Mixing It Up with Country Fairs and Dental Scans


Hello Furends and their Pawents. This is Kim, hip-checking Dori and Rabbit, and the rest of the Wonderpurr Gang aside for a little me time on my own damn blog. I've noticed most of us pet pawrents rarely step in front of the camera, so to speak, but when you're going through a semi-burn out like I've been this past summer... um... year... it's time to mix things up.

I am not a fan of summertime humidity, but here in Flory-Da, as Dori refers to our new home state, it feels like humidity is a way of life. I tend to move slowly throughout my day, like I'm wading through an invisible wall of damp heat. My joints have notified me that unless things change, they will ramp up the inflammation, and I will cease to enjoy physical activity... like walking without pain.

On Sunday Ray informed me there was a chill in the air, it being October. I checked my weather app and sure enough, it was 70 degrees. He said we had to get out of the house and drive 90 minutes north. Sounded like a good idea to me. North sounds definitely chillier. When we stopped driving, we had arrived in Callahan, a small town just south of the Georgia border. There we joined the crowd filing into the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds.

Ray loves a good country fair. So do I, but mostly for the barnyard animals. There is nothing like the aroma of carnival popcorn mixing with cow pucky and kiddie barf. It's something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Our favorite fair above everything continues to be the Minnesota State Fair. We went years ago to meet up with an author friend of mine, and her husband. We had tickets to see Garrison Keillor who was closing the fair on it's last day. You wouldn't have known it was the last day, because the fairgrounds were spic and span clean, the exhibits were pristine, and the food was fabulous. We even went on a couple of rides, which still amazes me since I'm not a fan of rides. If you ever have the chance to visit Minnesota's State Fair, definitely put it on your Bucket List.

While in Callahan, I made a short video of our walk around the grounds. Mostly barn animals taking a nap, but this isn't Minnesota.

Also, this past week I returned to North Flagler Dental Associates to be fitted for sleep retainers after spending this past summer wearing ClearCorrect braces. This was my third foray into the wacky world of braces, as my teeth are fans of Fleetwood Mac and like to go their own way. But this time I'm pretty sure they've been convinced to go my way.

The sleep retainers, however, did not fit properly. So Dr. Smith told his assistant Brittany - sorry I hope I spelled your name right - to use a dental scan machine they had just purchased. It's made by Dentsply Sirona. You're probably wondering why I would even mention this, considering this is (mostly) a cat blog. Well, I'm a fan of tech stuff. And this machine caught my interest.

After running a wand over the front, back, inside and outside of my teeth, Brittany showed me the 3D scan on her screen.

This was the first time she had used the machine, as it had arrived the week before, and only one other staff member had had time to read the manual. That sounds like me. Play with the new toy first, then read the manual. Love it.

Anyway, Brittany caught on pretty fast, and had me scanned for a sleep retainer that will arrive much faster to the office than the method of taking a gummy mold. 

So, these are a couple of the results from my scan:

Now I'm going to bet that no one else has published 3D scans of their teeth on their cat blog, so I'm going to claim myself a trendsetter. *takes a bow.*

Okay, I'm done hogging my blog. Please return tomorrow for Tuesdays with Dori. She has some Bweaking Nooz to report regarding our resident Romeo and Juliet, Candy and KC.


  1. Our Dad has been getting some dental implants and they used that scan machine on him. He doesn't have pics to post thought, he should have at least gotten a wallet size.

  2. Loved the video. I was raised on a farm so I had to laugh at your cow pucky remark.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  3. We went to the County Fair every year when I was a kid. I loved all the games and the food…and the rides! We have a huge fair here, but Tom and I have not been in years and years. It is in July and just too hot and humid! I am with you on the humidity! Hate, hate, hate it. Did I say, I hate it! We’ll check in tomorrow to see what Dori is up to. Big hugs, Janet 💖

  4. guyz....tell mom that when all de cowz iz lying down; meenz itz gonna rain.... guezz that meenz mor humid a tee ~~~~~ sorree ~~~~

    pee ezz...did mom getz ta heer de poneez fartz :) ♥♥☺☺ !!!!!

  5. Oh, that's not fair! You can't tease nooz and then leave us hanging!
    Dori in Flory-da. Or maybe her siblings tease Dori by saying, "Dori, DUH!" I apparently haven't graduated from second grade - so your dental scans are impwessive [weally]. Now I sound like Bugs Bunny.

  6. Darn Kim if I had known you were going to do that I would have posted my double dentures LOL
    Dad Pete

    1. Let's start a new trend, Pete. Hashtag BoomerDentalPics

  7. I sure enjoyed this visit. Getting to see the fur babies all here and technology. That was very cool. Have a great evening.

  8. Oh, MY! I saw a 3d image of my teeth once when the dental peeps were looking at how to get out my wisdom teeth...hey, they stole all of my wisdom when I was 21, sheesh, no wonder in my senior years I am not terribly full of wisdom...LOL!

    I so HATE humidity too, it even seems to make my allergies go on a huge rage inside my sinuses, eyes and lungs.

    Glad you enjoyed the county fair! Mooo! Baaa! Oink!


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