Feeling Uninspired with Deadline Looming


What happens when a team of writers have a deadline, but their creativity is stalling? Let's listen in while the Wonderpurr Gang story editors struggle over getting the current Hot Topic to press.


RABBIT: So, what do we have so far?

ELLY: *reading notes from laptop* Claw-ful for awful. Cathletic for athletic. Fur real for for real. And everyone’s favorite… Purr-fect for perfect.

CANDY: What about Hiss-terical for Hysterical?

HERMAN: Hiss-tory for history.

RABBIT: Oh! Litter-gator for litigator. My pal Peanut aka @PretzelKitteh is actively looking into legal action to get Mom to stop pinning that cat pun on him.

DORI: *mumbling with eyes closed* No matter what’s happening in your life today, remember… you are not limited by your resources, your family or your background.

RABBIT: *to the group* Is she having a stroke?

DORI: Almighty God has equipped and empowered you. He has given you creativity, ideas, inventions… skills and talents.

CANDY: She’s trying to write a Wake-Up Call post. I can’t imagine the pressure she’s under having to switch gears from Bweaking Nooz to Wake-Up Call, to Letters from Dori, plus do an Intermew every couple of months. God! Inter-Mew. I’m sure Misty, Lisa and Sophie from @Misty.s_World cringed when they realized that’s what our blog calls Dori’s interviews.

Remembering Jack One Year Later

We lost Jack a year ago today to cancer. He was one of the lesser-known members of the Wonderpurr Gang due to a head trauma he'd received when he was about two. 

He had been born under a neighbor's deck to Peaches, but when the neighbor boarded the entrance she brought Jack and Jesse to my yard where they lived happily every after... until someone struck Jack with enough force to send him missing for almost three weeks. When he returned he was walking in circles.

I took him to the vet where he stayed for a month. When he came home I could no longer pick him up. He had been severely traumatized, something he never recovered from. He turned feral with a huge dose of mistrust for all people including me that lasted until his dying breath.

Thankful for Friends

Dear Friends who read my bloggy, and my Instagwam and Facebook pages, this is for yoo.

I am thankful this Thankful Thursday because yoo have supported me throughout my career as a writer on my Tuesdays with Dori, a Bweaking Nooz reporter, an Inferior Dekkorator, a storyteller, and a fashun meowdel. Momma says I'm probably ADHD because I change careers as often as I change my mind about which noms I like. But that's okay because yoo all applaud and give me encouragement.

Without yoo I'd just be another pampurred housecat lying around the house, seeking out sun puddles and playing with my favorite toys. But no. Because of yoo I haz eleventy billion followers (editors note: cats can't count) and I get to enjoy visiting all of yoo on yoor pages.

Wasn't life sad before the inpurrnet was invented? I asked Momma about the Dark Ages before Inpurrnet and she agreed it was very Dark.

So, I just want to tell yoo I'm thankful for yoor friendships, and love yoo all dearly.

Today I'm joining Brian's Blog Hop for Thankful Thursday. But I'm not just Thankful on Thursdays. I want yoo to know I'm thankful evfurry day of the week. Love, Dori

Dear Mister Ralph Fiennes


Dear Mister Ralph Fiennes,

First, concatulations on yoor success as an actor. I didn’t know who yoo were until my momma sat me down for a Ralph Fiennes mewvee marathon, but now I have a pretty good idea of what yoor all about.

I was calling yoo RAL-pfff FIE-ness until my mom corrected me and said yoo pronounced yoor name Raif. Raif Fines. I thought she was pulling my tail, so I checked Speech Modification on YouTube and sure enough, she was right.

I’m not asking yoo to change yoor name since you’ve been an actor a long time… longer than I’ve been alive… but maybe, when yoo are doing a new mewvee, yoo could turn to the camera when yoo first appear and introduce yoorself by slowly enunciating the correct way to say yoor name. This will avoid confusion for others like me.

Reasons Not to Adopt a Senior Cat


copyright KimberleyKoz

*tries to climb up on soapbox...can't because of arthritis in hips...pushes pet stairs against soapbox...climbs up to give speech* 

Ahem! May I haz your attention please! Senior kittehs make pawsome pets. Why you want a young frisky kitten who needs so much supervision? Seniors have experience. They don't need supervision. They need LOVE. And what's more...a rescued senior knows what life is like when he's not wanted. He can give you so much more LOVE then a spoiled little kitten because he appreciates you SAVING HIS LIFE! Think about it.

And another thing...

*sees a bug, forgets what he was saying... climbs off soapbox and wanders off to find a place to nap*


Here are our reasons why you don't want to adopt a senior cat.