April 11, 2023

A Frank Talk about Urinary Blockages

: Welcome to Kick the Litter, a new feature here on It’s a Wonderpurr Life where members of our family, comprised of cats from varying backgrounds, generations, and breeds, gather each week to mix humor with intelligent debate over Hot Topics that pertain to not only us, but to cats in general all over the world. Hi evfurrybuddy, I’m yoor host, Dori, the Baba Wawa of the cat blogging world. *wavy paws*

: Each week we choose our topics with the intention of educating human caretakers, many of whom have the wrong impression about caring for cats. Sadly, it’s an uphill battle, but we hope our debates will bring awareness and open dialogues among humans to benefit us all. Today’s subject for discussion is especially dear to those of us on this panel because five years ago this week we nearly lost a beloved member of our fam—

: <zooms into room and jumps onto couch, knocking Herman to the floor> I’m here! What did I miss?

DORI: Nothing. Yoo aren’t on today’s discussion panel.

HERMAN: <eases to feet> Do you have any idea how rude you really are?

RABBIT: I’m not rude, I’m enthusiastic. So, what’s today’s Hot Topic? Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

HERMAN: Don’t be stupid.

RABBT: I wasn’t one of over forty thousand Googling that question last month, dude.

HERMAN: Today’s Hot Topic is:

Feline Urinary Blockages Can Be Deadly

RABBIT: Naw. That’s not a good topic. How about Do Cats Fart?  Ten thousand average searches on Google last month. Lotsa people desperate to find the source of a bad smell in their living rooms.

April 04, 2023

Thirsty Squirrels and Easter Breakfast

Dearest Friends, Well, it’s been a Wonderpurr week at my house, the place where I live. I hope yoo are feeling encouraged by the approach of Spring, even if it’s dwagging it’s foots in yoor part of the world. Please treat yoorself to a pwetty potted tulip to cheer up yoor room dΓ©cor. No lilies cuz they are toxic to all who nom them, but yoo already know that.

At my house we went for weeks without any rain, so much so that my momma began to worry about Sassy Squirrel who lives in the tree behind our catio. I overheard her ask Daddy, “Are they getting enough water?” Daddy – who has been married long enough to know where Mom was going with this question – replied, “I’m sure Mother Nature is taking care of them just fine.”

“Mother Nature is a temperamental bee-atch,” Momma replied. “Look at the death and destruction from the tornadoes she sent to Mississippi and Arkansas.”

We lived in Mississippi on the Memphis border up until three years ago. Yoo don’t want to fool around with them tornados.

March 28, 2023

Wonderpurr Whale Watching Adventure


HERMAN: Welcome aboard the ST. HERMAN. I am your captain - Herman!!! <~ I never go anywhere without my three exclamation points. Because the Wonderpurr Gang has been working extra hard developing Kick the Litter for It's a Wonderpurr Life, I thought they could use a break (especially Dori). Do something fun in the fresh air. So, I decided to take them whale watching.

RABBIT: We’re hunting whales? Isn’t that illegal?

HERMAN: What? No—

RABBIT: You mean it’s legal to hunt whales?

DORI: *tugs on Herman’s floofy tail* Will there be wefweshments served? 


RABBIT: I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about it being legal to hunt whales.

HERMAN: No, I meant Yes, I have a catered banquet. No, we aren’t hunting whales. We are watching them.

RABBIT: Sounds boring. Unless we’re watching them do kinky stuff.

March 21, 2023

Farewell to Dolly Meow

Dear Friends, I hope yoo have been enjoying a lovely month so far and didn't get too silly on green beer for St Patrick's Day. Truthfully, I didn't feel like celebrating. Even for a nibble of corned beast.

You see, for weeks my pwecious Dolly Meow has been missing. As yoo know she goes AWOL from time to time, but I always find her.

Recently I discovered the truth. The sad truth about why she's been missing since January. I'd spent hours each day looking everywhere, but she wasn't under the bed, or behind my cat tree, or in the bathroom closets... any of the places I usually find her.

March 17, 2023

Top 10 Irish Insults

Today everyone's favorite AssRabbit is embracing his Turkish-Irish roots with his Top 10 Irish Insults. Of course... what else would you expect from an AssRabbit?

Click the photo to visit Rabbit's on-line diary blog - Diary of an AssRabbit.

And if you are Irish... brace yourself.

Also wishing Gidget a Happy Gotchaversary today. Check out her green eyes.