Happy International Children's Book Day


Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori *wavy paws*. Sorry we have been away - actually I wasn't, I was sleeping in my favorite sun puddle and making fwens with the USA branch of the Squirrelingtons while Momma has been overwhelmed by demands on her time that take her away from helping me to hang out with my vewy best fwens. 
Anyway! Today is International Children's Book Day. Mom just realized it as of an hour ago and I told her I wanted to post about it on my blog. I mean... our family blog. Of course Wabbit had to get involved. {heavy sigh} I would have done a better promotion if I'd been asked, but sadly I'm still behind closed doors while he's running loose like a wild dog hunting little Dori Deers. So sad.


Mom's best seller Finding Mya features the best cat in the world - my big brofur Hwermie aka Herman TattleCat. Not Wabbit - who is trying his best to be the baddest cat in the world. Wab’s book Diary of an AssRabbit is currently in the works. When am I gonna get my own book? I'm pwecious too!

Anyway! Finding Mya was written for adults to enjoy while reading to their children, and features original artwork by then-eight-year-old Mya Lyn Campbell, a fan of Herman’s who sent momma drawings of him that inspired this book. She even did a book signing in her home town! Love that so much.

FINDING MYA by Kimberley Koz is available on Amazon.

“Eight-year-old Mya has a magical relationship with her grandma’s foster kitten, Herman. They can talk to each other. Not with words. With tickle thoughts!

Then Mya’s vacation ends and Herman is adopted by a lady whose dog treats cats like chew toys. He vows to escape! But how will he find her? Mya says she will leave picture-maps along the road to her house. All he has to do is follow them and they will live Happily Ever After. It’s a great plan. Too bad it goes wrong right from the start.”

With the choking amount of vet bills we have incurred, I want to help out by promoting momma's books like Finding Mya, Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries (starring me too), and her romance A Mad Fling, and her Christmas fantasy Kringle - all available on Amazon.com. If yoo think someone yoo know might enjoy one of these stories, please pass along. Thank yoo so much!

Update on Wonderpurr Gang Health

I am happy to weport that we are finally seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel at my house. So many sick kittehs, me included, but we have been all enjoying great improvement since mid-March. Jesse is in remission, ChauncieMarie's insulin has been decreased down to half  of a one unit twice daily, Peaches had dental surgery last week and lost six teeth - our old vet was a poo poo head when it came to dental care - but our new doctor saw Peaches yesterday and said her healing is looking great. And best of all, I haven't had any weturns of Aliens or Wocks in my pee pee since my surgery in January. Yay!

So I'm thinking we may be on our way back to enjoying a normal social life, and writing more books. Wish us luck, and thank yoo all for yoor love and support. 

Until Next Time...

But First, Rumi by Chitra Ramaswami


This new author is an unexpected Hero to the Omani Mau (street cats). What Chitra Ramaswami went through to rescue Rumi impressed me greatly, for I too, am a champion of homeless cats.

As Ms Ramaswami says, the cats she usually saw on the streets are very thin. Sickly. Initially she has only mild interest in the cats. In Oman, street cats are a part of life, but life outside the home walls. Feeding them is not encouraged. The cats must fight among themselves for whatever scraps they can find in the trash bins. Chitra, in fact, brought home a sickly, but feral kitten as a child, however it erupted in panic, leaving scratches before being set free, confirming in her mind the accepted notion that street cats were not meant to be pets.

She does not consider herself a cat person when the book opens. She has a rabbit back in New Jersey where her husband works, and muses she would like to have a dog someday. However Fate has other ideas when a scrawny ginger-white cat appears in her path. The moment the cat lifts his head to gaze at Chitra with tired, golden eyes filled with a melancholic emptiness, the stars align.

Chitra has enough on her plate. She’s traveling back and forth from her parents home in Oman to New Jersey where her husband works. Plus she’s dealing with a mysterious illness that leaves her feeling faint and weak. Her family is supportive, yet when she attempts to help the sickly stray, she is met with dismay. She knows nothing about caring for a healthy cat, much less a sickly one. But Chitra powers on, seeking advice to help the stray, who has problems of his own dealing with abuse from children that left him with an injury, along with harassment from stronger cats also forced to survive on the mean streets.

Chitra says she always leaves a little room in her heart for the unexpected. Rumi’s arrival is certainly unexpected, but in her heart Chitra soon realizes her initial promise to her family to find this sweet stray a home is futile. Rumi and Chitra are meant to be together.

This novel is a keeper. Chitra Ramaswami writes poetically of her life, and of the obstacles of harsh reality she is forced to overcome in order to help Rumi. Not only just Rumi, but by writing this novel, she has brought forth the life of the Mau for the world to see. When I first followed @RumiOnAMission2017 on Instagram, I knew nothing of the struggles the Omani Mau endures. But through Chitra’s eloquent, natural storytelling, my eyes have been opened.

BUT FIRST, RUMI is a well-told weave of one woman’s determination to overcome her native country’s prejudice against helpless cats. I applaud her for answering the call of caring for the Oman street cats when few others do, and I look forward to future novels by this talented author.