December 17, 2021

Retired and Loathing in Palm Coast

For reasons that now escape me, I allowed Ray to accompany me to Target. I split my grocery shopping between Target and Publix because Kroger does not have stores within a bazillion miles of me.

I really miss Kroger. I had two within a three miles from me in Southaven. And a huge Target in between them. I was so spoiled. I had no idea how much I would miss Kroger with it's cool app, and points that went toward my gas, and my favorite brands. They have Kroger delivery here that you have to use an app to order but no stores. And I love Kroger stores.

But I digress. I am writing about allowing Ray to accompany me to Target.

I wanted to get out of the house early in time for TJ Maxx to open because I have two items to return, and a receipt for only one of them. I'm hoping to get a sales clerk in a good mood to just give me store credit for the item without a receipt. It still has the TJ Maxx sticker on the back, so I should be good.

 But I couldn't get out of the house early because Ray wanted to go with me (he's struggling with what to do with his time outside of golfing, and he wore puppy dog eyes so I agreed to take him along) but first he needed to meet a buyer for a sea urchin tchotchke he had sold on Facebook Marketplace in the parking lot across from our neighborhood. She wasn't able to meet until 11 a.m. so Ray asked me to wait to go to the store. I agreed because... married a long time.

By the time we got to Target it was practically noon, and I skipped TJ Maxx because I knew the store would be overflowing with chaos, and like I said, I didn't have that receipt.

So why am I even writing about this? I know you're wondering... does this have anything to do with cats?


Although I will add a couple cat photos because I hate to disappoint.

It has to do with being Retired and Married for a Loooong time.

In the past I've written my grocery list in two columns: 

Kim list, which is practically everything.

And Ray list, which are items that Ray will recognize with minimal direction, and hopefully will be able to locate within the store walls without calling me several times. 

Yes, there are occasions when I get home to find items from Ray's list missing because he couldn't find them and therefore didn't put in the cart. Nor did he tell me while we were at the store so I could find them myself.

What kind of things? No, I'm not going to answer that because if he reads this, it may start a DISCUSSION at home that will end with the Wonderpurr Gang running for cover.

I did not write a Ray list this time because my intention was to go solo. However with him tagging along, I gave him a job. Go to Starbucks and buy three gift cards at $10 each.

He repeated the request backwards. Ten gift cards at $3 each.

I no longer laugh because I've been married a long time and laughter only encourages him.

I grab a cart and leave him behind in a cloud of huff.

I'm halfway down aisle number two when I get a text. Do you want a drink?

Me: Ok. Black tall.

Ray: Black tall coffee?

Me being mature by resisting the temptation to write "duh": Yes.

A short time later he arrives and hands me my drink. I notice he does not have a drink.

Where's yours, I ask. He says he would have split one of the those frozen drinks with the mocha and whipped cream, but I wanted black... which Ray does not drink. Ray is not much of a coffee drinker, and since I gave up sugar and milk, there has formed a noticeable chasm in our marriage.

Ray has always been of the nature that we cannot order the same meal at a restaurant because he likes to split the dishes so he gets to taste two dinners. But what if I want the eggplant parm too? No! If I release the rebel in me and order whatever he ordered first, he will tell the waitress to change his order to something else.

So now that I no longer drink candy coffee, we have lost practically 30% of what we had in common.

In the past, knowing Ray does not like black coffee, but he wants to split, I will order his mocha latte and take only a couple sips. But I'm heading full steam toward another birthday plus another New Year and frankly I need to drop some pounds. I don't digest milk well, and sugar in my coffee doesn't do anything for me other than bloat me with self-loathing.

So I happily enjoyed my Black Tall while Ray tagged along behind me through the rest of my shopping trip. And I did not feel guilty. Although I did bring it up in the car, asking why he did not buy himself his own coffee.

Because, he said, he wanted to split it.

Too bad, so sad.

If you are open to celebrating Pete Cusack's life on his birthday January 31st, be sure to pick out your favorite post from his blog, Tomcat Commentary by Tim, and post on your blog on that date.

Until Next Time...

