The Softer Side of Rabbit


Dear Diary,

I have a Deep 'n Dark Confession to... um... confess. 

Here it is, another #WickedCatWednesday, but it's getting kinda hard to keep up my AssRabbit image. 

Hey, I know my Fans expect to see me jump on Dori's back and bite her neck. They expect me to steal noms from my geriatric fursibs, and they expect me to knock stuff off the counter. They expect me to have a total lack of impulse control, Livin la Vida Loca, AssRabbit style.

They expect me to lead Team AssRabbit by example, cheering on my pals who take the initiative to flaunt their Cattitude without making excuses.

And yeah, I love doing all that. 

But I'm not only a Role Meowdel for Bad Behavior. I'm more.

I'm a special needs, emotionally challenged, sensitive kind of guy... 

But not a weenie.

Oh sure, I'm stuffed into my jams when my enthusiasm for life surpasses Mom's ability to cope. For awhile she was buying jams like crazy. Mostly cuz my purrsonal motto is: Be Savage, Not Average.

But there are times when I'm exhausted being me. Times when the pawpawrazzi isn't around, and the camera is off. And I shake off the day's wildness to crawl into Mom's lap and relax.

No sneaky biting of her arm either, also known as *makes paw quotes* Love Nips.

Yeah, it's getting hard to keep up my Bad Boy image. I really hate to disappoint my Fans, but....

In my defense... she walked by.

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And be sure to enjoy a Wondepurr day! 


  1. We like seeing your calmer self and hopefully you're enjoying it too!

  2. dood....itz two hot out side ta bee bad azz .....conserve yur wayz til fall N let looze again ;) ☺☺♥♥

  3. It is good to have calmer times. Maybe they will get more as you get older. I was going to say mature but that makes you sound like a cheese!

  4. Rabbit I know what you mean. Glad you are not there yet but when you get older, like me, your Ass ways will be harder to purrpetuate on a daily basis. Glad you admitted your softer side as when we are extreme we usually have it both ways. I love to lay with Dad and purr loud enough to shake the walls while rubbing my head all over his handy hand. Let it go my friend, but, keep up the occasional bitey!
    Your Pal in Assiness
    Rumpy Bump


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