A Wonderpurr Week of High Winds, Flying Hummer Nests and Disappearing Tooths

Oh! Hi evfurrybuddy, it’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Sowwy, I was just investigating a baby dwagon who was winking at me on the other side of the window. We have lots of baby dwagons around our house, but sadly if they get into the catio, I'm not allowed to play with them. Momma always takes them away. I purrsonally think she just wants to play with them herself.

Anyway! I hope yoo enjoyed a Wonderpurr weekend filled with extra tweats, belly rubs and soothing sun puddle naps in yoor favorite window. As yoo know, Sunday was National Tabby Cat Day. Unfortunately, Momma didn’t have that on her calendar and sadly the only thing she did was a quick graphic of me and my tabby fur sibs to post on soshall meowdia. She has been vewy distwacted, and therefore after posting the picture, she abruptly forgot to celebrate us with toona noms and Churu’s.

Speaking of Churus, I am happy to report that there will be more for me to enjoy, as Elly has decided she is not a fan, and Fwank blew chunks after his Churu did not sit well in his tummy. I might point out that Fwank had an enormous amount of kibbies in his tummy at the time as he had nommed not only his bweakfast, but also the rest of mine, Elly’s, Opie’s… and probably some of Peaches. It was impwessive, although Momma did not seem impwessed while cleaning up the pile of warm barf.

In other news, Elly and Peaches were unexpectedly snatched out of peaceful naps on Monday and dumped into two Bad Boxes hidden outside the door to the Senior Cat Apartment. They were gone for two hours before returning with tales of woe and hoarse from singing the song of our peoples in the back of Momma’s car. Yoo guessed it. They went to Doktor Feelgood who poked and prodded and stuck something cold up their keesters.

Elly has what Doktor F calls Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesion (FORL) or cervical line lesion where the dentin in a single tooth (or several simultaneously) erodes and eventually becomes irreparably destroyed. Over time, all areas of an affected tooth, from root to crown, may become involved.

According to Cornell Feline Health Center, Tooth resorption is a common condition, affecting an estimated 20 percent to 60 percent of all cats and close to three-quarters of those five years of age and older. The cause, says Jennifer Rawlinson, DVM, chief of the dentistry and oral surgery section at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, is unknown. “There are a few theories,” she says, “but no one is sure about what really stimulates this condition. Some researchers, for example, theorize that an excess of vitamin D in commercial cat food might be to blame, but other researchers don’t necessarily agree. So, for now, we don’t have an answer.”

All I can say is, thank cod Churu’s are not the cause of this painful condition. Sadly, Peaches also has F.O.R.L., and Momma thinks ChauncieMarie might too. What’s confusing is how, after dozens upon dozens of cats over the years, we’ve never seen this problem until now. None of our past Doktor Feelgood’s have ever mentioned any type of lesions where the tooth is absorbed. It’s painful, and sadly Ora-Gel is not a option as it could poison us. Doktor F says she sees this kind of condition happen in cycles, like stomatitis, which happened to Jesse a few weeks after we moved to FloryDa.

I am going to start brushing my teeth to prevent this from happening to me, even though Doktor Feelgood says there is no conclusive reasons as to why or how this happens to us. And, the Doktor added, it does also happen in hoomons. Probably doggos too. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but… misery does love company.

This past week Daddy thawed a small turkey he bought before Thanksgiving, but since they went out to a restaurant, they never cooked it. After thawing he stuffed it, and made the house smell delicious. He even made all the trimmings. Sadly, our pawrents thought the bird tasted bleh and dry, however the good news was most of us kitties loved the bleh bird. So, Daddy packed it in baggies so Momma could give us more the next day. However, the next day we were over it, and so the bleh bird ended up in Monday’s trash pickup. Back in our old home it would have gone to the raccoons, but here that’s not an option.

In fact, the peanuts Momma has been leaving for Sassy Squirrel behind our catio are now being enjoyed by a huge crow named Edgar, who also enjoys stale cat kibbies.

Speaking of Catio… we had a horrible storm in FloryDa this past week where an EF-2  tornado touched down in Palm Beach Gardens, which is forty minutes from where our friends, Catteam65, live. Coincidentally, momma and daddy were in that town two days before. We didn’t have bad damage at our house; however, the winds were strong enough to blow a potted plant off the table on our front porch, and then peel back part of the screen catio roof. So, we are not allowed to play in the catio until the roof gets fixed. Again. As yoo might remember the roof got ripped open during the hurricanes last fall.

