Zoo Boo Date with Baunilha


Dear Diary,

My Birthday Date with Baunilha, the lovely kitteh from Portugal, went well enough that she agreed to accompany me on another date. 

I'm thrilled she wants to see me again, and feel I can outdo the last date, even though Mom confiscated her Ameowican Express cawd after she got the bill revealing the price of Baunilha's birthday presents.

Without a credit cawd, I couldn't take my date to an all you can eat place, like I'd hoped to. Our last date went pretty good when we stopped shopping and got to eat stuff. So I made a list of things to do with Baunilha that didn't require a credit cawd.

  1. A slam poetry reading...
  2. Amateur comedy show...
  3. Local Zumba class...
  4. Karaoke...
  5. McDonald's refuse bin...
  6. My parents house...
  7. A blood donation drive...
  8. Pick Mushrooms...
  9. Friday Night Box Pawty

I showed my list to my pals Peanut aka PretzelKitteh and Peanut aka ImABoatCat, and they both strongly recommended I rethink my list. I asked for ideas and this is what they came up with:

  1. Bug hunting...
  2. Frog hunting...
  3. Snake hunting...
I was leaning toward Snake hunting. My skillz would really impress Baunilha. Just the other day I dragged a six inch garden snake out of the Catio threshhold cover, and had my way with it. Dad found the barf, and Mom cleaned it up. Yeah, that would really impress my date.

Then Dori got wind of my plans and told me:

This date stuff is complicated. But Dori reassured taking Baunilha to Zoo Boo would be fun. Plus it's free. I'm all about free, mostly cuz I'm only four years old and live with my pawrents.

Since Baunilha lives in Portugal, I had her meet me at the location of a free Zoo Boo I found on the search engine Gaggle. All the other Zoo Boo's cost money to get inside.

So this is what happened:

I think our Zoo Boo date went pretty good, considering she spent most of it hiding behind me with her eyes bugging out. Which was the point, right? A Zoo Boo is supposed to be scary.

I highly recommend the Zoo Boo I went to. I plan to write a 5 star review on Gaggle.

I hope you enjoyed my Zoo Boo Date with Baunilha. If you want to share it with your furends, that's great!

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Until next time...


  1. You scared your date something awful. I did laugh though.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Yikes! That was a very scary ZooBoo. Are you feeling better yet or are you still howling at the moon, Rabbit?

    1. He had a very bad furball, but otherwise is okay.

  3. You sure had a fun date and it looks like Baunilha had a big time with you!

  4. Baunilha is very brave to go on a second date with you, Rabbit. That was a scary zoo.

  5. Oh, my. That date was certainly ... original. Baunilha is a lucky lady (cough cough).


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