Next Caturday, Octopurr 16th is BOSS'S DAY. So today's Wonderpurr Cattoon is dedicated to all BOSSES out there in the Blogosphere. And not just the hoomon kind. My Dadders usta be a boss. Then he got old and retired. But Mom never stopped being a Boss. Boss of us all, including Dadders. At my house I'm second in line to be Boss, mostly cuz I have no filter, or OFF switch. 

The concept of Bosses Day began in 1958, eons before I was born. A lady named Patricia Bays Haroski, (good Polish girl) an employee at State Farm Insurance in Deerfield, Illinois, registered Boss's Day holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce. She designated October 16th as the special day because it was her father's birthday. He also happened to be her boss. Haroski said it was a day to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors by showing appreciation. Apparently some people give their bosses cards, gift certificates, or flowers on Boss's Day.

I don't want any of that stuff for a present. I want a Yeowww! Banana, and a nice chunk of Black Forest Ham would be extra thoughtful cuz I'm sucha a good Boss to my fursibs, especially Dori.

My Dadders had some really nice employees who took him out to lunch, and gave him a gift certificate to Lowe's as they knew he loved to shop the garden section, and buy stuff to make household repairs. 

Mom said she vividly recalls she had a boss that was painfully awkward. He was quite nerdy before nerds were a Thang. She had been working for him for a few months, and when Boss's Day arrived, she made him a basket of baked goods. She wasn't getting paid very much, so the cost of buying the baked goods was an unnecessary expense. But then the guy deliberately didn't show up to work. No calls as to where he was, just MIA. Mom was furious, so she gave most of the baked goods to Sam, another boss-type co-worker who sincerely appreciated them. A couple years later when Mom had home computer trouble, Sam came over to fix the problem. So those baked goods paid off. Oh, and the nerdy boss lost my mom, who left his department to work for the president of the company. So 😛!

Anyway, in 1962 the Governor of Illinois officially proclaimed October 16th Boss's Day. Hallmark Cards has been selling Boss's Day cards since 1979. So if you are still an employee, why not do something nice for your Boss over this coming week. Like maybe give him a basket of baked goods, along with a gift-wrapped chunk of Black Forest Ham.

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  1. We totally agree to Never Half-Ass always Full Ass! MOL Really good stuff. Dad was a boss for a long time and only went to work for others after he quit the house flipping biz (Before it was as seen on TV.) He had pretty good bosses as he was one of those Get the Job Done types which is hard in medicine. So many are afraid to make a decision. Now tell the parents to get some Black Forest Ham for Canadian Thanksgiving already

  2. That is totally purrfect for da Day of da Boss! Our Dad used to be a boss too, he's glad to be retired!

  3. Yes, Rabbit, never make vast plans with half-vast ideas !

  4. You're too funny, Rabbit!!
    Happy Bosses day to whomever it may concern:)

  5. I am sure you always use your full ass Mr. Rabbit!

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