Pumpkin Spice Insanity

Dear Furends, Hi it's me Dori, *wavy paws.* We at It's a Wonderpurr Life took a much longer bweak from our bloggy than expected, but it's helped our momanager to wrangle many of the loose ends that have become unruly since our move to FloryDa two years ago. She's not done, but we are working on a the teknical pwoblems and expect to be back in action at the start of the year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          One of the HUGEST hurdles was wrangling digital photographs. After Mom's external hard drive  took a suicidal jump off the table, destroying everything she'd collected over the years including our baby photos, Mom has been ... shall we say... OBSESSIVE about making copies. So when she recently had to pay more to Google photo storage, she knew she had to purge. And it's taken weeks to do this, but she's finally seeing the daylight and hopefully she will simmer down and actually delete a few of the eleventy  billion copies she has of ...

I'm sure yoo understand why she has so many copies. I'm so cuuuute!

Mom has been working with Miz Nikki at Cat Lady Academy to fine-tune our social media profiles. So far Wabbit has gotten the most attention, starting with name changes to better fit his purrsonality. He went from Hermes LuxuryCat at the beginning of the year - that's his name on his Turkish Van breeding papers - to Rabbit.TurkishVanCat... which never wowed our momanager. But now he's Diary of an AssRabbit on both Instagram and on Facebook which fits him the best. Especially because Wabbit is writing a book with that title and hopes to publish next year.

In the meantime, know we are doing our best to stop by and say hello to our friends be it on your blogs, or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We love you and don't ever want you to think we've forgotton you.

OH! And before I go, let me be the first to say Happy 1st Day of Autumn. I'm vewy proud of yoo for not overindulging in pumpkin spice everything to the point of yoo getting barfy.

Until next time...


Princess Bed Hog

Written by Hans Christian Andersen, The Princess and the Pea is a fairytale that makes even modern royalty look undemanding.

It tells the tale of an incredibly picky prince who was having trouble finding himself a bride. 

Actually he knew who he wanted for his bride but she was a married woman who chain-smoked, and frankly she thought the whole idea of being under a microscope as the wife of the future king was rubbish.

Oh wait. That was a more recent prince. 

Anyway, he was forced to look far and wide… rather, told his staff to look far and wide… yet continuously found himself paired with women who he didn’t believe were princesses because of things like bad table manners or being too thin. Or too fat. 

Woody Boyd - a Real Yankee Doodle Dandy

Celebrating the memory of the incredible Woody Boyd, a cockatiel born on the Fourth of July 1987.

In hindsight I should have called him Yankee Doodle.

We adopted Woody from a not-professional breeder cuz we were young n stoopid. But he was so sweet and incredibly smart.

He came to live with us maybe around 12 weeks of age. I had him saying his first word inside a week: Pretty. Which morphed into Pretty Pretty Pretty which morphed into Pretty Boy.

He learned his name. He called himself Woodo. “Hello Woodo” he would say into a mirror.

I recall saying “I don’t believe it” to him. He flew to my shoulder and pressed his beak to my mouth, his way of wanting to learn. He picked up that phrase incredibly fast and used it a lot.

A Severe Case of Do Too Much-itis


Hi everyone, it's me, Dori *wavy paws*

Well, it's been another crazy week here at Casa Wonderpurr, the place where I live. The tempurratures here in our small beachside town are already stinking up the place at 90 degrees making my pawrents sweaty and crabby. Not a good combination, I assure yoo.

This month we have been in this house two years. Yes, time is flying like hungry owls circling our Catio. Daddy continues to find stuff to repair, and Momma continues to be extremely vocal about how this house is like living in a shoe box.

The Struggle is Real

Greetings to all of yoo who are still reeling from the aftermath of Monday. My best intentions to banish the Cujo of weekdays and replace it with Funday has sadly failed. 

Even my nemesis Wabbit tried his best to send the M-day packing, but it came back like an unscrupulous snollygoster who just won't go away.

Go ahead and Google that word. I'll wait.