'Tiz the Season to Be Bizzy

Dear Frens,
I hope by now yoo have recovered from Thanksgiving dinner where yoor tummy pushed the limits of how far yoor pants could stretch. 

At my house there was not a turkey in sight, other than in the cans of Fancy Feast our momma opened. This year my pawrents opted for Cornish Game Hens, but with the usual trimmings. Daddy did most of the cooking and Momma let him, thankful to have a husband who actually wants to cook. After years of being in the kitchen during their restaurant years, Momma swore if she never had to cook anything beyond quiche or soup, she would be happy to pass the tongs to someone else.

I have to commend my brofur Fwank for his ingenuity for getting an invite to the Thanksgiving table. The rest of us were either in the Senior Room or Chillin on the Catio, but Fwank planned ahead by lounging in the window hammock an hour before dinner.

Note how he casually braced his back leg against the window, and wore an innocent expression on his puss? This was not by accident, but by design. See, Fwank has been around the block a few times and knew if he made himself look both comfortapurr and adorable, he would not be asked to leave so our pawrents could eat noms in peace. And it worked! He got a plate with hen and a little mashy taters wif buttah. Good job, Fwank. Yoo are an impwessive mancat to look up to.

The dishes were drying and the punkin pie plates still had crumbs when suddenly boxes appeared and autumn decor dissypeared. Yup, every last plastic pumpkin, scarecrow, fakey red/gold leaf went into the boxes cuz Thanksgiving was over and Christmas was heading our way like the runaway Polar Express. Momma keeps a box marked AUTUMN DECOR stored in the pantry. This year I guess her yearning for a change of seasons got her really bad because instead of packing stuff away in the one box, now there are three boxes.

Pretty soon a tree grew in our living room, and ornaments swung from the branches. We have a skinny tree and it's a fakey one cuz we all have respiratory crud from the bazillion pine trees draped over our catio, and bringing one into the house makes absolutely no sense. I'm so glad Momma remembered that before she dragged Daddy an hour out of town to a tree farm. 

Oh! And then she wanted a fakey white tree cuz she was tripping down Memory Lane remembering the retro tree her aunt had. The one with the colored wheel? Daddy still hopes to find one of those some day, but then there was talk about how they have a small attic and Daddy is "Sickentired" of dragging stuff down the fold-up stairs. So up went the skinny tree and it looks fine.

My favorite part of Christmas is when Magic lights up the floor. It's so warm!

While up in the attic pulling down boxes marked CHRISTMAS my daddy found cat beds from years past. They were clean, so he asked Momma why she insisted on buying new beds when she had these. Her reply: She thinks her furbabies deserve fresh beds each year. So all the old beds were stuffed into the back of Daddy's car to be donated at the local shelter, along with excess cat toys that nobody plays with anyway.

Now here comes the part where Momma gets real bizzy. She has a list of presents to buy, and cards to address, on top of the mountain of paperwork still needing to be dealt with in her office. I overheard her say that she shudda started her Christmas To Do's way back in August. 

Ahem. I'm not being judgy, but maybe if she had dealt with her mountain of paperwork back in August, she would not be grouchy over having Christmas To Do's on top of the mountain stuff. Just saying...

Thankfully, Daddy agreed to address card envelopes to Family, although he repeatedly had to ask Momma to decipher her handwriting in her address book. That's okay. He did a good job. And now all Momma has to do is write a message in the cards and sign their names.

As of today there are only 26 Days until Christmas. I will try to return next Tuesday with an update on how it's going at my house, but I can't make any promises.

Until Next Time... (maybe)


  1. This is a busy time of year for most of us. Your dad is helping out and that's a good thing.

    I love your Christmas header. Very well done.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your peeps. ♥

  2. We hope your parents thanked you all for being so helpful!

  3. Dori, your house is busy, busy!
    Any mail that goes out from Eastside Cats usually has a bit of cat fur stuck to the flap or label; a bonus!

  4. The lighted-up-kitty is precious ... (actually, foot-in-air is terribly cute, too!) ... in our family Daddy was the cook as well, and he did it up so well! Now ... on to Cat-n-Mouse time.

  5. Yikes! Only 26 days! I have the same list and I still need to order our blog cards- and dress cats for the photos for the card. Thanks for the update on what is going on at your house. XO

  6. Dang, all of that is beyond busy and I hope you enjoy all of those Christmas lights!

  7. That is a lot of bizzy in your house. Smart work Frank!

  8. Dori, we haz a glass cat like yor bloo wun but owrz iz oranje. mum usez it az a frunt door stop win she wantz to keep tha door opin


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