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November 22, 2022

Thankful to be Naturally Sweet

Bweaking Nooz! Yes, I know it's time for Tuesdays with Dori, but there has been a great upset at my house and so I must inpurrrupt yoor normally scheduled progwam for ...

Last week my pawrents celebwated their annipurrsary of being meowied to each other for--  I wasn't able to get a direct quote, but I did overhear joocy rumors of  them having known each other for at least one hundred years. 

Anyway, due to the arrival of Hurricane Nicole they were unable to go out to dinner because the place Daddy had chosen was in the area where a lot of properties were flooded, if not destroyed. Therefore, they postponed celebwating until this past week.

They arrived before the restaurant opened, so they went across the street to Mon Delice, a cozy French bakery where they drooled over the glass cases until management stepped in with Windex and papurr toweling and told them to make their final selections or leave. They chose two eclairs, a raspberry pastry and a coconut-covered chocolate snowball with raspberry filling. Then they returned to the restaurant across the street.

In an candid intermew with my momma, she admitted they had chosen the restaurant based on atmosphere despite poor reviews on the overpriced food, but they had a delightful time dwinking grape jooce and chatting about their fur babies. Mostly me, because I am the favorite. They skipped dessert because they had the French pastries in the car. 

Back home they watched teevee and enjoyed the eclairs. Momma really wanted to enjoy the snowball, but decided to savor the anticipation until the following night. She placed the pastry box in the cupboard and went to bed.

The next morning, after Daddy left to go play hit balls with sticks despite the hardy cold that had finally arrived at our house, Momma made coffee and eggs, and went into the cupboard for bread to make toast. To her horror she saw micro-ants everywhere!

I was able to catch a few quotes in between her fweaking out, but sadly none of them are printable.

Yes, the ants had found her pastries. Especially her snowball. It was chocolate and round and covered with coconut-flavored micro-ants. Everything went into the trash.

Then she texted Daddy with the bad news. Yes, she's been meowied long enough to know when to deliver bad news in purrson or by text. This was indeed a text message type of bad news.

This is my opinion of this tragic event. God works in mysterious ways. 

The Lord sent those micro-ants to swarm Momma's coconut-covered chocolate snowball with the raspberry filling because God knows she did not need one more calorie.

This coming Thursday we Ameowicans celebrate Thanksgiving. Purrsonally I am thankful to be naturally sweet. I do not need extra sugar to brighten my spirits. Just by making my friends smile is all I need to feel complete in my life.

Sincerely, we at It's a Wonderpurr Life value each of you who participate in our social life, be it here on our blog, or on Instagwam, Faceybook or Twitter. Right now our momanager is spread way too thin with all her accounts while trying to write another book, so we are in the process of combining accounts so that Momma's bwain can stop steaming, and our participation by visiting more blogs and accounts can actually happen instead of wishful thinking.

So, for an extwa treat, I'd now like to purrform my Thanksgiving Song, just for yoo.

Until Next Time...