April 29, 2022

Feline Social Director FAIL

 We at It's a Wonderpurr Life have been aware for some time that retirement isn't all fun and games. And often those who are retired yearn for the good old days when they felt Vibrant and Necessary. 

Our Dadders is feeling the pinch of being retired, and so is our beloved Herman!!! who still drags those three exclamation marks along behind his name. So, we have decided to bring back Herm's column with a fresh twist:

For today's post, Herman will time travel back to 2014 when he had just returned from his very first Blogpaws conference in Las Vegas. There he met Hauspanther Catification designer Kate Benjamin who inspired him to employ cat enhancement techniques in our home. 

Please welcome back our beloved Hermie!!!

Thanks everybuddy. It's great to be back. You know, sometimes people who live with cats think all they need for a full life is food, water, and lots of love. That's not true. Here's a prime example of...

Feline Social Director FAIL!

It is a known fact that cats will nom if they're bored. They will nom a lot. They gain unnecessary weight. Unnecessary weight leads to obesity, diabetes... and big butts.

Pawrents who work during the day think us fur-babies will starve if we don't have lunch noms. Free-feeding is not being kind to us. We are designed to gorge, then not nom again for hours, which allows us time for proper digestion, and a litter box break.

Rumor has it orange tabbies tend to overeat. If we are allowed to nom kibble all day, our digestive systems keep working and our stomachs never get the chance to completely empty like they're supposed to. In fact, our stomachs will eventually drag on the ground. Not pretty.

Outdoor cats do not enjoy long lives. Period. Sure, we miss the adventure of mole hunting and stalking birds, but if we're hit by a car, our mole/bird adventures are over anyway...forever.

A kitten's life is filled with ADVENTURE because everything in life is new. It's during our second year that boredom sets in when we realize that pitcher of water just doesn't hold the same fascination it did during our first year.

Cats are designed to get our moisture from raw and canned noms. Kibble cannot provide us with enough moisture to keep us healthy.

Pet fountains help to stimulate interest in drinking. We are attracted to running water.

If you cannot afford a fountain, Drinkwell makes small water aerators that suction cup to the bottom of the water bowl and vibrate to keep the water moving.

There is nothing so pitiful as a bored kitteh.

I know my pawrents have busy lives and can't always play wif me. But some peoples are clueless when it comes to entertaining their cats. Painfully so.

Did you know your cats hold regular meetings to discuss your shortcomings while you are asleep? It's a fact. You may quote me.

So if you are struggling to provide adequate entertainment for your furkids, you might visit Hauspanther for ideas. Clearly we are clueless at our house.

Thanks for welcoming me back. See you next time.
Love, Herman!!!

P.S. - If you need a Summer Read... click the image below.

April 28, 2022

Cats Are Like Rainbows


We at It's a Wonderpurr Life are joining Brian's Home Thankful Thursday Blog Hop by being very Thankful that our lovely supurr senior, ChauncieMarie, is doing well at the age of seventeen, despite having kidney disease.

Last Octopurr she was diagnosed, but the vet I took her to wasn't the right fit for us. So I chose another vet a little farther outside our neighborhood and hit the jackpot. ChauncieMarie got another exam and an update on her bloodwork. A little low on potassium, but still at low risk.

She's having potassium powder added to her prescription food, and I am also adding a drop of Kidney Vitalizer in salmon flavor made by Scruffy Paws.

It's amazing how the Good Lord works. Scruffy Paws approached Rabbit on his Instagram with an Affiliate offer. Well, Rab is four years old and in excellent health -- except for behaving like an assrabbit for which there are no pills or drops to cure that disease -- so I chose the kidney drops for ChauncieMarie.

To be honest, she can be a picky little pussycat. So hiding the drops isn't always successful. I swear she was a bloodhound in a past life. She can detect anything out of the ordinary in her noms, and putting anything directly into her mouth is Mission: IMPAWSIBLE. She was born feral, and at seventeen I don't want to stress her. So I smear a bit of Fancy Feast pate over her prescription food to get her to eat and hopefully eat it all.

One drop mixed into ChauncieMarie's food will hopefully keep her perky and incredibly spry despite her advanced years. 

As the drops are Salmon flavored, they easily mix with what she is accustomed to eating. Scruffy Paws suggests the drops could be squirted into her mouth, but CM isn't a squirt-in-the-mouth kind of girl, so we are sticking with slipping the drops into her noms.

We have just started the drops, so as of yet there is no tell-tale difference. But hopefully with the drops combined with the potassium powder added to her meals, ChauncieMarie will be enjoying a Wonderpurr Life for quite some time to come.
We met the Scruffy Paws people at our last Blogpaws conference where they gave us a bottle of their dental powder to try. We are still using the powder, easily mixed into food. I have tasted the powder and it doesn't have a flavor, so it goes down their picky little gullets without drama.

The Wonderpurr Gang is sliding into their Golden Years as a group, so I'm braced for health problems to start raising their ugly heads. I'm thankful for products like the Kidney Vitalizer Drops and the dental powder to help me give them all the best care possible.

