Early to Bed


Hey, Pals. Rabbit here. I'm joining Feline Friday for the first time because I wanted to show off my new bed.

I'm a big boy, and Mom thought I looked cramped in the cat tree I used in my ZenDen. So she scoured the Facebook Marketplace and found a toddler's bed for sale. It is like new because the kid's school never had a sick kid to use it. 

This weekend Mom is headed to a yard sale to see if she can find a proper set of sheets and maybe a comforter. Meanwhile I've got a couple of blankets.

So, yah, I love my new bed. Dadders says he's going to give it a new coat of paint.What color do you think would look best? Mom likes shades of Purrrple, but I look best in Pink.

All Turkish Van's look great in pink.

See my friends in my bed? The yellow bunny is Peeps. The gray one is Carl, and the purple bunny is Debbie. Oh, and that's my camel Humpy, too.

Hope you all have a Wonderpurr weekend. I'm headed off to bed.

Purrs, Rabbit


  1. WOW, your bed looks amazing, it's totally you and pink would look fabulous!

  2. Whoa, your own huge beddy!
    Da Boyz will be jealous, so I cannot show them this post.

  3. That is a lovely bed. I love your pink cat pillow!

  4. OH YES - definitely PINK! A very girly pink....you are so lucky to have the PURRFECT size bed to stretch out in.

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. What a wonderful bed indeed. I'm so happy you have your very own bed. I link pink too. perhaps a purple paint job and a pink comforter. That would be most adorable.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

  6. You are so lucky. That is a great bed. I like it just like it is, but pink or purple would be nice too- maybe see what kind of sheets your mom finds and match that. XO

  7. oh em cod dood !!!! how total lee kewl iz THIZ !!!!! may be purrhapz ewe can paintz it pink and purrple....kinda like a dee sign N such...legz bee purrple, frame bee pink !!! N JOY buddy :) ♥♥


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