March 02, 2023

Reasons Not to Adopt a Senior Cat


copyright KimberleyKoz

*tries to climb up on soapbox...can't because of arthritis in hips...pushes pet stairs against soapbox...climbs up to give speech* 

Ahem! May I haz your attention please! Senior kittehs make pawsome pets. Why you want a young frisky kitten who needs so much supervision? Seniors have experience. They don't need supervision. They need LOVE. And what's more...a rescued senior knows what life is like when he's not wanted. He can give you so much more LOVE then a spoiled little kitten because he appreciates you SAVING HIS LIFE! Think about it.

And another thing...

*sees a bug, forgets what he was saying... climbs off soapbox and wanders off to find a place to nap*


Here are our reasons why you don't want to adopt a senior cat.

They sleep a lot.

They're grumpy from aches and pains.

They have to wear sweaters because they're always cold.

Their furs are oily and easily matted.

They don't play much any more.

They require expensive prescription food.

Their breath stinks!

They do weird stuff.

And Cost a Fortune at the Vet

Something to think about... Herman was a senior at Blogpaws

Adopting a Senior Cat is a Real Hassle. 

They don't look young and fresh. They stink. They have health issues. Are costly to feed and they do weird stuff.

But if none of that means anything to you, then know that when you do take a chance on a senior cat, they reward you with a lifetime of experience and love. Because when you give a senior a second chance at having a Forever Home for as long as they live... you've given the greatest gift they ever imagined.

God Bless You!

Message from Kim

Today's Kick the Litter format is a little different because today is our Cat Daddy's birthday and we are busy celebrating him. He's given so much love to the Wonderpurr Gang over the course of their lives, and has sacrificed to see they have all they require as they ease into their golden years.

I have spent this past month providing you with a new format of entertainment, and am so grateful for your kind response. It means so much for me to be a part of the cat blogging community, but because the Gang is primarily made up of seniors, they require a lot of extra attention. And to be honest I don't  want to feel any more heartache over thinking I've spent too much time on the computer when I could have spent that time with my precious fur kids.

It's a Wonderpurr Life is meant to entertain you, and make you laugh. But our behind the scenes is filled with a lot of needy furs having problems. To better address their needs, It's a Wonderpurr Life will be posting once a week on Tuesdays, alternating between Kick the Litter and Tuesdays with Dori. This will ease my personal stress over feeling guilty when I notice someone's nails are clicking on the floor because they're too long, or someone has a mat on their booty, or someone is feeling needy because they haven't had much attention paid to them.

Stress doesn't only affect us humans. It affects the furs too. They don't understand when we get so preoccupied with our lives that a backrub that means so much to them is forgotten.

Putting my energy into one post a week will also free me up to visit your blogs and fully appreciate the effort you've put into your posts, as well as (finally!) finish writing Rabbit's book, Diary of an AssRabbit. And then start on the next (long-awaited) Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mystery. 

Having so many seniors is not cheap as you all know. Not everyone out there has as many cats as Ray and I do, especially this many seniors. The profits from writing humorous cat novels goes directly to paying for their needs. So, many many many thanks to all of you who have purchased my books over the years.

Until next time...


Eastside Cats said...

We LURV our senior kitty Sweetie, and will care for all Eastside Cats through their senior years.

Lynn and Precious said...

These long and fun and involved videos and messages are enjoyed and give lots of help to our cat loving world. A break for you is certainly hard earned and accepted. Once a week for my tiny blog is more than I sometimes feel up to. But the funny side of adopting an older cat, is that our sweet cats get older when we adopt them from very young! Same problems come with them in elder care, so adopting a loving older cat is definitely not a bad thing to do for these cats.

Adorapurr said...

Sweetie clearly has a Wonderpurr Life living with yoo, Eastside Cats.

Adorapurr said...

My pawrents say that once the current Wonderpurr Gang flies OTRB, they will only adopt senior shelter cats. *heavy sigh* Kittens are for the young and inexhaustible. Love, Dori

Gidget Blue Sky said...

i was 9 month old when i was dopted, i am berry laid back as long as it is jus me and dee mum

Katie Isabella said...

I love whatever you furs and mommy write. And I am a senior kitty. Mommy has finally noticed the sprinkling of white furs sticking up from my legs and face and headie in my black tuxie suit. I'm going on 16.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

When my MIL died we adopted all her cats and apart from one young one they were all seniors. The biggest problem was getting them used to our much smaller bungalow after being used to a large rambling farmhouse. We were only next door (a few hundred yards away) but they couldn't understand why we kept them away from there. The new owners of the farmhouse had two Alsatians and a lurcher so it definitely was not safe to let them go visiting.

Adorapurr said...

*sighs heavily* I wish it was only me and my Momma. And Hwermie. And Fwank. And Daddy. Life would be extra purrfect without my brofur the AssWabbit.

Adorapurr said...

We are so honored for such a nice comment, especially from yoo, Katie Isabella. We have always enjoyed yoor posts, too. Invite me to yoor Sweet Sixteen birthday pawty! Love, Dori

Adorapurr said...

It's understandable that they would want to return to the only home they knew. Change of address means nothing to us fur kids. Thank yoo so much for adopting them all. Love, Dori

catladymac said...

We understand - and are glad you aren't going away completely.
Our kitties are between 8 and 13 (as near as we know) and since Feb 2020 we had 8 others in our care go OTRB - from everything from CKD - saddle thrombus - HCM - cancers of various types and just plain old age. (The vet warned me years ago that having a bunch of cats near in age would lead to this sort of mass extinction.) So we are doing are best to hold on to the 5 we have left. Being in my mid-70's I don;t want any new cats - butO do want to keep the ones I've got, Purrs to you and your crew & happy Purrthday to Cat Daddy.

pilch92 said...

I have adopted a few seniors and would again. My only complaint is my broken heart each time I lose one and feeling cheated out of time.

Adorapurr said...

Cat Daddy says Thank You for the birthday greetings. My pawrents have decided they will always have a cat, but adopt a senior from a shelter. Just one or two. I'm sad yoo've had so many losses, but they were so very blessed to have yoo for a momma. Love, Dori

Adorapurr said...

Yes, broken hearts are guaranteed. But my momma says she'd rather suffer the pain of losing someone she loved so dearly, rather than never knowing the love of a fur kid. We all have been so blessed finding a home where we are allowed to be who we are, rather than treated like furniture or possessions. We are FAMILY. We are LOVED.

Kitties Blue said...

I guess we have what are considered four senior cats...they are over ten. Though, I really only look at Misty May as old - 18 1/2. She's a pain in the butt, but she still plays, her fur is still silky and shining as she continues to groom herself. Guess we are lucky. Just having lot of kitties is expensive no matter their ages, especially if you have special needs cats. Mom, Dad and all of us wish Ray a big happy birthday. 🎁🎂🎈🎉 Our mom's b'day is Tuesday. Good luck to Mom Kim toward finishing her projects. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

messymimi said...

All four of ours qualify as seniors now, hard to believe.

It's never easy to prioritize and sometimes it means cutting back. If one good post a week is your speed, stick to it.

Thank you for joining Feline Friday! Even if you are posting on Tuesdays, you can still join, i have a Feline Friday page (click at the top) and the hop opens at some time on Tuesday, when i can get to it. Or if you want, i'll link you up.

The Island Cats said...

I'm a senior kitty...and the mom says that's more reason to love me! ~Ernie

Adorapurr said...

I totally agree. Our seniors are like pwecious jewels.

Adorapurr said...

Dear Mimi, yoo are too kind. Sending love to yoor senior fur kids.