August 27, 2021

Bad to the Bone Magazine Covers


Well, there they are, The last of the magazine covers won by the nominations for my 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. I gotta tell you, I'm glad I wasn't competing with these guys. I'm bad, but... sheesh! Even my blood pressure rose while reading their bios. Please applaud the following five Bad Furs:

August 26, 2021

Naughty but Nice Magazine Covers - Part 2


Hey evfurryone, it's me Rabbit, back with more Naughty but Nice magazine covers for those who entered my Golden AssRabbit Awards contest. There was some really great competition this year, but I have a feeling next year's contest is going to dig even deeper into the diary's of some Bad Furs. Here are the magazine covers for the remaining Naughty but Nice category:

August 25, 2021

Naughty but Nice Magazine Covers - Part 1

Today I reveal the first five of the Naughty but Nice magazine covers. I want evfurryone to know how much we appreciated them taking the time to enter my contest. This was our first year doing it, and we weren't prepared for the great response. Be warned: Next year we will be. Anyway, without further delay, here are some of your Naughty but Nice pals:

August 24, 2021

BREAKING NEWS! Pumpkin Spice Everything is Here!


This is Dori with BWEAKING NOOZ! 

It's here! Pumpkin Spice Everything is here, ready to tempt yoo into overindulging before Fall officially arrives.

If yoo peak too early, don't say I didn't warn yoo, because there is nothing more I can do for yoo.

Sweet & Sassy Magazine Covers - Part 2

 Welcome back to part 2 of the Sweet & Sassy magazine cover reveal. We put a lot of effort into these covers to coordinate with the bio sent to us for the Golden AssRabbit Awards. I hope evfurryone enjoys them:

August 23, 2021

Sweet & Sassy Magazine Covers - Part 1


Hi evfurryone, it's me, Rabbit. Last Friday I announced the winners of my 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. As promised, throughout this week I'm posting the prizes my mom made for everyone who entered.

Today I'm posting four of the entries from the Sweet & Sassy category. After I post, I will email the magazine covers to the winners.

So without further delay, here are the first four covers from the Sweet & Sassy category:

August 20, 2021



Welcome to the 1st Golden AssRabbit Awards ceremony. I'm your host, Rabbit aka Hermes_LuxuryCat on Instagram. I'm also the Original #AssRabbit <- note my hashtag. I never go anywhere without it.

When I put out the call for nominations, I never expected this much competition. We had a total of twenty-three Bad Furs send in their stories. So many great stories that me and my momanager realized quickly that there was no way in hekk that we could choose just one Golden AssRabbit.

Okay, simmer down. I know you're anxious to know who the winners are, but I gotta tell my story. No fair scrolling down. Just WAIT FOR IT! Sheesh.

August 19, 2021

Proud of my Black Cat DNA

Hi evfurryone. It's me, Dori! *wavy paws* Sorry I didn't post this on Tuesday, but my brofur Wabbit was wurking his Golden AssWabbit Awards, and if I posted then the pals who visited our blog to vote would get confoozed. 

Anyway! Did yoo know I have Black Cat DNA? It's true!

My momma was black and beeUteeful. Her name is Annie. On a cold Decempurr night, she arrived on her own to my future forever home's backyard, looking for food and shelter for her family, comprised of her husband, and four 2-month-old kittens. She found raccoon noms, but when my future Meowmy saw her, she put out special kitteh noms. 

Alas, my future pawrents were leaving the next morning to spend Christmas in Michigan. Momma told our sitter, Michelle, to leave extra noms out for Annie. So when Momma returned, not only did she see Annie, but she also met the rest of us!

My daddy, Nikolas:

My brofurs:


and Kepurr:

and me and my twin sisfur Patsy:

Can yoo tell who is in front, and who is in back? Hint: I'm always out front, and Patsy always looked like she could rip yoo to shreads... which she could. Patsy had trust issues.

Anyway! When my future Momma saw all six of us, she threw herself on the mercy of the local cat rescue, who paid to vet all of us on the condition that Momma found us homes. She brought us inside to a room all to ourselves where we lived for two months while Momma put us up for adoption on Petfinders.

Yes! I really was up for adoption. Can yoo believe it?

But then my future hoomon Daddy started calling me his little Peanut... and he wanted to keep me. Squee!

Yoo can see how "thrilled" I was.

