Breaking News! Gang Files Grievance Against Beloved Host

 Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori! *wavy paws* 

Welcome to a brand-new program format for It’s a Wonderpurr Life. 

Shaking Things Up in 2023

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Dear Friends, This is Dori *wavy paws* with Bweaking Nooz! 

But first of all, from my family to yoors, Happy Mew Year! I pway yoor trubbles stay in 2022, and this coming year will be filled with joy and laughter and lots of delicious noms to delight yoor tummy.

And now for my Bweaking Nooz! Here is a pwe-wecorded message. Please excuse my voice. I had a fwog in my froat. And yes, he was indeed vewy delicious.