Meow! Meow! Meow! We Want Our Kibble Back Now!


DORI: Hi evfurry buddy, this is Dori. *half-hearted wavy paws.* I usually welcome yoo to Kick the Litter with a perky little paragraph about how we like to mix hoomor with intelligent debate over Hot Topics that pertain to us cats, but fwankly there’s nuthin’ hoomorous about today’s Hot Topic and I’m too upset to do anything more than growl.

Drastic Change In Diet is Cause for Rebellion

OPIE: We’re all upset because our mom has gotten some insane notion that kibble is causing problems and we need to take a huge step back from eating it. That's Boo-Sheet!

DORI: It’s because of yoo, KC. Yoo are to blame!

KC: What? I didn’t do nuthin’.

DORI: Yoo most certainly did, mister! Yoo turned into a voracious kibbie junkie, pestering our momma until she felt the need to Gogle why yoo are so hungry even after nomming yoor meals.

Meowmy's Day


This goes out to anyone who has ever mommed a cat, past, present or future.

The lives you save because you care enough to adopt have secured you a place in a heavenly garden surrounded by your fur angels.

Every day you give us a piece of your heart by feeding us, brushing us, clipping our murder mittens, playing with us, and above all, letting us shed all over your clothes and furniture without freaking out. These things and more are because you are devoted to giving us a Wonderpurr life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Enjoy your special day. But first... there's a Churu with my name on it and I'm hungry.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: My Life is Wonderpurr


Left - Annie, Top - Patsy, Right - Nikolas, Bottom - Dori

Hi evfurryone, this is Dori. *wavy paws* Today I'm joining Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

A Wonderpurr Week of High Winds, Flying Hummer Nests and Disappearing Tooths

Oh! Hi evfurrybuddy, it’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Sowwy, I was just investigating a baby dwagon who was winking at me on the other side of the window. We have lots of baby dwagons around our house, but sadly if they get into the catio, I'm not allowed to play with them. Momma always takes them away. I purrsonally think she just wants to play with them herself.

Anyway! I hope yoo enjoyed a Wonderpurr weekend filled with extra tweats, belly rubs and soothing sun puddle naps in yoor favorite window. As yoo know, Sunday was National Tabby Cat Day. Unfortunately, Momma didn’t have that on her calendar and sadly the only thing she did was a quick graphic of me and my tabby fur sibs to post on soshall meowdia. She has been vewy distwacted, and therefore after posting the picture, she abruptly forgot to celebrate us with toona noms and Churu’s.

Speaking of Churus, I am happy to report that there will be more for me to enjoy, as Elly has decided she is not a fan, and Fwank blew chunks after his Churu did not sit well in his tummy. I might point out that Fwank had an enormous amount of kibbies in his tummy at the time as he had nommed not only his bweakfast, but also the rest of mine, Elly’s, Opie’s… and probably some of Peaches. It was impwessive, although Momma did not seem impwessed while cleaning up the pile of warm barf.