Meet Chill Bill

Hey pals, Rabbit here. You may not know it about me, but I can be a handful, stressing out my pawrents and my older fursibs. Especially when I’m bored, which is like… all the time.

Then one day I found this strange duck sucking on the wall. He called himself Chill Bill. Said he'd come to help me calm the hekk down by providing me with unconditional love like the kind my mother gave me when I was just born. Since I’ve turned my pawrents once-peaceful home upside down by acting out, I gave Chill Bill my attention.

He didn’t ask me to talk about hating my mother because she gave me up for adoption, or my deep regrets for not achieving my dream of buying my own Black Forest Ham farm. He just sucked on the wall plug, filling the air with aromas that made me feel good. Feel loved. I told him I didn’t think anyone in my home loved me except Mom and Dadders. I admitted I was sad because my only friend Dori had a restraining order against me. I haven’t seen her in months. 

Chill Bill listened, and the more he listened, the calmer I felt. Oh I haven’t undergone a personality change. I’m still an AssRabbit. Yesterday I was hell-bent on making Candy run so I could chase her, and I got put in my ZenDen for a time out. And when I was released, I discovered Chill Bill had a twin sucking on another wall plug. I sniffed him and felt the same comforting vibe I'd had with his brother. 

For the rest of the day I hung out with my sibs without making them scream. And that night Chill Bill – or his twin, hard to tell cuz they look alike – joined me in my ZenDen, filling my room with invisible positivity. 

My mom is a cat rescuer and most of my fursibs are seniors, so she’s determined they enjoy their golden years without stress. She was looking at me when she said that, so I guess Stress is my middle name. But Chill Bill reassured me he’s here for the long haul to help me become a friend to my fursibs, and not a foe. 

My new friend Chill Bill fills me with feelings of comfort. I'm a calmer version of my usual chaos-creating self because of Chill Bill and TheraPetMD. You can quote me.

If you need to have a Chill Bill of your own, check out TheraPetMD. This isn’t a paid advertisement. I just wanted to share my success with this product. Stay chill pals.


  1. Dear Rabbit, Lynn took a lookie see at TheraPetMd and says she must git it fur me
    and see if it helps afore and a after my yearly removal to Dr. Feelbad. We are so
    furry glad he is helpin' you and hope Dori finds it in her heart to drop all charges agin'

  2. Hi, Rabbit.
    We hope you manage to calm down. We don't want you to feel alone and unloved. We would be happy to be your furriends.

  3. WOW Rabbit, that's pretty darn impressive and hooray for your Mom for finding that for you!

  4. Thanks for letting us know how well Chill Bill is doing. Mom thinks she might get us our own.

  5. Rabbit, we are glad your friend Chill Bill is helping you feel a little bit better about things. We love that you hung out with your sibs without making them scream. XO

  6. Hi Rabbit! I am glad Chill Bill is being a good friend to you. Maybe one day he will convince you that you can live in harmony with all your sibs.

  7. dood…we due knot livez in yur houz, ore even with in 45,291
    milez oh yur houz, but we lovez ewe….and any one who can take
    on knot one but three nip nannerz at one time, izza heer roe in
    R book…. bee chillax buddy πŸ˜ΊπŸŸπŸ’™πŸ€

  8. We are so glad that you have Chill Bill to keep you chilled! Oh, and that's a lot of nip naners, eh?!

    The Chans

  9. Dude, if mew need to chill, we can send mew some extra primo catnip, that'll work! MOL

  10. There's nothing wrong with a good chill when you need it!

    ps - Dori has a restraining order against you?! We clearly think it's a case of contradictory signals she gave you ...


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