A Dramatic Moment for Dori


Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor host, Dori. *wavy paws*. I hope yoo all enjoyed a nice Independence Day weekend. At Wonderpurr Life, we posted a lot of social media giving hoomons a heads up about how fireworks can frighten not only pets, but also wildlife. Momma's sister lives on a lake, and she said before the weekend she had a lot of swans, and a lot of squirrels and birds around her home. But by the morning of July 4th... the lake was very quiet. The poor creatures fled! And her own pets were traumatized, even though she turned on the radio and teevee, and added calming essences to the air. There is nothing we can do about this. It's TRADITION to celebrate with fireworks, and hoomons will continue to do so forever. But, I also think that hoomons are now becoming aware of how us furs react to loud booms and loud bangs, and taking necessary measures to help us cope.

At least I hope so.

In other news, I had a very dwamatic moment that haz nuffin to do wif loud booms and bangs. I am still shaken, and so instead of me re-living my moment, I pwe-wecorded a Bweaking Nooz to share wif yoo. Bwace yoorself. It's disturby.

I know. Horry-bell stuff, right? *swipes tear from eye* I haven't been able to face Dolly Meow since this twagedy happened. She is so ... dissy-pointed in me, that I couldn't prevent this from happening.

OKAY! So, before yoo leave, I want yoo to notice that new gadget in our sidebar, that we have added FOLLOW.IT so yoo can get our posts in yoor email box with no fuss. We think FOLLOW.IT is supurr easy to use, and am in the process of following back those who follow us. Thank yoo so much.

Now go off and make it a WONDERPURR week! Love yoo, Dori



  1. It was very noisy here and for hours. I don't think some humans care about what it does to the wildlife and our babies.

    Love the video. Mom should at least ask you. I agree with that.

    Have a purrfect day. ♥

  2. Our fireworks were the worst this year. They've never bothered me but they sure did this year. Loud and long, yikes! At least your ordeal is over sweet Dori.

  3. Poor Noelle was terrified by the fireworks plus we had a big thunderstorm right before dusk.

    We don't think Moms should EVER wash our purrfectly seasoned toys!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. dori....we dinna even eat R dinner de bass terd fire werkz waz that bad

    we hope ewe all iz stayin aye oh kay safe frum mizz elsa ....we dinna noe if ewe waz cloze ta waterz ore knot ~~~~

    { gotta watch yur moovee at home....werk iz kinda funkee two day ~~

  5. Oh, oh...we've had the petcretary do that washing junk, too...sigh...

    At least the boomers are over at least until the next time there is some kind of celebratory event.

  6. Poor Dolly Meow! That was very traumatic.
    Thankfully we don't get the boomers here, that comes on Guy Fawkes night November 5th.

  7. Dori you will get through this horrible event one paw at a time with the purrs of your friends (Timmy wraps his wings around Dori in a hug)


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