Just Sniffin' - a Cattoon


Behind the Story

Life with Rabbit is daily challenge where tempers flare and blood pressure skyrockets. He has no problem challenging pawrental authority. And that often brings me to grab the notorious Squirt Bottle. These days it's 50/50 whether I actually have to pull the trigger. Usually it just takes showing him the bottle for Rab to pause... before continuing on his merry way.

I would never admit to him, but the impish twinkle in his eyes when he deliberately ignores me gives me both frustration and a good laugh. Plus ample material for Wonderpurr Cattoons. He definitely lives up to his nickname, AssRabbit.

Thanks so much for entering my contest. Have a Wonderpurr Week! Kim


  1. We're pretty darn lucky here, we really don't have any trouble makers.

  2. dood....if yur mom iz outta patientz... her could go two nother office wear... that doctorz haz two manee.......may bee !! ;) ☺☺♥♥

  3. pee ezz.....de food servizz gurl sayz that eye, me, mackerull boomer junior butter feeld... iza problem child... even tho I dizz agreez... bee coz eye due knot like math, haz never liked math... N never will like math... sew eye canna be any kinda part oh a problem; be it addin, subtractin ore anything in bee tween ~~~ trooth !
    ;) ♥♥

  4. MOL! Bwhahahahaha! Sounds like life around here, back in the day:)

  5. Being cute is how we kitties get away with bad behavior. Mom and Dad used to use a spray bottle, but they haven’t in years. Rabbit does crack us up! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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