Anyway, Momma did her best finding everyone homes. Except Annie. Because no one wanted my mom cuz of her funny-looking eyes, she was never adopted. Annie had feline herpes, yoo see, and she unfortunately passed it on to her kittens. And when I got adopted, I passed it onto my fursibs, cuz it's highly contagious. The vets never told Momma about this until I had been adopted for two years and kept coming down with weepy eyes.

So Annie wasn't adopted, and neither was my sisfur, Patsy. They were both pretty feral, so eventually Momma put them outside. There they met the other outdoor cats, Jesse (who was outside at the time) and YumYum, a feral Siamese with blue eyes. The four of them became a Gang, and they hung out together. My daddy Nikolas was a part of the gang too. He had been adopted but then the people changed their minds. 

That's Kepurr and Patsy nomming while YumYum looks on. This is before we all got pulled inside to be 'dopted. I remember how sad I was to say goodbye to my brofur Kepurr when he finally found his forever home. He was my favorite. We spent weeks together in my Momma's closet, hanging out because we weren't so feral and could be handled. Unlike Kopea and Patsy who were fweakin' wild!

Eventually Annie moved on. Momma says she clearly remembers the last time she saw Annie. Annie was walking toward the woods, and stopped to look over her shoulder one last time to where Pasty was playing with her daddy, Nikolas. And then Annie was gone. Two years later Patsy left too with YumYum. There had been a strange Siamese visitor in our yard who made friends with YumYum, and when the stranger disappeared, so did Yum and Patsy. Momma thinks they all moved in with a neighbor in Southaven where we lived at the time.

This is me and my daddy Nikolas outside
before we got rescued

I guess what the lesson here is, take a chance on stray cats, no matter how they may first appear to yoo. My fur family was all pretty high-strung when we arrived, but with love and determination, both me and my daddy Nikolas simmered the hekk down and got forever homes. And so did Kepurr who was adopted along with Kopea to a nice family who loved black cats. 

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to yoo all!

Momma with Jesse

August 16, 2021


Welcome to the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards - PAWBLIC VOTING ROUND. I'm your host, Hermes LuxuryCat, aka Rabbit aka The Original AssRabbit.

While not everyone is a born AssRabbit like me, I feel, given time, they all can achieve my high standards.

With that said, I asked four unidentified judges to review the Nomination Bios, and, using my Soopurr Doopurr AssRabbit Stress-O-Meter, divide them into three categories:

After the Nominees were divided into the categories, they were asked to pick their choice for the winner of the Golden AssRabbit trophy. The winner was based on which Fur caused the blood pressure to raise for three out of four judges.

The reason why we had the Judges pick the winner of the Golden AssRabbit is to avoid popularity conflicts. Listen, we had to go the Ends of the Earth to find at least two judges who have no idea who you guys are. Yeah, I know. Nearly impossible! We were one step from knocking on the door to the Sunset Codger Care Rest Home to ask for Judge volunteers when finally two clueless hoomons crossed our path. 

Since 50% of the Judges did not know the history of the nominees, they could only vote based on the entry alone. 

Based on your votes, the winner of each Category will win a Trophy. 

Now, I invite you to cast your votes. 

Under each Category, vote for your First Choice. One per category. 
i.e. You are casting 3 votes total.

You can submit your votes two ways:

1. Leave a comment in this post. We will not publish any of the votes, so have no worries your vote remains confidential. 


2. Vote by Direct Message in Instagram @Hermes_LuxuryCat.

Remember - you are voting for one who qualifies best for each category below:

August 13, 2021


You know how "they" say it's lonely at the top? Well, it's also lonely being the only AssRabbit in my house. 

All my fursibs are so goodie goodie. It's exhausting for me to keep the atmosphere charged with HD and NE. That's High Drama and Negative Energy to those of you not living with a purebred AssRabbit.

Anyway, I thought since I crave acknowledgement for bad behavior, I figured there are other furs out there who also needed to be recognized. Thus, I created the (drum roll please)

How We Celebrate Friday the 13th at Our House

For too many years the world has turned inside out at the mention of Friday the 13th. Superstitious hoomons believe stepping on cracks will break their mother's backs, and walking under ladders will bring eleventy-zillion years worth of bad luck. But by far Black Cats get blamed the most for bringing bad luck to stupid hoomons who honestly bring on their own misfortune by being just plain idiots.

Black cats have always been celebrated at our home. Mom and Dad have shared their lives with countless black cats that went by the names Whisper, Sami, Cookie, Nicholas, Noah, Charlie, Etta, Elly, Gidget, Jesse. Sami, Nikolas ... and more. So when Friday the 13th rolls around, at our house we celebrate our ebony furkids because we feel so LUCKY to have them share their Nine Lives with us.

