Jesse the Toothless Wonder in Full Remission

 Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori yoor Bweaking Nooz reporter for It's a Wonderpurr Life with incredibly good news. Jesse the Toothless Wonder is in Full Remission.


 Last September when our pawrents returned from a two week vacation, Momma noticed Jesse's eye looked very orange and strange. Our old veterinarian at the time was not able to determine the cause (and we later learned she had been giving ChauncieMarie the wrong type of insulin for feline diabetes so we bid her farewell)  and Jesse was taken to University of Florida Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville, Florida where they first thought he had a tumor, but later determined it was stage five lymphoma.

That started Jesse going for chemotherapy every week. However the two hour one way drive was very upsetting to Jesse, and when they tried to give him oral chemotherapy, his hyper salivating made it difficult. After this continuing for weeks, his doctors had a meeting with the big bosses to discuss this problem, and did the unthinkable. They asked if Mom would be willing to give Jesse his chemo pills. This isn't typical, but they were aware of Mom's lengthy cat rescue history and how she had been treating multiple cats for years for various problems. 

Recently there was concern because Jesse had lost a pound of weight. Because he's toothless, he cannot chew kibble, and if he enjoys too many, they bloat in his tummy and he will barf. Well, Daddy was giving him kibble before breakfast, unknown to Momma who also gave him kibble with his canned noms. And then she would give Jesse his prednisolone pill with a Churu to wash it down... resulting in barfs several times a week. 

Mom had tried to upgrade our noms to Weruva and Blue Buffalo, but Jesse wasn't thrilled with the new food and as a result he started eating less - although he begged snacks from Daddy a lot - resulting in mixed messages for all concerned. Finally Mom and Dad got on the same page. The doctor at Cat Care Clinic said to get 300 to 350 calories a day into Jesse. Mom went back to Fancy Feast pate - Jesse prefers the Beef flavored - and added kitten kibble to his meals. As a result, Jesse has gained back what he lost in two weeks.

Yesterday his university doctors wanted Jesse to have an ultrasound. They saw some more nodules so they took samples from his spleen, liver and kidneys. The samples were clear making them suspect this is just a part of Jesse's aging process. He will turn 15 on March 30th. They also gave him a B12 supplementation to encourage him to eat more.

We truly appreciate evfurryone keeping Jesse in yoor prayers. We are aware there are so many of  yoo fighting cancer, and want yoo to know we have yoo in our prayers too.

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  1. What wonderful news. Doing a happy dance right along with you.

    Have a purrfect day and week. ♥

  2. That sure is some good news and we're all sending Jesse lots of purrs and prayers for continual improvement.

  3. Such good news ! Purrayers and POTP to Jesse and all who care for him are continuing from us !

  4. He's in remission. Oh man I am fighting back some happy tears here. Mum and Dad you are heroes and heroines for being Jesse's biggest support. Jesse you are doing OK and this is the best news.

    Thank you God and the stars.

    Marjorie and Toulouse

  5. What a wonderful spoken message by Dori about Jesse!
    We, kitty parents worry about our babies and certainly don't want them to suffer.
    Happy to read he has gained some weight back and that he enjoys his Catio!
    Big hugs,
    Mariette + Kitties

  6. That's such wonderful and amazing news! Congratulations, Jesse! We love you, and are so happy for you. Okay, we're off to go do the happy dance now. XO

  7. Enjoy your noms, Jesse, and we are purring for you.

  8. Congratulations Jesse! That is wonderful news. And Dori, you are so darn cute. XO

  9. That is wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for Jesse and you.
    Giovanni's birthday is March 29!
    Sending purrs for continued health.
    Fur Everywhere

  10. That is wonderful news, Dori. Purrs to Jesse - to all of you! We love you all so furry much.

  11. Sweet Dori, your kitty brother Jesse is certainly a toothless wonder. We are so grateful to hear the news that he is in full remission. All of you have been so good to him while he has been so sick. We will keep your whole fur family plus your dad and your momanager in our purrs and prayers. Lynn and Precious XX

  12. Paws clapping for Jesse ... and happy news that he is doing so well now!

  13. veree happee for ewe dood! 984 pawz crozzed de eeeeeeevil cancer
    stayz a way 🐟💙😺‼️ mackerull

  14. That is wonderful news! I know you are all thrilled to bits at the news, and I am too.

  15. we see chauncie marie wore her facinator to dee vet lass week


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