Meowmy's Day


This goes out to anyone who has ever mommed a cat, past, present or future.

The lives you save because you care enough to adopt have secured you a place in a heavenly garden surrounded by your fur angels.

Every day you give us a piece of your heart by feeding us, brushing us, clipping our murder mittens, playing with us, and above all, letting us shed all over your clothes and furniture without freaking out. These things and more are because you are devoted to giving us a Wonderpurr life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Enjoy your special day. But first... there's a Churu with my name on it and I'm hungry.

ChauncieMarie at 18

copyright KimberleyKoz - ChauncieMarie

Our Supurr Senior ChauncieMarie celebrates her 18th Birthday on Thursday, February 9th. 

To honor her we made a short video to showcase how active and awesome she is despite old bones and kidney disease.