Fire Pee, Aliens and the C Monster

Hi, evfurrybuddy,  this is Dori. Although I may change my name to Ripley because of what happened to me this past week. But first, I want to welcome all of yoo born in December to the Ber Month Fan Club. Yoo don’t have to be born during a Ber month to belong to my Club. Yoo just must love everything about the months ending with a Ber.

So,what happened to me was, last week while Doktor Feelgood whooped it up in Hawaii, I had fire pee. Hoomons call it a urinary tract infection. Momma bought me medicine and cranberry treats, but by Tuesday I was still spending too much time in my litter box. So, when ChauncieMarie went for her all-day glucose curve, Momma took me in too. So, there I was in the bad box, curled up in a cute lil ball, hoping nobody would see me. But when Momma picked me up I broke my pearl necklace that I got for my OctoBER birthday. Pearls scattered all over the place, but Momma got them all, and the next day Daddy fixed it, so I’m back to looking pretty in pearls.

I was prescribed a big ol’ pill every day to chase away my fire pee. I really hate taking pills, but what can yoo do. However - and this is the part where I might need to change my name to Ripley from the movie Aliens - when Momma got up the next morning, she noticed I was in my litter box, and when I got out, I scooted on my booty. And I was squealing! So she picked me up to wipe my booty, and yoo know what she found? Oh! It’s just too horrible and too embarrassing to talk about. I’ll let yoor imagination figure it out. 

So, I got medicine to terminate the alien inside me, and I’m getting extra treats that will help me feel better again.

Meanwhile ChauncieMarie, who was diagnosed with CKD last year, has been struggling with her newly discovered diabetes while Momma and Dok Feelgood try to get her insulin dosage right. Momma has increased her food, adding delicious HydraCare, while reducing the insulin. ChauncieMarie said to tell yoo all she's appreciative of your thoughts and prayers. 

Opie has been feeling pretty good despite getting CKD this year. He's still eating like a lil piggy, so keeping him out of the not-prescription noms is a constant battle.

And ... I'm sad to tell yoo my brother, Jesse the Toothless Wonder, has been diagnosed with lymphoma. On Monday December 11th he travels to Gainesville's University of Florida Small Animal hospital for a meeting with the oncology department. His appointment isn't until 1:30 and he's not allowed to eat beforehand, so he's going to be very hissed off about that, cuz Jesse is all about food.

You'd never know he's sick. His eye looks better because of the eye drops he gets twice a day, and he's eating well and bouncing around like he owns the place. We pray these are good indications that he's going to be a success story and beat the C monster. Please add him to yoor prayers if possible.

Because of everything going on, I know yoo will understand that we won't be posting much throughout the holiday season.

Time is precious, my fwends. Hug each other tight.   Love, Dori


  1. oh jesse, we iz so sorry abowt what dee doktorz found. we will be purring fur yoo an your furrambly. all you catmus greeting picture are berry cute!!!!

  2. Dear Dori, thank you fur the update on all matters cat. We are so furry
    sorry that so much feel bad is happening at Christmas time. We hope fur
    you all to get the best Christmas gift ev-fur, of feeling better and being
    well. We have prayers and purrs and folded paws fur you all and the mommanger
    and the Dadders. Precious

  3. Prayers for Jesse.

    I love all the quotes and graphics. So precious.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  4. Oh my, what a time you all have had!
    Sending purrs for each and every one of you.

  5. We send ALL of you so many purrayers and Power of the Paw to help you all feel better soon. It is especially hard to get all this bad news at what is supposed to be such a happy time of year.

  6. I'm so sorry about the Fire Pee and I hope it gets gone and stays gone sweet Dori. Purrs, prayers and hugs for you all, especially sweet Jesse.

  7. I am sorry you were sick. I am glad you are feeling better though. I will add you, ChauncyMarie, Opie and Jesse to my prayer list. XO

  8. Oh, Dori, we are so sorry there's so much tough stuff going on at your house. We definitely understand - please know we will be purring for your whole family, and that we will be here whenever you are able to post. XO

  9. I hope your fire pee is getting better now. That is not a nice thing to have! I am adding prayers for all of you that need them. I hope Jesse gets on well at the hospital. The C word is evil but never give up. When I asked my prognosis when the cancer spread to my bowel I was told two years, hopefully three. It will be seven in January! I know it will never go, but it can and is being held at bay. Hopefully Jesse can do the same.

  10. prayers for Jesse and for all of you and for you mama who is helping you

  11. Dear Jesse and devoted staff I send you all lots of warm healing hugs and prayers that the Vets can help.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. We're so sorry about the various issues, small and big. We are keeping every paw and hoof crossed for Jesse.

    The Chans

  13. We are purraying hard for Jesse - and for all of you kitties, that you may be made well again from all your illnesses, major and minor. May the Great Cat in the Sky send you all a Purrfect and Complete Recovery.

  14. Wow. You all have a lot going on. Sending you all purrs and prayers.

  15. guyz....we send de manee blezzingz oh ST FRANCIS two each oh ewe N best fizhez for grate nooze, a healthee road two ree coveree and a steddy trail two stay ther ♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Those alien things happen. And the little boogers can encapsulate in the organs so they can survive treatment. Ellie was dewormed 6 times and they still came back. That's why she receives monthly Revolution Plus now. I hate the chemicals ... but they haven't come back in 4 years.

    Our vet said the recommendation it to deworm cats four times a year. We're thinking about cutting back the Revolution Plus to only four times a year to minimize those nasty chemicals and see if it's good enough.

    Ellie is our prettiest most-proper princess, so if it can happen to her, it can happen to any cat! Keep your head held high, Dori. We hope you feel better soon.


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