Remembering Jack One Year Later

We lost Jack a year ago today to cancer. He was one of the lesser-known members of the Wonderpurr Gang due to a head trauma he'd received when he was about two. 

He had been born under a neighbor's deck to Peaches, but when the neighbor boarded the entrance she brought Jack and Jesse to my yard where they lived happily every after... until someone struck Jack with enough force to send him missing for almost three weeks. When he returned he was walking in circles.

I took him to the vet where he stayed for a month. When he came home I could no longer pick him up. He had been severely traumatized, something he never recovered from. He turned feral with a huge dose of mistrust for all people including me that lasted until his dying breath.

Since we don't dispose of someone because they have problems, Jack moved indoors, followed shortly by Peaches to watch over him. Opie quickly adopted Jack as his best friend/brother and they remained tight up until the day Jack passed from cancer. They were Best Friends for twelve years.

Only a year apart, they were inseparable. Where you saw Opie, you saw Jack. They literally slept wrapped around each other for most of their lives, especially during their golden years.

While we understand the passing of a pet, it can't help but be noticed that the surviving pets also grieve. After Jack's passing Opie was lost and needy for extra comfort. His girls noticed and wrapped themselves around him for the following weeks. Opie eventually transferred his brotherly affection to KC, who is also a tabby of the same size and gentle nature as Jack. But they don't cuddle, but they dine side-by-side. At night Opie sleeps on the couch between his girl Peaches and his other girl ChauncieMarie.

Today we are celebrating Jack by posting his Cattoons. Jack was a sweet guy who didn't deserve the damage he suffered, but who powered through to become a much-loved member of the Wonderpurr Gang. Rest in Peace, buddy. We will always love you.


  1. What a dear wonderful Jack. Knowing you proved the best home and he had a best friend once he came to live inside. I am one of those humans that truly believes that the cruel should be convicted. Who in any good conscience would do that damage to an innocent animal?

    1. We 100% agree. He was barely two years old at the time. And we lived in a nice neighborhood. No idea who did it... although... there was one house down the block that was suspicious cuz the man was not socialable.

  2. Verge!!!!!! MOL!!!!! Jack yoo were awesum!!!!

  3. Hugs and purrs on this special remembrance day.

  4. How tragic that Jack has to suffer such trauma, but also wonderful that you were able to continue caring for him with so much love, and remember him so such affection.

    The Chans

  5. It is terrible that someone inflicted such an attack on him. This a beautiful tribute to your dear boy.

  6. Purrs to you as you remember Jack today.

  7. What a sweet tribute to Jack and the wonderful care hand love he got with all of you !

  8. Beautiful tribute. Sending you hugs in this sad anniversary. XO

  9. Hugs as you all remember sweet Jack. We can sure tell he was loved, loved, loved.

  10. How wonderful that Jack had you to care for him.!
    We hope Karma caught up with the Evil person or persons who hurt him so.

  11. Verge n Mary! What a cracker! Beautiful Jack. You are so lived my boy xxx

  12. We know kitties grieve. Giulietta never got over losing her sister Fiona. Mom's never gotten over losing them both at such young ages, but she knows they are together again. This was a loving and fitting tribute to Jack. Thanks for sharing. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


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