April 26, 2022

Rude Visitor at My House

 Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori. *wavy paws* 

Since moving to FloryDa we don't have many visitors at our house. Thank Cod, because the sound of the doorbell or *gasp!* strange knocking at the front door just ... just... turns me inside out.

I don't know what yoo do, but I hurl myself through the house and dive under the bed.  Typically I use a Forward Dive, but there has been occasions when I've executed a Flying Hurdle ending with a Tuck Position. I know, very complicated diving terms, but I assure yoo, I am a pawfessional and have won blue ribbons from the judges.

So yesterday started out nicely with me wakey-waking Momma at six-thirty with a patty-paw to her cheek, followed by brushing whiskers over her eyes. I knew she was awake, but she's stubborn and pretended to still sleep. So I then licked her nose until she finally got up. Of course yoo know what happened next:

Yes, the dreaded Wait For Bweakfast Until Momma Finishes Dwinking Her Stinky Brew routine. 

I have not yet been successful at getting her to feed me noms first, then dwink her stinky brew, but there is hope.

So after bweakfast -- I enjoyed a nice wedge of chicky pate accompanied by exactly eight kibbies... followed by licky-licks to the plates of my fursibs who tend to be picky eaters (of which I am not) -- I adjourned to my castle suite where I took a nice sun puddle bath on my hammock.

Yoo see, after bweakfast is when the dreaded AssWabbit is released from his ZenDen to pillage the innocent villagers.

I used to be friends with Wabbit. I pwactically raised him from kittenhood.

But sadly last year there was a disconnect. He started hunting me like I was one of the bunnies Momma feeds outside our Catio. Last weekend Daddy thought I was safely inside my castle suite when he let Wabbit out of his den. I was actually playing with Dolly Meow in the dining room. When Wabbit saw me, he hurled himself at me, his eyes wild and drool dwipping from his mouth.

I screamed with fears and ran my little heart out all over the house, with Daddy and Momma trying to grab Wabbit. Sadly, they are both past their prime when it comes to catching a four-year-old Turkish Van cat. So it took awhile. Momma finally grabbed me from under the front room couch where I showed her I was scared sh*tless. Yes, my digested meal had reappeared in pootie formation under the couch. Momma was very upset.

So I got lots of attention, and Momma and Daddy had a meeting that in no way would Wabbit be released before they were 100 purrcent certain I was in my castle suite.

So... um. Where was I?

OH! Yes, there I was relaxing in my hammock, when suddenly I heard a strange sound coming outside my window. Normally hearing anything outside my window would have me running for cover, but yesterday I was just so comfortapurr, I didn't want to move. Because, troofully, if I moved, Queen Peaches would grab my hammock for her own. She's incredibly insensitive when it comes to taking my hammock, especially when I have it all warmed up just the way I like it.

The strange sound continued for a while until I could no longer ignore it. After checking to see Peaches was asleep in one of the bed cabanas, I peeked into the yard. At first I saw nothing, but then the sound drew my attention to directly below where I sat.

At first I had no idea what I was looking at. I've never seen anything like him. 

He was white with tiny brown spots on his back, and about four inches long. I moved to peek at his face. He wore a smug smile, and had large, sleepy green eyes. 

I thought him kinda handsome in a reptilian way. Not that I'm looking for a boyfriend. I am doing quite well with the man cats on Instagram, thankyooverymuch.

I pawed the window to let him know I saw him. I meowed sweetly to introduce myself. But when he continued to ignore me, I figured he might be deaf.

 Yoo know how white kittehs are often deaf when they also have blue eyes? Well, I'm not an expurrt on Batrachology so I don't know whether white frogs with green eyes can also be deaf. But this guy was totally blowing me off, like I was meowing to myself instead of to him.

At one point I whacky-pawed the window and saw him blink. So I knew right then he was not deaf, but truly ignoring me. Then, he opened his mouth and proved me to just how RUDE he was.

Well, that did it. I wanted nothing to do with a hideous white frog with a snarky smile and no manners. I returned to my hammock, deliberately turning my back to him. The sun was rising high overhead, and the furs on my neck felt kinda scorchy. 

*Good,* I thought to myself. *If I'm hot inside my house with air conditioning, I bet Mister Rude is getting sunburned. Bet he doesn't even have the sense to put on Coppertone Ultra Guard Sunscreen SPF 70.* Yes, that's exactly what I thought to myself.

Eventually he moved on without apologizing for his rudeness. Good riddance, I say. I have enough problems dealing with a Wabbit who excels in Cattitude. I definitely don't need some rude visitor with an overabundance of Froggitude.

Have yoo ever had a run-in with a rude visitor at yoor house? 

Until Next Time...

April 24, 2022

Emergency Sunday Selfie

 Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori. *wavy paws* Yesterday I asked Momma to help me take a Selfie for the Sunday hop.

Unfortunately, Momma thinks she's funny, and when I saw my pikchure after posing, this is what I saw:

My sultry look of indepawdent woman was totally destwoyed by Momma's fingers.

So I took matters into my own paws, and learned how to set my camera on delay so I could pose by myself for my own selfie.

Wishing yoo all a Wonderpurr day!

