February 08, 2023

ChauncieMarie at 18

copyright KimberleyKoz - ChauncieMarie

Our Supurr Senior ChauncieMarie celebrates her 18th Birthday on Thursday, February 9th. 

To honor her we made a short video to showcase how active and awesome she is despite old bones and kidney disease.

February 01, 2023

Forever Brothers and Best Friends

copyright KimberleyKoz

They were Best Friends for twelve years.

Only a year apart, they were inseparable. Where you saw Opie, Jack was nearby. They literally slept wrapped around each other for most of their lives, especially during their golden years.

Sadly we lost Jack last year to cancer. He was a special boy having been born under a neighbor's deck to Peaches. Jesse was Jack's littermate but because Jesse remained a garage cat (due to unprovoked spraying), the brothers didn't see each other for many years.