March 21, 2023

Farewell to Dolly Meow

Dear Friends, I hope yoo have been enjoying a lovely month so far and didn't get too silly on green beer for St Patrick's Day. Truthfully, I didn't feel like celebrating. Even for a nibble of corned beast.

You see, for weeks my pwecious Dolly Meow has been missing. As yoo know she goes AWOL from time to time, but I always find her.

Recently I discovered the truth. The sad truth about why she's been missing since January. I'd spent hours each day looking everywhere, but she wasn't under the bed, or behind my cat tree, or in the bathroom closets... any of the places I usually find her.

Last Sunday night I wasn't feeling well. I'd had a tummy ache and was hiding in ChauncieMarie's box cave. Momma brought me some cheezy treats but I rejected them. That's when she was really worried because I NEVER reject treats of any kind.

Then she brought me a Churu. If I rejected a Churu she said she would be taking me to see Dr Feelgood in the morning. Well, I didn't reject the Churu. I not only licked it up, but I asked for seconds. And I followed her to the kitchen to make sure I got to pick the flavor I liked best... which are all of them really. But me following her was proof that I wasn't really sick. What else could it be?

Fact is, I was mad at my momma. I'm not telling why exactly. I think women need to maintain some mystery even with their best friends and mommas. But here's a hint: I hate Gidget. She crawls into bed with MY momma and snuggles with her for awhile before moving to her cushion under the bed. And I don't like that because then my momma stinks of Gidget. Momma puts her arm around me when I snuggle under the covers and all I can smell is Gidget. Peee-yewy!

Well, Momma must have read my mind, because later she sat with me and tried to get me to play with a fake Dolly Meow. It's not the same. Yes, the Fake looks like my Dolly Meow when she was young and fresh, but she doesn't stink of my bref, and she's plump and big as opposed to old and flaking.

I rejected Fake Dolly Meow. I just gave her a half-hearted pat but no... I didn't feel the love.

And that's when Momma opened a box and brought out DOLLY MEOW! She wasn't AWOL after all. She was STOLEN from me.


To say I was shocked is putting it mildly. In fact I was so shocked that I didn't play with Dolly. I patted her a little, but by then I'd realized that she had been a part of the betwayal of dissypearing without notifying me of her whereabouts. I was mad at both Momma and Dolly.

That's when Momma explained to me that Dolly Meow had to leave. To go over the Wainbow Bwidge where beloved cat friends go when they are old and tired and cannot be played with anymore because they are actually a danger to their beloved fur friends.

Momma said Dolly Meow was much smaller than Fake Dolly Meow because over the many years I've played with her, she has been slowly flaking away. And the metallic flakes could be swallowed by me. Momma said Dolly doesn't mean to hurt me, but by carrying her around in my mouth and crying with Joy, a little bit of her is being ingested by me every time.

I was shocked at first. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I must be awake in a nightmare. Then I got mad. Mad at Momma, mad at Dolly Meow. Mad at Gidget. Gidget had to be behind this nightmare!

I pleaded with Momma to let Dolly Meow stay with me. I promised I'd be a good girl and stop chasing Gidget whenever I saw her. But then when Momma put Dolly in a box and closed the lid, I collapsed into a puddle of sadness. I'd never see her again. All the good times we'd had together were over.

I didn't like Fake Dolly Meow. She would never be my best friend. NEVER!

Momma said by putting Dolly Meow in a lovely box, she would then join the other favorite toys that had gone over the rainbow bridge. Momma has a box full of beloved toys dating way back to when she was a girl and her first kitty Frosty adopted a rabbit-furred kitten from a basket on Momma's bed. 

Then Momma said she had a lot of nice toys that our friends had sent us over Christmas, some of them I had not yet played with. Surely one of them would be thrilled to become my best toy friend. And if I couldn't pick one from those, she would keep looking for the perfect best friend for me. Not to replace Dolly Meow, but rather to be my new friend so I could still share the love I have in my heart for my beloved Dolly Meow.

Dearest Dolly Meow, Yoo were my bestest toy friend in the whole world. I loved yoo with all my heart. When we moved to FloryDa my momma put yoo in her purse so yoo wouldn't get lost. And many times both Momma and Daddy scoured the house looking for yoo when yoo went missing. Yoo were so much fun to play with. So much Joy that I couldn't help but cry from the thrill of carrying yoo around in my mouth. I will always love yoo, and never forget yoo. Rest in Peace. Love, Dori

Friends, do yoo have a best toy friend that yoo loved more than anything in the whole world? What kind of toy was it? 

For me it was Dolly Meow. For Opie it's his rainbow ball. He lost it around Thanksgiving, but Grandpa Santa brought him a fresh package of rainbow balls. He was so happy to have his new balls he didn't notice they weren't his old balls. <giggles behind paws> I said balls.

Recently Elly has taken a fancy to a purple duck toy that arrived around Christmas. Inspired by Opie and by Peaches who very long ago started this crying with a beloved toy when she adopted a spotted stuffie for her baby to carry around the house. It made sense because she had had a litter of kittens; Jack and Jesse were the ones who moved in with us. Anyway, Elly now plays with her ducky around 2 am, crying with Joy as she smacks her around the bedroom.

And KC has found JOY in an orange fluffy ball. Nothing special, just a ball. But KC has lived with us since the winter of 2019 and this was the first time he picked out a toy for his own. Outdoor cats who have had to struggle to survive rarely play because they are so focused on surviving. So that KC finally feels comfortable enough to play is filling our mom's heart with Joy.

While Daddy might growl about our non-stop cries of Joy when we play with our favorite toys in the middle of the night, to Momma it's mewsic to her ears. Life is too short. Why sleep when you could be awake enjoying the sounds of JOY made by your fur babies?



