adventure, as follows:

May 02, 2022

Dear Monday - You Are Hereby Cancelled

Dear Monday: You are hereby given notice to leave the premises immediately and not return. 

So far you are being blamed for Daddy stepping in a Gidget-gross hairball first step out of bed. 

You are also to blame for crows tearing apart the trash bags on the curb shortly after my Dadders put them out.

You made Momma spill 95% of her breakfast shake, making a mess of epic proportions. Plus she had used the last of her strawberries and was devastated. 

Also, the gooey drink dripped over the counter into the drawers, as well as soaked her shoes and shorts. Not a good look, I assure you. 

You are responsible for Dadders leaving late to play hit ball with sticks game because you hid his phone. 

You are also to blame for the inedible lumps in his Cream of Wheat. 

Monday, you made Mom struggle to put Opie in a box for his blood work vet visit this morning, and made sure copious amounts of his baby-fine hair smeared her already disgusting shorts. 

You also made her online bank ping her phone while waiting for Opie's test results. This totally freaked her out because she knew Dadders was not home using the online account. So she had to drive like a bat out of hell 20 minutes back home with Opie in the back of the van sliding back and forth in his carrier until she could get home to change the accounts passwords.

You then made the doorbell ring, freaking every last one of us fur kids out. The stranger at the door was a water irrigation inspector who wanted access to the garage to check the equipment. Except Chevy and Nik live in the garage. So Mom had to put them both in her office.

Not an easy task because Nik had to be dragged like an old snail out of his cat house shell, and then after Mom realized she doesn't know where the key is to the irrigation box and told the stranger to come back, she then had to drag Nik out from under her desk, risking blood poisoning should he bite her because he was extremely stressed.

And finally Monday... FINALLY... I hold you personally responsible for my momanager’s stress, which has resulted in her posting late on my social media accounts. 

For that alone I will never forgive you. 

This is an autographed photo of me not forgiving you. Note how upset I appear. This is not an normal look for me, and I may never recover.

You here hereby cancelled Monday. Do you understand? CANCELLED!

Sincerely, Herm├Ęs R. Koz aka Rabbit

Pee Ess: You will be hearing from PretzelKitteh, my littergator. If I were you, Monday, I'd be afraid. I'd be very afraid.