Dieting Dreams and Microchipping Parents

 Hi everyone, welcome back to another Tuesdays with Dori.

It seems like I was just doing this a week ago. How time flies! 

This past week was super busy at my house. My pawrents weren't home so much, I was convinced they'd runned away from home. I am vewy upset because they are not microchipped and there was no way for me to put out an alert to find them. But every day they returned, mostly in time for our 4 o'clock dinner noms.

So yesterday my momma got her second Moderna vaccine. The first she breezed through without hardly any side effects, except for an achy arm, and she said that was mostly due to me sleeping on her upper arm all night long. I'm a vewy sound sleeper, by the way.

Momma got her vaccine at the Flagler County state fairgrounds where she sat in a car in line until she got a vewy full bladder. Then she got her shot in her left arm. She was told to drink lots and lots... she assumed they meant wine, but Daddy says that might be wishful thinking on her part. She was also told to wait Six Hours until taking a Tylenol for aches. 

Daddy gets his second vaccine in a couple of weeks. He could have had it done today because they had extra, but he couldn't because he still had some time to go before his second was due.

Just about everyone in our family now has had at least the first vaccine. Up in Michigan they are going to the CVS and Walgreens to have their shots. Daddy said he prefers the fairgrounds because they're filled with medical personnel in case someone has a reaction. Plus they get to stay in their cars and drive through where the nurses are giving the shots. 

Purrsonally I don't like shots. So I'm happy to stay home, and avoid crowds, which if yoo were at Kansas City Blogpaws, yoo know I'm vewy good at avoiding crowds by hiding under the bed and behind the bath towels.

The other day me and Momma were flipping through the Facebook when we saw a meme that was all words. I don't read very well so Momma read it to me. 

It was about how it's okay to be fed up with the circumstances we've been through for a whole year now. It's okay to not want to blog or Facebook or Instagwam, or Tweet, or meow on the phone with family and friends. We are all exhausted. There's nothing new to say. While at some point we need to shake off the gloom and move ahead, if yoo aren't ready to do so yet, that's okay! 

I want to apologize for Wonderpurr not participating much in visiting blogs over the past year. For us it's been especially rough because of The Move, and then the emotional impact of what we thought was a move-in-ready house turning into one big expensive renovation. My pawrents were not fun to be around for the past eight months. But one day Mom started a gratitude journal. She saw another meme that said if yoo write down 3 things yoo are grateful for every day, after about 21 days yoo should start feeling a little lighter in your thinking. And yoo know what? It's working. In fact I heard Momma singing this morning, and while that made me cringe and go hide in her closet, at the same time I knew brighter days were ahead. So if yoo are struggling with residual gloom from 2020, think about starting a gratitude journal. It might help yoo see the sunny side of life once again.

Along with the gratitude journal, Momma is officially kicking sugar to the curb, along with wheat. She's been aware for awhile that wheat and other grains causes inflammation in her joints. Once the wheat is purged for a few weeks, she feels so much better. She's been reading the Wheat Belly diet, and along with her sister Julie, they are supporting each other to feel better and look better. Momma hopes Daddy will also kick his sugar demon to the curb, and join her because wheat is also responsible for asthma issues, and Daddy has asthma. Yes, I know, having eleventy billion cats might also be a problem, but it's easier for Momma to get Daddy to give up bread than put one of us up for adoption.

Before I go, I want to tell yoo all about a dream that I had the other night. So, please relax and enjoy my "talkie."

Until Next Time...


  1. I'm glad to hear some happy is returning to your neck of the woods, that's a really good thing!

  2. I think I should start a gratitude journal too as I have been so down the last 6 months. I can't think of three things I am grateful for apart from Ivor. Can I have him as one of my gratefuls every day?
    I am glad your mom is feeling happier.

  3. Our mom shouldn’t eat wheat either. She has this thing called tension/fatigue syndrome...first she gets really grumpy and then she falls asleep, but she loves bread! And what can we say about sugar...if you don’t eat it, you don’t crave it...but it is so yummy! Anyhoo, our mom hopes you and your mom and dad are able to support each other as they give up these foods. Our mom used to keep a gratitude journal. Now she just reminds herself for what she is grateful before she goes to sleep at night. It is a good practice. All of us are sending lots of love to all of you. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet
    p.s. Mom Kim looks really cute in her mask and cat ears, and you are always adorable, Dori.

  4. Our County is HORRIBLE with managing shots for us all. Not all B people are done and they opened the state up for everyone. All the local places filled up so fast Dad was left at the curb. He is not happy. Anyhoo
    Glad your parents were not lost and Mom is going to get meals in order. Thanks Dori for that cute video. Not sure but... MOL. Love you all


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