December 14, 2021

Ginger Kitty and Jumper Cables


Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori *wavy paws* all excited because Christmas is on Caturday next week. Is it just my momma, or did Christmas get here way too fast? She said all her energy went into shopping and wrapping gifts, so this year she's skipping the part where she traditionally bakes biscotti.

I got a surprise package this week from Miz Janet over at The Cat on my Head who said she thought I needed Ginger Kitty, a little toy that looks like a gingerbread cat, to make me feel better. I've had a rough year because of Wabbit, who now thinks I'm his prey and needs to be hunted at all cost. He is not James Bond. Wabbit does not have a license to kill. So I had to move into the master bedwoom to live wif the seniors in order to avoid him. 

December 07, 2021

Nurturing Gone Wild


Hi evfurrybuddy! Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor host, Dori! *wavy paws* 

Today I am here to discuss a twagedy that my momma may not ever recover from. 

Yoo know how she had dozens of raccoons, and possums, and a few ground hogs at our house back in Southaven? For years she tossed peanuts and dog kibbies, and sometimes the neighbors would drop off leftover donuts and pizza- although I have yet to see any leftover pizza in our house cuz my daddy does not stop eating until the last piece is gone - out our back door to where the furry children of Mother Nature thankfully awaited their meals. It took her a couple years to wean the raccoons off of the free meals, but she did right before we moved last year.

November 30, 2021

Remembering Pete Cusack

I always looked forward to Tuesdays with Tim. Timmy Tomcat was the Face and Meow over at Tomcat Commentary by Tim. Yesterday I got the heartbreaking news that his daddy, Pete Cusack, had passed away on November 20th. And it does hurt my heart to know I'll never again read one of his funny blog posts. He had such heart and love for his cats. His blog now stands as a testimonial for us to remember him by.

That last thought stuck in my head yesterday, thinking about how, at any given time, I could pass and leave behind not only eleventy-billion cats, but also my blog as a remembrance to my life here among the cat bloggers. I know of several cat bloggers who have passed, and yes from time to time I return to remind myself that a single post can live in the hearts of those who knew me, albeit via the blogger world. 

This past August we at Wonderpurr Life hosted the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. One of the entries was Rumpy Bump Stumpsnot, by Pete Cusack, supreme cat dad for Tomcat Commentary by Tim.

I adored his humor and kindness. He will be greatly missed. Not only by his family and his furkids, but also by all of us who have loved and laughed with him through the years. In his honor I am posting his humorous entry to our contest.Thanks to Pete's humor, Rumpy tied for Naughty but Nice category. Please see his blog link above where Rumpy got his award prizes.

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Rabbit my man cat. So glad you reminded me. I had a day of it laying on the windowsill. Taking an extra nap just because. Waiting for Dad to make dinner! Bizy Bizy Bizy. Oh yeah, backstory. I have been sick, dying really (True as fish Dad did not think I would make winter), for the past year or more and the new vet turned that around and I feel like I am 9 again! Yeah baby, I'm back! No Asthma A-Tacks A-Toll. Yee Haw!This is a true story of me being my kindly self. The bed has had our sleeping spots staked out since there were dinosaur cats. I sleep on the bottom left, Fitz the bottom Right, Toby cuddled with Dad's leg kinda left middle and Einstein middle kinda right. That is where Dad puts his little suckle blankie. Can you believe a 6-year-old suckling? Yeah, real Man Cat there, fella! Anyhow, that sets the stage.

So, Dad was reading, and I was sleeping. I awoke feeling kindly towards my kin. I proceeded to visit Ms Fitz. I stood (Dad says I was Looming. Can you imagine? Looming MOL) over her but she was sound asleep. I prodded her, very gently I may add, whereupon she took offense, stood, and proceeded to give me her quick paw jab. OK, maybe 3 as they are super-fast. Really rude right! But she is a lightweight, me a heavyweight. Two whaps and it's over, she turns tail and... I mean she leaves.