  1. Dearest Dori, I am so furry sorry about Dolly Meow. Lynn says Angel Peepers always carried a soft little squeezie ball in her mouth ev-fur where. And Angel Seney carried large turkey and hawk feathers. Me, I just never got into carrying anything but myself, mol. Precious

    1. Dear Pwecious, thank yoo for speaking at Dolly Meow's funeral. I appweciate yoor friendship. Please come to the after-service luncheon where wefweshments will be served. Love, Dori

  2. Dori, we r so sorry fur your loss. we hope you find a noo speshull furrend to make your joyfull again. i wood haz to say dat my nanner is my speshull furrend. mum marinates it in sum primo nip fur me.

    1. Dear Gidget, thank yoo for yoor sincere condolences. Yoo are so lucky to have yoor nanner. I hold she never flakes or becomes a danger to yoo. Please join me at Dolly Meow's after-service luncheon. Yoo are welcome to bwing nanner too. Love, Dori

  3. We are so sorry to hear about Dolly Meow. We know she is hoping you find another toy to love and enjoy. Raz carries his mousie around like that too. His first one went OTB too but he learned to love another.

  4. ❤️❤️❤️πŸ‘‹πŸ˜

  5. Dearest fwiend Dori, My baby is Donkey. On my bloggie, mom showed where he had to have back surgery...all the way down his back, twice! THEN, he lost his FOOT! Mommy couldn't find it to give it back to him. He was so flattened and fragile but I loved him dearly. So as always I carried him around but mommy would post pictures of poor very very tired and give out Donkey. Then, not too long ago, he disappeared. On his own. I used to bring him to the bedroom every single night and cry with joy each time. Mommy finally found him in a blankie where he would have been completely destroyed if he went through the wash. So..Mom brought out Donkey's twin that she got the same time she got Donkey all those years ago. Amazingly, I accepted him and tossed him across the room, stomped on him multiple times. Carried him to everywhere in the house and my regular Donkey is laid away in mom's oak library card catalog with other babies, and other things for Admiral...

  6. I'm sorry for you loss, Miss Dori.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

  7. dori we iz on a stolen cell ewe lar dee vize and gotta type quik fasto and we iz sorree yur mom and dad, well mom most lee, tozzed dolly like sew much ref fuze. if it looks like a fizh and smellz like one two, ore smellz like cat nip,……give it a try ‼️❤️🐟

  8. Moms sure know how to ruin our lives. Think of all the fun you'll have finding a new favorite toy. Including trying your siblings toys!

  9. None of us are particularly attached to any toys, but Sen-Chan, whose nickname was Poupounet and so the blog is named after him, had a bunny rabbit that he loved. So, when he went to the Bridge, aged only 18 months, #1 buried the rabbit with him.

    The Chans

  10. Oh Dori, I am so sorry for your loss of Dolly Meow. I know how heart breaking it is to have to say goodbye to someone you love. Dolly Meow didn't want to make you sick, it was because you loved each other so much. I hope you can find a favourite toy to love.
    Flynn loved his nippy carrot the best, but really he liked anything with nip. Eric didn't play with toys much apart from his scruffy rat which he had from a kitten. When we buried him, Scruffy was buried with him.

  11. I'm sorry about Dolly Meow. You'll learn to love a new friend...especially if they come with Churus. I have an old toy I rattles when you shake it. It's kinda gray now because of all my spit on it. ~Ernie

  12. "Life is too short. Why sleep when you could be awake enjoying the sounds of JOY made by your fur babies?" I LOVE that!!! Dolly Meow is living in a very special place now, but I'm so sorry you can't play with her anymore :( Mudpie's cherished toy is an animal print mousie. It was actually her very first toy when she came to live here, and it's as special to me as it is to her!

  13. Dori, this is so sad. I am very sorry about your favorite toy going to the Bridge. XO

  14. RIP Dolly Meow. We are very sad for you, Dori. We hope you will come to love your new toy; though, of course, not as much as Dolly Meow. Cooper Murphy's favorite toys are wine corks. We don't think any of the others of us have a favorite. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

  15. Oh, we are so sorry that Dolly Meow had to be retired, Dori. She sounds like she was the bestest toy ever. We know she can never be replaced, but we do hope that someday you will be able to enjoy another toy almost as much. Ava loves her crocheted Christmas ornament, no matter the season. Hugs!

  16. I'm sorry to hear about Dolly Meow going to pieces. I hope that you can open your heart to another toy. Dolly Meow will send you the right toy when she finds it. I'm trying to find my Can Opener's plastic card to send a catnip and Churu bouquet, but she is getting very good at hiding it. Yours in sympathy, Jake Housepanther

  17. We are so sorry for your loss, Dori. We hope you find a new Best Toy Friend soon.
    Watching kitties enjoying their toys fills Us with JOY!

  18. Saffy and I both have the same favourite toy: the Cat Dancer. Oh my mouses it's fun. Of course, we LOVE our nip mice and biff bags but we don't carry them around with us. Mainly we just slobber all over 'em. Sometimes I'll rip one down the centre so all the nip falls out. Okay, so it's Saffy who's most likely to do that but it sounded kinda butch so I thought I'd take the credit. MOUSES!

  19. OMC we know all about the loss of a favourite toy, Dori, each of us have one favourite too and never touch our other toys, it's not the same and never will be. Great video'sπŸ’—Double Pawkisses for a Happy WeekendπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

  20. My heart aches with you over the loss of Dolly Meow. Your mama is right, you will never replace her but you can let your heart and love grow bigger by picking another toy to share love with.

    Thank you for telling us about this, and about the other kitties and their favorite toys, and most of all thank you for joining Feline Friday!


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