A Juicy Interview with A Star Seller, A True President and A British Dame: Meet the Sisters of @Misty.s_World

Welcome evfurrybuddy to my newest feature here on It's a Wonderpurr Life - Intermews of a Lifetime. I'm yoor host, Adorapurr, but furends call me Dori and I consider yoo a furend. *wavy paws* 

I'm vewy excited for my first intermew to be with a truly wonderpurr group of ladies who are also sisfurs, each from diverse backgrounds, and highly accomplished in their fields. Please welcome Misty, Lisa and Sophie from Instagram's @Misty.s_World. 


DORI: Misty and Lisa, and Sophie, thank yoo so much for taking time away from yoor bizzy schedules to be interrogated... *everyone hears loud coughing off stage* I mean.... Intermewed on my new Tuesdays with Dori show, Intermews of a Lifetime. Misty, since yoor name is prominent on everything to do with yoor brand, I will start with yoo.

As CEO of Misty.s_World_Boutique are yoo legitimately taking wesponsibility for yoor company being a Star Seller on Etsy, or are yoo willing to confess *leans forward with anticipation* that yoor just the Face of the company like Flo at Pwogressive and do little more than lie around waiting for the next meal to be served?