Dad says "RUMPY" recognizing my skill. I walk over to my spot. I then circle clockwise to the suckle kid who is curled asleep. I could feel the mental vibrations from him: "I. Want. To. Play. Now." So, I jumped on him, and we started wrestling. Can you believe after I took time to play with him, he did a Bitey on me? He has a zoom-fast-snake-head-zip-forward Bitey. Einstein, dood, I have Floof, thick Floof. I Bitey Back. He whaps. I whap. Him, I did Loom on. I mean. The Nerve! He leaves post haste.

Smart. Dad says, "RUMPY WHAT ARE YOU DOING." He is curious. He wants to know so he can tell me to do it again. So, Toby was awake by now and as I went close, to give him a manly man cat hug mind you, he gave me his Big Hiss. Now Toby is a man cats man cat. His Hiss curls paint off the walls, melts ice, is the thing kittens wake Mom over. So, I amble over, and I get the WHAP! Not a Miss Fitz jab, jab, jab but a WHAP with Claws, Owchie. I admit, I flinched. I squinted. You would too, but I am bigger, younger, and dumber smarter!

"I was just going to give you a hug" I meow. This throws him off his timing and as he looks at me with a "Huh?" I give him a big overhead Whap ducking back and squinting, just in case he has another one in him. Nope, he Jets. Dad just stares in awe at how amazing I am. He gives me the nose tap of appreciation. Twice! Guess who got to lay on Dad's leg, this guy! Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Dad: "Rumpy that's not what happened. You just walked around the bed whapping everyone in turn! You are an Ass-Hat"

Rumpy: Ahh, but my version has Panache! O old one! MOL!

So that was Pete and Rumpy's entry to the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards, and he tied for First Place Winner in the Naughty but Nice category:


Here's something I thought about while reading Pete's obit. His birthday is January 31st. Why not honor his memory on that day by posting your favorite Tomcat Commentary post on your blog? It's just a thought, but I cannot think of a better way to honor our cat blogger friend than purrusing through his blog to pick out a post that gave us joy.

Rest in Peace, Pete and Timmy. You both were Wonderpurr.

October 29, 2021

Zoo Boo Date with Baunilha


Dear Diary,

My Birthday Date with Baunilha, the lovely kitteh from Portugal, went well enough that she agreed to accompany me on another date. 

I'm thrilled she wants to see me again, and feel I can outdo the last date, even though Mom confiscated her Ameowican Express cawd after she got the bill revealing the price of Baunilha's birthday presents.

Without a credit cawd, I couldn't take my date to an all you can eat place, like I'd hoped to. Our last date went pretty good when we stopped shopping and got to eat stuff. So I made a list of things to do with Baunilha that didn't require a credit cawd.

  1. A slam poetry reading...
  2. Amateur comedy show...
  3. Local Zumba class...
  4. Karaoke...
  5. McDonald's refuse bin...
  6. My parents house...
  7. A blood donation drive...
  8. Pick Mushrooms...
  9. Friday Night Box Pawty

I showed my list to my pals Peanut aka PretzelKitteh and Peanut aka ImABoatCat, and they both strongly recommended I rethink my list. I asked for ideas and this is what they came up with:

October 26, 2021

The Great Pumpkin Interview

Hi evfurryone, this is me, Dori. *wavy paws* I hope yoo are all enjoying a beautiful autumn, and not overindulging in pumpkin spice everything.

Today I am joined by my littergator furend, Pwetzel Kitteh. Due to the wurld we live in where evfurrybuddy sues over stoopid stuff like not enough strawberry in a Pop Tart, Pwetzel (his real name is Peanut, but I'm his favorite client so I get to call him Pwetzel) has agreed to accompany me during my intermew with The Great Punkin. Just in case he gets overly sensitive and decides to sue me for my Bweaking Nooz questions.

October 22, 2021

Birthday Date with Baunilha


 Dear Diary,

It all started when my furend Baunilha said she didn't have a special birthday celebration:

I knew Baunilha from Instagram. She's part of the @CacauBaunilhaSul family. They live in Portugal.  Their names translate into English as Cocoa, Vanilla and South. 