April 14, 2022

The Blessings of Easter Baskets


Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori *wavy paws* welcoming yoo to another Tuesdays with Dori. Except today is Thursday. We had a teknikal diffy-culty on Tuesday because our comments went into hiding. Thank yoo to Da Tabbies o Trout Towne for contacting us about this problem. So anyway, this is what my column was about on Tuesday:
 Well, Spring has sprung at my house. Pretty flowers and fragrant breezes filled with the aroma of fresh-mowed grass. Orangey-red hibiscus and Mandevilla blooming in shades of bright yellow. Mysterious wildlife skulking through our yard, hidden by the Jurrassic Park-like jungle surrounding our catio.

In my family Easter is probably the favorite holiday. Daddy shops at a small Polish grocery store by the beach and brings home delicious meats and baked goods to fill the Easter breakfast basket.  Momma decorates the house with her collection of bunnies and lambs in baskets, accompanied by Pisanki - wooden eggs with designs. Traditional Pisanki were painted with melted wax and dipped into dyes during Lent. The word Pisac means "to write." 

It is the Polish Catholic custom to take the pretty basket, filled with everything needed for Easter breakfast, to church the Saturday before Easter, and have it blessed by the priest.

Swieconka(sh-vee-en-soon-kah) is one of the most enduring and beloved Polish traditions. Baskets containing a sampling of Easter foods are brought to church to be blessed on Holy Saturday. The basket is traditionally lined with a white linen or lace napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood (bukszpan), the typical Easter evergreen. Poles take special pride in preparing a decorative and tasteful basket with crisp linens, occasionally embroidered for the occasion, and just enough boxwood and ribbon woven through the handle. Observing the beautiful foods and creations of other parishioners is one of the special joys of the event.

The priest then sprinkles the individual baskets with Holy Water. More traditional Polish churches uses a straw brush for dispersing the Water; others use the more modern metal Holy Water sprinkling wand. In some parishes, the baskets are lined up on long tables; in others, parishioners process to the front of the alter carrying their baskets, as if in a Communion line. Older generations of Polish migrants, descended from early 19th century immigrants, tend to bless whole meal quantities, often brought to church halls or cafeterias in large hampers & picnic baskets

Below is what you will traditionally find in a Polish Easter breakfast basket:

Maslo (Butter) - This dairy product is often shaped into a lamb (Baranek Wielkanocny) or a cross. This reminds us of the good will of Christ that we should have towards all things.
Babka (Easter Bread) - A round or long loaf topped with a cross or a fish, symbolic of Jesus, who is the Bread of Life.
Chrzan (Horseradish) - Symbolic of the Passion of Christ still in our minds.
Jajka (Eggs) and Pisanki (decorated with symbols of Easter, of life, of prosperity) - Indicates new life and Christ's Resurrection from the tomb.
Kielbasa (Sausage) - A sausage product, symbolic of God's favor and generosity.
Szynka (Ham) - Symbolic of great joy and abundance. Some prefer lamb or veal. The lamb also reminds Christians that the Risen Christ is the "Lamb of God."
Slonina (Smoked Bacon) - A symbol of the overabundance of God's mercy and generosity.
Sol (Salt) - A necessary element in our physical life. Symbolic of prosperity and justice and to remind us that people are the flavor of the earth.
Ser (Cheese) - Symbolic of the moderation Christians should have at all times.
Candle - Represents Christ as the Light of the World.
Colorful Ribbons and Sprigs of Greenery - are attached to the basket as signs of joy and new life in the season of spring and in celebration of the Resurrection.
Linen Cover - drawn over the top of the basket which is ready for the priest's visit to the home or the trip to church where it is joined with the baskets of others to await the blessing. The food is then set aside and enjoyed on Easter Sunday.
Wishing yoo all a Wonderpurr Easter! Love, Dori

April 05, 2022

Sunshine Girl


Dear Frens,

This past week I was helping my momma purge old photos and stuff off our computer when suddenly, we found this adorable video of me playing in my backyard. Filmed two years ago before we moved to FloryDa, we watched in silence, remempurring the good times that little backyard gave us.

Our backyard was actually very big, with a creek running through the backhalf. However, as Momma told me, shortly after they moved in, my brofur Hwermie bolted out the door, and Momma had to chase him down through several yards. She was fearful he would take a sharp right and jump into the creek.

So, after he did this twice (with Momma wearing her beloved pink bunny slippers both times) she told Daddy to fence the yard. However, instead of fencing the whole yard, they made a smaller Secret Garden.

We loved that garden. It had a three tiered fountain, and lots of plants to hide among, especially when Momma wanted us to come inside. 

But when we moved, we no longer had grass to play on. Here in FloryDa, our backyard has a wetland where lots of predators live. We've had visits from Great Horned Owls, and deer, and marsh rabbits. And a Bob Cat. Yep, he was super scary. I saw him and couldn't move from my spot on the other side of the catio screen.

So, here, for  yoor amewsment, are my videos from both my Secret Garden backyard, and just this weekend, me enjoying my sun puddle in my Catio yard.

Until Next Time...