Remembering ChauncieMarie, French Matriarch of the Wonderpurr Gang

ChauncieMarie, the French matriarch of the Wonderpurr Gang, who epitomized a joyous, exuberant and stylish influence over her adopted bourgeois family, has died. While she preferred to keep her age a mystery, it is believed she was eight months shy of celebrating her 20th anniversaire.

Though not inclined to speak of her past, a surprise dinner of mackerel to celebrate her tenth year with her forever family had her reminiscing about how she’d once been filled with too much joie de vivre that led her into the arms of a handsome but homeless rogue by the name of LePark. 

Without going into detail, she’d survived by begging and stealing, until she found mercy from a family who gave her a small cardboard pied-Γ -terre. The family called her Chauncy, thinking she was a boy – a rather fat boy as by then she was clearly enceinte with twin girls. 

Though grateful to them for saving her life, she knew she could not stay, especially when they allowed their little boys to name her daughters Bucket and Barney. Quelle horreur!

Freshly arrived at what would become her Forever Home,
ChauncieMarie loved shoes, especially Christian Louboutin.
Sadly, her new family preferred cheap rubber flipflops.
Zut alors!

When her petites filles were on their way to becoming young ladies, albeit little heathens as they loved to hunt mice in the adjacent field (clearly, they’d inherited their father’s proletariat DNA) the mysterious French girl Chauncy bid them adieu and set out to make a better life for herself. She did not have to go far. The chateau across the road recognized her as a well-heeled aristocrat with a mysterious past and changed her name to ChauncieMarie.

Struck that her adopted family desperately needed refinement, ChauncieMarie flicked back her left ear in what would become her trademark display of cultured elegance ala a feathery fascinator and went to work. For the next seventeen years she taught us that each day is a gift to celebrate, no matter what maladies plague your aging body. She loved her brothers and sisters without judgment, and upon retiring to Florida, spent her final years basking in sunshine.

On June 11TH, upon murmuring ‘Une vie honorable es tune vie Γ©ternelle’ – An honorable life is an eternal life - ChauncieMarie gained her heavenly wings. She is deeply missed.

Bedtime Story about a Man's Wife Who Has It Too Easy

Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori (wavy paws) with Bweaking Nooz! 

I have a surprise for yoo! It’s a Bedtime Story from my 2020 archives told during the start of the pandemic when everyone was fweaking out and needed something to laugh about.

Recently I’ve had requests to wesume telling Bedtime Stories. The stories I told four years ago are a little dated, but I'd be happy to wefresh them and also tell noo stories if the reaction to my old stories is favorable. 

So let’s begin with a story about a man who thought his stay at home wife had it too easy.

Thank yoo all for being my fwend. Sorry I've been unable to hang out with yoo for a while but at my house it's just a never-ending story about stuff that keeps me from my job as a Bweaking Nooz reporter and now a famous teller of Bedtime Stories. Mostly Momma has hurt front paws with something called car-pal tunnel, and also she's got a bunch of projects going behind the scenes. It's just exhausting to be around her these days. Anyway!

Until Next Time...

Happy International Children's Book Day


Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori *wavy paws*. Sorry we have been away - actually I wasn't, I was sleeping in my favorite sun puddle and making fwens with the USA branch of the Squirrelingtons while Momma has been overwhelmed by demands on her time that take her away from helping me to hang out with my vewy best fwens. 
Anyway! Today is International Children's Book Day. Mom just realized it as of an hour ago and I told her I wanted to post about it on my blog. I mean... our family blog. Of course Wabbit had to get involved. {heavy sigh} I would have done a better promotion if I'd been asked, but sadly I'm still behind closed doors while he's running loose like a wild dog hunting little Dori Deers. So sad.


Mom's best seller Finding Mya features the best cat in the world - my big brofur Hwermie aka Herman TattleCat. Not Wabbit - who is trying his best to be the baddest cat in the world. Wab’s book Diary of an AssRabbit is currently in the works. When am I gonna get my own book? I'm pwecious too!

Anyway! Finding Mya was written for adults to enjoy while reading to their children, and features original artwork by then-eight-year-old Mya Lyn Campbell, a fan of Herman’s who sent momma drawings of him that inspired this book. She even did a book signing in her home town! Love that so much.