But I do have some good news. When we moved from our old home in Southaven, we sadly had to leave Stanley behind. He was a stray tabby who was so feral that there was just no handling him, much less putting him in a car to drive a bazillion miles to FloryDa where there was dangerous wildlife and no way in hekk could he ever live outside what with owls and alligators, etc. However, there were two neighbors who said they would look out for Stanley. And this past week Momma heard from the one neighbor who showed a photo of Stanley enjoying a meal with the girl kitties Cher and Bucket, who is the daughter of our own ChauncieMarie. Stanley's new name is Bro-lof - cuz the family named ChauncieMarie's daughter Bucket... cuz... they just roll that way. But they're wonderpurr cat people, so we are so happy for Stanley/Bro-lof - shown here having bweakfast with Cher - who got a normal name cuz Momma Shelly stepped in and insisted.

Well, that’s all that’s been going on at my house. However, before I close my post, my brofurs Jesse and Wabbit have something they to add, so take it away, Jesse and Wabbit!

Hai Frens, Ah got me a new bed. Ma old bed got fouled by a jellus fursib who’s identity is unknown. It got warshed but Ah rejected it. Da memory lives on.

Anyways Momma asked if Ah would like a box bed. Ah like boxes. So Ah said sure. It’s a Chewy box which makes it all the more speshal. Life is good. Verra good.

Hope your day is filled with goodness and joy. Love, Jesse the Toothless Wonder

Hey pals, Rabbit here. Just wanted to share what happened when I had a visit from Sassy Squirrel this morning at my ZenDen window.

High winds had blown a tiny humming bird's nest from the tree and Sassy wanted my advice on putting it back where it belonged. I suggested he turn it upside down and wear it like a hat while he scampered up the tree, then maybe blow his nose to use the boogers like glue to adhere the next to the bark. I’m always hearing Mom say how Peaches’ snot is the equivalent of Gorilla Glue, and Dadders has to use Dawn dish liquid to remove it from windows. I know, TMI.

Anyway, I watched Sassy trying to get the nest back into the tree until Mom arrived with breakfast. By the time I finished Sassy was gone. Hope the hummers got their nest back.

Until Next Time...


  1. Dear Dori, two years after I came home from the orphanage, the doktor found I had a self absorbing toophie. but it was in good enough shape he YANKED it out without my purrmision. But I think he did me a favor and all other toophies are OK just getting dirty. Lynn can't pry my mouth open, mol. Sorry 'bout the hummer nest. We are still waitin' fur them to fly up here. Lynn says we are lookin' fur snow tonight and tomorrow. I'm in bed, so who cares! Precious

  2. I am sorry that Elly and Peaches both have F.O.R.L. Flynn got it in one tooth, but thankfully that was the only one. I expect those Hummers had half way built a new nest waiting for Sassy Squirrel to put the original back in place.

  3. So much going on at your house. Sorry the wind damage is keeping you from the catio. We have been having extreme winds as well but no damage that we have perceived. You might check our Monday post to see what Mom and Dad had to do so we can continue to use the catio. No wind involved...just a very wily cat. Mom has heard and read about resorption but out of the 22 cats she and Dad have had, none have ever had it. Such great news about Stanley/Bro-lof. We know it had to be hard to leave him behind. Love to all. Have a meowvolous week. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

  4. Busy times (as always) at your 🏡

  5. Thank you for all the latest news at your house. I am glad you didn't get much damage from the storm and I am also glad Stanley is doing well. I have had some cats with resorption too. XO

  6. dori, we r sorree dat the catio gotz damaged agin. mum found yesserday dat one ov her pots on dee patio iz cracked frum gittin knocked ober by dee windz we gotz and the plant gotz brutalized by dee windz too.

  7. Yikes, that tooth thing can sure be painful so we're all sending purrs. That's good news about Stanley and how wonderful y'all got to see that photo!

  8. Dori, it sounds like Elly and Frank's loss on those chrurus is your gain. Woohoo (for you anyway)! We're sorry Elly has tooth resporption, but it sounds like your vet and mom and dad will be monitoring it closely. We hope it will continue not to be painful.

    That storm and tornado sounds pretty scary. We are glad you did not have bad damage at your place, but how sad about the catio. We hope it gets fixed up very soon.

    Yay for Stanley! Such good news that he's being taking care of by such good peeps.

    Jesse, that box looks cozy, and you look fabulous in it. And Rabbit, you sure do see some pawsome stuff from your Zen window!

    Hugs to you all!


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