October 19, 2021

The Great Romance

 Hi evfurryone, it's me Dori, back from a bweak forced upon me by my momanager who says the summer hoomiditty has melted her bwain cells, and she lost her energy to do anything more than binge watch Yellowstone. Beth is her favorite character. 

Anyway! Let me tell yoo what's been happening at my house:

October 18, 2021

Mixing It Up with Country Fairs and Dental Scans


Hello Furends and their Pawents. This is Kim, hip-checking Dori and Rabbit, and the rest of the Wonderpurr Gang aside for a little me time on my own damn blog. I've noticed most of us pet pawrents rarely step in front of the camera, so to speak, but when you're going through a semi-burn out like I've been this past summer... um... year... it's time to mix things up.

I am not a fan of summertime humidity, but here in Flory-Da, as Dori refers to our new home state, it feels like humidity is a way of life. I tend to move slowly throughout my day, like I'm wading through an invisible wall of damp heat. My joints have notified me that unless things change, they will ramp up the inflammation, and I will cease to enjoy physical activity... like walking without pain.

On Sunday Ray informed me there was a chill in the air, it being October. I checked my weather app and sure enough, it was 70 degrees. He said we had to get out of the house and drive 90 minutes north. Sounded like a good idea to me. North sounds definitely chillier. When we stopped driving, we had arrived in Callahan, a small town just south of the Georgia border. There we joined the crowd filing into the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds.

Ray loves a good country fair. So do I, but mostly for the barnyard animals. There is nothing like the aroma of carnival popcorn mixing with cow pucky and kiddie barf. It's something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Our favorite fair above everything continues to be the Minnesota State Fair. We went years ago to meet up with an author friend of mine, and her husband. We had tickets to see Garrison Keillor who was closing the fair on it's last day. You wouldn't have known it was the last day, because the fairgrounds were spic and span clean, the exhibits were pristine, and the food was fabulous. We even went on a couple of rides, which still amazes me since I'm not a fan of rides. If you ever have the chance to visit Minnesota's State Fair, definitely put it on your Bucket List.

While in Callahan, I made a short video of our walk around the grounds. Mostly barn animals taking a nap, but this isn't Minnesota.

Also, this past week I returned to North Flagler Dental Associates to be fitted for sleep retainers after spending this past summer wearing ClearCorrect braces. This was my third foray into the wacky world of braces, as my teeth are fans of Fleetwood Mac and like to go their own way. But this time I'm pretty sure they've been convinced to go my way.

The sleep retainers, however, did not fit properly. So Dr. Smith told his assistant Brittany - sorry I hope I spelled your name right - to use a dental scan machine they had just purchased. It's made by Dentsply Sirona. You're probably wondering why I would even mention this, considering this is (mostly) a cat blog. Well, I'm a fan of tech stuff. And this machine caught my interest.

After running a wand over the front, back, inside and outside of my teeth, Brittany showed me the 3D scan on her screen.

This was the first time she had used the machine, as it had arrived the week before, and only one other staff member had had time to read the manual. That sounds like me. Play with the new toy first, then read the manual. Love it.

Anyway, Brittany caught on pretty fast, and had me scanned for a sleep retainer that will arrive much faster to the office than the method of taking a gummy mold. 

So, these are a couple of the results from my scan:

Now I'm going to bet that no one else has published 3D scans of their teeth on their cat blog, so I'm going to claim myself a trendsetter. *takes a bow.*

Okay, I'm done hogging my blog. Please return tomorrow for Tuesdays with Dori. She has some Bweaking Nooz to report regarding our resident Romeo and Juliet, Candy and KC.

October 09, 2021



Next Caturday, Octopurr 16th is BOSS'S DAY. So today's Wonderpurr Cattoon is dedicated to all BOSSES out there in the Blogosphere. And not just the hoomon kind. My Dadders usta be a boss. Then he got old and retired. But Mom never stopped being a Boss. Boss of us all, including Dadders. At my house I'm second in line to be Boss, mostly cuz I have no filter, or OFF switch. 