FINDING MYA by Kimberley Koz is available on Amazon.

“Eight-year-old Mya has a magical relationship with her grandma’s foster kitten, Herman. They can talk to each other. Not with words. With tickle thoughts!

Then Mya’s vacation ends and Herman is adopted by a lady whose dog treats cats like chew toys. He vows to escape! But how will he find her? Mya says she will leave picture-maps along the road to her house. All he has to do is follow them and they will live Happily Ever After. It’s a great plan. Too bad it goes wrong right from the start.”

With the choking amount of vet bills we have incurred, I want to help out by promoting momma's books like Finding Mya, Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries (starring me too), and her romance A Mad Fling, and her Christmas fantasy Kringle - all available on If yoo think someone yoo know might enjoy one of these stories, please pass along. Thank yoo so much!

Update on Wonderpurr Gang Health

I am happy to weport that we are finally seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel at my house. So many sick kittehs, me included, but we have been all enjoying great improvement since mid-March. Jesse is in remission, ChauncieMarie's insulin has been decreased down to half  of a one unit twice daily, Peaches had dental surgery last week and lost six teeth - our old vet was a poo poo head when it came to dental care - but our new doctor saw Peaches yesterday and said her healing is looking great. And best of all, I haven't had any weturns of Aliens or Wocks in my pee pee since my surgery in January. Yay!

So I'm thinking we may be on our way back to enjoying a normal social life, and writing more books. Wish us luck, and thank yoo all for yoor love and support. 

Until Next Time...

Jesse the Toothless Wonder in Full Remission

 Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori yoor Bweaking Nooz reporter for It's a Wonderpurr Life with incredibly good news. Jesse the Toothless Wonder is in Full Remission.


 Last September when our pawrents returned from a two week vacation, Momma noticed Jesse's eye looked very orange and strange. Our old veterinarian at the time was not able to determine the cause (and we later learned she had been giving ChauncieMarie the wrong type of insulin for feline diabetes so we bid her farewell)  and Jesse was taken to University of Florida Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville, Florida where they first thought he had a tumor, but later determined it was stage five lymphoma.

That started Jesse going for chemotherapy every week. However the two hour one way drive was very upsetting to Jesse, and when they tried to give him oral chemotherapy, his hyper salivating made it difficult. After this continuing for weeks, his doctors had a meeting with the big bosses to discuss this problem, and did the unthinkable. They asked if Mom would be willing to give Jesse his chemo pills. This isn't typical, but they were aware of Mom's lengthy cat rescue history and how she had been treating multiple cats for years for various problems. 

Recently there was concern because Jesse had lost a pound of weight. Because he's toothless, he cannot chew kibble, and if he enjoys too many, they bloat in his tummy and he will barf. Well, Daddy was giving him kibble before breakfast, unknown to Momma who also gave him kibble with his canned noms. And then she would give Jesse his prednisolone pill with a Churu to wash it down... resulting in barfs several times a week. 

Mom had tried to upgrade our noms to Weruva and Blue Buffalo, but Jesse wasn't thrilled with the new food and as a result he started eating less - although he begged snacks from Daddy a lot - resulting in mixed messages for all concerned. Finally Mom and Dad got on the same page. The doctor at Cat Care Clinic said to get 300 to 350 calories a day into Jesse. Mom went back to Fancy Feast pate - Jesse prefers the Beef flavored - and added kitten kibble to his meals. As a result, Jesse has gained back what he lost in two weeks.

Yesterday his university doctors wanted Jesse to have an ultrasound. They saw some more nodules so they took samples from his spleen, liver and kidneys. The samples were clear making them suspect this is just a part of Jesse's aging process. He will turn 15 on March 30th. They also gave him a B12 supplementation to encourage him to eat more.

We truly appreciate evfurryone keeping Jesse in yoor prayers. We are aware there are so many of  yoo fighting cancer, and want yoo to know we have yoo in our prayers too.

Until Next Time...

It's Wonderpurr to Feel Better

Dear Fwends, This is Dori back from being on a forced bweak from soshall meowdia. *wavy paws*

So it's been weeks since our last post, but taking a bweak managed to do one important thing: it opened Momma's eyes to how fweakin' old she's gotten! Sadly she's realizing that she can't juggle so many balls without dropping them ... watching them roll across the floor... under the couch... where they stay because her knees refuse to let her get down to retrieve them. I'm paraphrasing her.