August 12, 2021

Winner of BASKET CASE: Who Wore It Best

 Thank you to all who voted for me. I've never won anything in my life...except maybe the Lottery when I found my Forever Home. Love, Candy

August 10, 2021

Basket Case: Who Wore It Best

Hi evfurrybuddy! It's Tuesdays again, and I'm Dori. *wavy paws* By now yoo probably know all about how my brofur Wabbit is hosting a contest called The Golden AssRabbit Awards. It's designed for naughty furs who frustrate their hoomons.

Lately I've tried to be naughty so I can enter the contest, but Wabbit says NO. I can't enter, and neither can any of my other fursibs. He's such an AssWabbit!

So I decided to have my own contest. Below are some of my sibs who have enjoyed a pawtikular basket on our kitchen counter over the past year. Because they were all so envious when I got featured on the cover of MEOW magazine, courtesy of the talented Nai Salter, meowmy to Jazzy Jazz and the Furry Bunch, I decided to make them each the cover meowdel of their own magazine while sitting in the basket.

August 08, 2021

Happy Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day!

Happy International Cat Day!

No matter what you call it, Cats are Wonderpurr, and deserve to be celebrated every day!

August 07, 2021

1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards


Hey, pals! It's me Rabbit, aka The Original AssRabbit. When my mom asked what I wanted to do for my 4th Birthday (on August 21st) I said I wanted to host a contest to celebrate my  furends caught being naughty. So we launched the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards.

August 06, 2021

Chazz the Dog - Always an Angel

Hi, this is Dori *wavy paws* My bestest doggy boyfurend, Chazz the Dog 1, went Over the Rainbow Bridge on July 19th and bwoke my little heart. It's taken me this much time to write a Tribute to Chazz. His mommy and my mommy are bestest furends, and we love Chazz's Aunt Athena too. 

Minutes after Chazz went to heaven, Aunt Barbara called my mommy to share the sad news. We grieve with her because Chazz has been much loved by us starting way back to 2011 when my big brofur Hwermie invited Chazz to sing in the Christmas choir. Chazz told Hwermie that he was Jewish. Hwermie said that's great. We will sing Chanukah songs too, and my momma made Chazz an avatar for the concert.

Shortly after I got my own Tweety account, Hwermie introduced me to Chazz, and we became bestest furends. I knew he was already dating Bea Bells, but I was dating my Pwince Honeysmoochies, Wills. But Chazzy always said Bea was his doggy girlfurend, and I was his kitty girlfurend. 

Yes, Chazzy was a Player.

What I will always remember about Chazz was how great he looked in a suit. 

I was so proud of Chazz when he got his Aviator License. His Aviator name was Charlie Hotel 678.

Chazz was a real Pawty Animal. He went to all the pawties and wore some really great hats.

Also, Chazz's best pal was Barley @OneInThere. Those boys got into all kinds of mischief. So much fun! And they were so silly!

I mostly hung around Hwermie and his pals. One year we all went ice skating. That's Sadie, Chazz, Me, Wills, Hwermie an our sisfur Candy celebrating the arrival of winter.

Chazz loved his Momma very much. And she was so good to him, giving him his own pool, and lots of toys, and dressing him up in costumes for Halloween. I thought Chazzy looked especially cuuuute as a giant Hot Dog.

This is how I want to remember my dear Chazz. Looking fresh and perky in his jams.

Prior to Chazz passing, his furends and roomies Riff the black cat and Viggo the chihuahua went over the Rainbow Bridge. When Chazz joined them, he thought it would be fun to get a cool hippie bus and drive around the bridge. I bet they are enjoying lots of adventures.

It's always heartbreaking when one of us leaves for the Rainbow Bridge. But when our hoomons look back on our lives, and our pictures, and remember all the good times we shared, then it's like we never left. Our tears and heartache are God's way of saying, "You Were Loved, and That's What Matters Most."

I love you, Chazzy. Always and Furever.
Love, Dori

August 05, 2021



Sorry I couldn't post this on Tuesday. We didn't have internet or teevee since Monday. The problem was inside the control box in our laundry room. But it's all fixed now. Thank Cod!

So Nai Salter, the momma of my furend @Jazzy_Jazz_and_the_Furry_Bunch, made me a cover meowdel for MEOW magazine. I am so happy with this, I wanted to show yoo.

Wishing  yoo all a Wonderpurr weekend!
Love, Dori