October 02, 2021

Remembering Sadie

Hi everyone, this is Herman!!! coming out of retirement to pay tribute to my bestie, Sadie, the sisfur of my other bestie, Phi. 

When I first joined the Anipals, Phi was one of the very first to welcome me. We clicked as besties pretty fast, despite her being a doggo and me being a kitteh. That’s what I loved about being an Anipal. Species didn’t matter. Heart did. And boy, those Anipals had a lot of heart. I made so many many many furends over the years, but Phi and me, we just completed each other. 

Me and Phi were so close, she even went on my honeymoon with Belle. Belle was not thrilled, but she knew Phi was my bestie, so it worked.

September 11, 2021

Remembering 9-11 Twenty Years Later

I remember that morning like it was yesterday.

I worked at a Kentucky law office inside a 200 year old farm house sitting in the middle of 300 acres. It was also a wine vineyard. My employer Joni’s family owned the biz.

There were maybe six of us at work that morning, still in the process of getting our coffee and finding our Tuesday mojo. The secretary to Judge Tackett had her tv on. Her shout had us all running into her office. When the second plane hit the towers, the judge’s wife, also a lawyer, immediately said “Osama Bin Laden.” I had never heard of Bin Laden.

I called my husband at work. He had been in a meeting and hadn’t yet heard what happened. His office occupied the largest buildings in Memphis. His HR director started freaking out to the point where someone had to calm her down.

After watching the panic on tv for an hour, we were sent home. I spent the rest of the week watching the 9-11 tragedy unfold. Every night that’s all America ingested. Every night for months.

We understood Life as we knew it had ended. 

I recently heard a “joke.” 

Knock knock. 

Who’s there?


9-11 who?

I cannot believe the younger generation doesn’t understand the impact 9-11 has had on our country, but as for my generation, We will never forget!

#911 #remembering911

August 27, 2021

Bad to the Bone Magazine Covers


Well, there they are, The last of the magazine covers won by the nominations for my 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. I gotta tell you, I'm glad I wasn't competing with these guys. I'm bad, but... sheesh! Even my blood pressure rose while reading their bios. Please applaud the following five Bad Furs:

August 26, 2021

Naughty but Nice Magazine Covers - Part 2


Hey evfurryone, it's me Rabbit, back with more Naughty but Nice magazine covers for those who entered my Golden AssRabbit Awards contest. There was some really great competition this year, but I have a feeling next year's contest is going to dig even deeper into the diary's of some Bad Furs. Here are the magazine covers for the remaining Naughty but Nice category:

August 25, 2021

Naughty but Nice Magazine Covers - Part 1

Today I reveal the first five of the Naughty but Nice magazine covers. I want evfurryone to know how much we appreciated them taking the time to enter my contest. This was our first year doing it, and we weren't prepared for the great response. Be warned: Next year we will be. Anyway, without further delay, here are some of your Naughty but Nice pals:

August 24, 2021

BREAKING NEWS! Pumpkin Spice Everything is Here!


This is Dori with BWEAKING NOOZ! 

It's here! Pumpkin Spice Everything is here, ready to tempt yoo into overindulging before Fall officially arrives.

If yoo peak too early, don't say I didn't warn yoo, because there is nothing more I can do for yoo.

Sweet & Sassy Magazine Covers - Part 2

 Welcome back to part 2 of the Sweet & Sassy magazine cover reveal. We put a lot of effort into these covers to coordinate with the bio sent to us for the Golden AssRabbit Awards. I hope evfurryone enjoys them:

August 23, 2021

Sweet & Sassy Magazine Covers - Part 1


Hi evfurryone, it's me, Rabbit. Last Friday I announced the winners of my 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. As promised, throughout this week I'm posting the prizes my mom made for everyone who entered.

Today I'm posting four of the entries from the Sweet & Sassy category. After I post, I will email the magazine covers to the winners.

So without further delay, here are the first four covers from the Sweet & Sassy category:

August 20, 2021



Welcome to the 1st Golden AssRabbit Awards ceremony. I'm your host, Rabbit aka Hermes_LuxuryCat on Instagram. I'm also the Original #AssRabbit <- note my hashtag. I never go anywhere without it.