Anyway! I'm happy to report that I'm all better after my surgery where I had to have rocks removed from my bladder. I would show yoo the surgery scar on my tummy but this is a pee gee rated blog and I'm not one of those meowdels who like to pose nekked. I'm very happy to report that I'm no longer invaded by aliens, nor do I have fire pee. I'm so happy to be better, that I've been playing and being silly more than I've done in months. 

While we were away, my sisfur ChauncieMarie is aging with grace and beauty as she celebrated her 19th birthday on February 9th. 

ChauncieMarie arrived shortly after my pawrents moved to our former home in Mississippi. She hung around the house of our neighbors who called her Chauncy, thinking she was a boy. But then she gave birth, and after her kittens were bigger, she left them with the family so they could give them a better life. She figured she’d always be homeless. But God knew what He was doing and brought her to our yard where she informed my momma that she was French. So, ChauncieMarie got a new name and a Forever Home. At 19 she's still spry, gleefully showing off her ability to maneuver pet stairs despite having diabetic sight and foot issues. She enjoys evening couch time with us, and snuggling with her buddy, Opie. And still wears her ear like a fascinator hat or French beret. After all, she's French.

Speaking of Opie, he just celebrated his Sweet Sixteen on January 28th. He enjoyed his favorite birthday dinner of tuna with a Churu for dessert. 

Momma loves to do photo shoots but with her time eaten up caring for us, this year's birthday shoot didn't happen. However good news is that while Opie has CKD, he's doing well and is living a happy life. And yes, he still loves to walk around crying with a ball in his mouth... especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Opie's long time lady, Peaches will be turning 16 in April. She's the birth mother to Jesse the Toothless Wonder, and also the Queen of the Wonderpurr Gang. While on break, Momma took Peaches to the vet because she's had the cold from hell for too long. 

We had another vet who sadly let us down in so many ways, among them not giving the right insulin to ChauncieMarie, and also not treating the feline herpes - slash - respiratory issues we all have. Peaches has suffered for too long, so when Momma took her to the Care Care Clinic we now go to, they helped Peaches with a Convenia shot. They also said her teeth were in bad shape - thanks to our old vet not addressing the dental issue. So Peaches will be going for dental very soon.

We had such a short winter here in FloryDa, that even though it's still chilly in mornings, the sun has been shining and I'm looking forward to my hammock returning to it's place in the window where I can welax and enjoy the view of deer doggos in our yard. 

Before I close, Jesse would like to bring yoo up to date on what's happening with him. In case yoo follow us on soshal meowdia, Jesse left his Instagram account and moved into mine, so we now share posting on @Shes.Adorapurr. Okay Jesse, it's yoor turn.

Frens,  Dis be me Jesse the Toothless Wonder back from my momma being “on break.” Although Ah dint see her breakin nuthin, but you know how Hoomoms hide how they’re really feelin’.

Anyway, Ah have a new motto for dis year: What Upsets N Scares Me Makes Me Stronger N Braver.

Since Ah went into partial remission, Ah no longer travel every week two hours to the University for chemo treatment. Intead, Ah be stuffed in da Bad Box every week to go to nearby Cat Clinic where they steal ma blood. Ah’m verra bothered by dis rood treatment but seems like dis be New Normal for me. 

Then the next day after ma blood is stolen, my mom gets a phone call from ma University doctor to go ahead an’ give me chemotherapy pills. Frens, Ah do not like them pills, and Momma has to wrangle me like a Yellowstone cowboy wrangles a baby cow. Sadly she’s stronger than me and so far she’s winning the battle. But Ah get a nice treat afterwards - clearly a bribe for me to like her again but Ah’m not one to turn down a Churu.

After all dis hoo ha bizness, Ah gets all frisky n brave, and trot round da house like Ah be da Boss. Ah gib dat Frank my best stink eye, and Ah let a certain AssRabbit know Ah’m not scared o him.

So Ah’m doin great and be a verra happy n good boi. Thankee much for sending nice messages of support. Momma read them to me and they made me feel warm in my heart. Lub you all. πŸ’•πŸˆ‍⬛ Jesse

Until Next Time...