Bedtime Story about a Man's Wife Who Has It Too Easy

Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori (wavy paws) with Bweaking Nooz! 

I have a surprise for yoo! It’s a Bedtime Story from my 2020 archives told during the start of the pandemic when everyone was fweaking out and needed something to laugh about.

Recently I’ve had requests to wesume telling Bedtime Stories. The stories I told four years ago are a little dated, but I'd be happy to wefresh them and also tell noo stories if the reaction to my old stories is favorable. 

So let’s begin with a story about a man who thought his stay at home wife had it too easy.

Thank yoo all for being my fwend. Sorry I've been unable to hang out with yoo for a while but at my house it's just a never-ending story about stuff that keeps me from my job as a Bweaking Nooz reporter and now a famous teller of Bedtime Stories. Mostly Momma has hurt front paws with something called car-pal tunnel, and also she's got a bunch of projects going behind the scenes. It's just exhausting to be around her these days. Anyway!

Until Next Time...


  1. Dearest Dori,
    That was a lovely video with so much truth in it! The end is also a good one.
    Mariette + Kitties

  2. We are sorry about your Mama's car-pal, but we are gad all you kitties seem to be doing ok.

  3. Sweet Dori, Precious and I laughed our heads off with this "true" story! We were thrilled to see your blog. We look fur yer instagram evfurry day. Tell momanager, that I now am giving Precious Zyrtec 'cause she said Fwank can take it fur runny nose. Precious has itchy ears and the vet told us it was allergies last October. Lynn and Precious

  4. MOL!!! We've always loved your stories.

  5. That was nice and speaking of nice, how wonderful to see you sweet Dori!

  6. That is a great story and I think the man learned his lesson. I love the sting in the tail at the end!!


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