When I put out the call for nominations, I never expected this much competition. We had a total of twenty-three Bad Furs send in their stories. So many great stories that me and my momanager realized quickly that there was no way in hekk that we could choose just one Golden AssRabbit.

Okay, simmer down. I know you're anxious to know who the winners are, but I gotta tell my story. No fair scrolling down. Just WAIT FOR IT! Sheesh.

August 19, 2021

Proud of my Black Cat DNA

Hi evfurryone. It's me, Dori! *wavy paws* Sorry I didn't post this on Tuesday, but my brofur Wabbit was wurking his Golden AssWabbit Awards, and if I posted then the pals who visited our blog to vote would get confoozed. 

Anyway! Did yoo know I have Black Cat DNA? It's true!

My momma was black and beeUteeful. Her name is Annie. On a cold Decempurr night, she arrived on her own to my future forever home's backyard, looking for food and shelter for her family, comprised of her husband, and four 2-month-old kittens. She found raccoon noms, but when my future Meowmy saw her, she put out special kitteh noms. 

Alas, my future pawrents were leaving the next morning to spend Christmas in Michigan. Momma told our sitter, Michelle, to leave extra noms out for Annie. So when Momma returned, not only did she see Annie, but she also met the rest of us!

My daddy, Nikolas:

My brofurs:


and Kepurr:

and me and my twin sisfur Patsy:

Can yoo tell who is in front, and who is in back? Hint: I'm always out front, and Patsy always looked like she could rip yoo to shreads... which she could. Patsy had trust issues.

Anyway! When my future Momma saw all six of us, she threw herself on the mercy of the local cat rescue, who paid to vet all of us on the condition that Momma found us homes. She brought us inside to a room all to ourselves where we lived for two months while Momma put us up for adoption on Petfinders.

Yes! I really was up for adoption. Can yoo believe it?

But then my future hoomon Daddy started calling me his little Peanut... and he wanted to keep me. Squee!

Yoo can see how "thrilled" I was.

Anyway, Momma did her best finding everyone homes. Except Annie. Because no one wanted my mom cuz of her funny-looking eyes, she was never adopted. Annie had feline herpes, yoo see, and she unfortunately passed it on to her kittens. And when I got adopted, I passed it onto my fursibs, cuz it's highly contagious. The vets never told Momma about this until I had been adopted for two years and kept coming down with weepy eyes.

So Annie wasn't adopted, and neither was my sisfur, Patsy. They were both pretty feral, so eventually Momma put them outside. There they met the other outdoor cats, Jesse (who was outside at the time) and YumYum, a feral Siamese with blue eyes. The four of them became a Gang, and they hung out together. My daddy Nikolas was a part of the gang too. He had been adopted but then the people changed their minds. 

That's Kepurr and Patsy nomming while YumYum looks on. This is before we all got pulled inside to be 'dopted. I remember how sad I was to say goodbye to my brofur Kepurr when he finally found his forever home. He was my favorite. We spent weeks together in my Momma's closet, hanging out because we weren't so feral and could be handled. Unlike Kopea and Patsy who were fweakin' wild!

Eventually Annie moved on. Momma says she clearly remembers the last time she saw Annie. Annie was walking toward the woods, and stopped to look over her shoulder one last time to where Pasty was playing with her daddy, Nikolas. And then Annie was gone. Two years later Patsy left too with YumYum. There had been a strange Siamese visitor in our yard who made friends with YumYum, and when the stranger disappeared, so did Yum and Patsy. Momma thinks they all moved in with a neighbor in Southaven where we lived at the time.

This is me and my daddy Nikolas outside
before we got rescued

I guess what the lesson here is, take a chance on stray cats, no matter how they may first appear to yoo. My fur family was all pretty high-strung when we arrived, but with love and determination, both me and my daddy Nikolas simmered the hekk down and got forever homes. And so did Kepurr who was adopted along with Kopea to a nice family who loved black cats. 

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to yoo all!

Momma with Jesse