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FINDING MYA Eight-year-old Mya has a magical relationship with her grandma's foster kitten, Herman. They talk to each other. Not with words. With tickle thoughts! It’s love at first sight, and they plan to live Happily Ever After. Then the worst happens. Mya's vacation ends, and Herman is given to a woman whose dog treats cats like chew toys. He escapes danger, but the road to finding Mya is scary and tough. She promised to leave picture-maps along the way to her home. All Herman has to do is follow them and he will live Happily Ever After in the safety of Mya’s arms. It's a wonderful plan. Too bad it goes wrong right from the start.

With Kimberley Koz’s ability to weave a grand adventure and descriptive narrative, Finding Mya is like being part of a wonderful Disney movie, complete with a “Happily Ever After” ending. Engaging characters – from sweet Herman, the main cat character of the story who is looking for his missing best friend, an 8 year old human named Mya - to friendly opossums, bossy mice, overbearing dogs, and more it is a story that is perfect for all ages. Adults will enjoy the sharp writing and kids will love the escapades that Herman gets into in his quest to find Mya.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to perhaps a second in the series… Hint, hint!

Part of what makes this book so special is the artwork - all the drawings are done by 7 year-old Mya Campbell and the photos are all by the author, Kimberly Koz. Finding Mya is about the special relationship between Mya and Herman. The book shows the power of love, friendship, trust, and having faith in all those things. The illustrations are charming. It's only 78 pages long, but somehow in those 78 pages it touches on so many themes. It's a positive, uplifting story about overcoming adversity and living happily ever after. We all enjoyed this book, even mom. I think this book would make a wonderful gift for little sticky people and cat lovers of all ages. 
Kirsty Ann Page
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful book a must read for cat lovers
Reviewed in the United Kingdom

SHERLOCK HERMS PURRANORMAL MYSTERIES: THE CASE OF THE DANCING GHOSTS  My name is Sherlock Herms. It is my business to know what others don’t know. At least that’s what I hoped for once I got my paws wet as a private investigator. It was my first day on the job. The Wonderpurr Detective Agency had been open for business all of twenty minutes, but my phone hadn’t rung once. I flicked my floofy tail with impatience. How long would I have to wait before someone hired me to solve a caper? It all began when my author mom and I watched a documentary on famous detectives. She had decided to write mysteries. That made me nervous. I’m her mews, you see. I inspire her when she writes novels. But how could I inspire her when I know nothing about solving mysteries? If I fell down on the job, she might ask my arch-nemesis to be her mews. He’s a chunky orange tabby named Opie. He’s also my brother. With that in mind I paid close attention to the documentary. My favorites were Spade and Marlowe for their hardboiled detective lingo, and Sherlock Holmes for his use of logical reason to solve cases. Plus I liked his hat. Mom had just published two books in one year and was taking a much-needed break to grow more brain cells. I needed experience solving capers. Now. Before she started plotting her first mystery. But what if no one hired me? Ever! I’d be a washed-up has-been before the sun set on my first day as a hardboiled detective.

Meet Herman, a wise old floofy-tailed Turkish Angora, and his quirky tabby-kitten sister, Dori. When their first client hires them to solve a mystery in another town, they aren’t allowed to leave the backyard. No problem. Using a kitty play tunnel as a magical portal, Herman and Dori travel out of their yard—and out of this century—to take on their first big caper.

Sherlock HermsPurranormal Mysteries: The Case of the Dancing Ghosts is such a delight! It’s a very short read, but completely captivating! Sherlock, a magnificent Turkish Vangora kitty, is likeable, lovable, and a bit concerned about his usefulness to his "hooman" mom. She is writer, he is her "mews"! She wants to start writing mysteries, he’s convinced her must learn to be a "hard boiled detective with grit in his blood."

He works hard,and has the help of his pretty little sister Adorapurr, but called Dori, and the rest of his feline family, his human parents, AND his tricked out Ride, hie Gen7Pets stroller, there is a mystery in his future, but not what he was expecting!
The adventure is afoot! Oops, pardon me, the adventure is apaw!!
A must read!!

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