Time Travel to Blogpaws 2014 - Conclusion


Hi pals, it's me Herman TattleCat back with the conclusion of my Diary pages when I flew to Las Vegas for the 2014 Blogpaws conference.

You know, no matter how old we pets are, there is still time to surprise our pawrents. For instance when Mom mentioned to our vet that she was concerned about how well I would do mixing it up with other pets at this conference, especially dogs because we never had a dog in our house, the vet told Mom she thought I would do extremely well. She said when I was around dogs at the vet (behind the scenes type of stuff while getting treatments) I was always chill, not at all upset with the barking.

And that proved to be right, because on day one Mom was wheeling me through the huge hotel lobby filled with dogs in  my Gen7Pet stroller named Mosey (you know him from my Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mystery novel that he's actually a Time Travel machine) when suddenly a Great Dane sauntered past me and licked my head before continuing on his way. My pawrents were stunned. Not only by my chill reaction, but also that they hadn't considered a huge doggo might slurp me.

So here is the Conclusion of my Diary to Blogpaws in Las Vegas:

Dear Diary --

It seems like yesterday when I was lolling around the gorgeous Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, meeting fabulous Anipals and their hoomans, and rubbing elbows wif celebrities like Hauspanther Kate Benjamin, Tillman the skateboarding bulldog, and Mia the baby Capybara.

At the conference my mom always wore a pendant of a wooden Scrabble tile, designed by Naomi at Hyperspace Hippo. It was my face, of course! She had lots of people ask her where she bought it, and handed out business cards for Miz Naomi and also for Butterfly Cat Jackets who designed by pawsome tiger jacket.

Like I said before, I surprised my pawrents with how chill I was meeting dogs. Of course I'm part Turkish Van, and possess many dog-like qualities, so it was natural that I would get along with dogs, even though I didn't want to play fetch with them. A cat has to have some dignity!

I never really met doggies before, except at the vet and they were behind bars at the time. 

Also, hoomans always had cameras in my face. I'm used to my mom taking my picture, but suddenly, I was surrounded by pawpawrazzi from all over the world! But I treated them just like I do my mom... I put on my best crabby face and looked the other way.

It got kinda crazy toward the end of the conference.

 I was wearing my crabby face when BZTAT artist, Vicki Boatright, took my picture for a portrait:

And I was still wearing my crabby face when suddenly, my idol, Kate Benjamin of Haupanther came over to meet me.

But then...she scritched my ears, and whispurrred sweet nuffins' in my ear...and I melted! Well...melted enough to actually look up so Mom could take a picture of my face instead of the back of my head.

Besides Kate, there were some other celebrities at the Blogpaws conference. Like Mia, the baby capybara, and Tillman the skateboarding dog.

Meeting Mia and watching Tillman skate was nice, but ...

I was thinking about my wonderpurr Petmate travel carrier up in my room, and how much I'd like to take a nap inside it.

Later that night, everyone was all dressed up in their fancy pawty clothes, walking down the Red Carpet toward the ballroom where the Blogpaws Nose to Nose Awards dinner was held.

And then... The Moment of Troof arrived.


Let's have an Instant Replay!

Then, as promised, it was time to go home. That's me below in my Petmate travel bag, at the airport.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my Blogpaws Diary! While I spent time in the Emergency waiting to poop for strangers (OMG!!!) I did get to meet new furends and some really special hoomons who are also the moms and dads of my Twitter friends.

I can't believe how much time has flown since my first Blogpaws conference, but I did attend a couple more and got to meet some incredible pet brands that made life for me and my family Wonderpurr.

I hope you are enjoying my new series, The TattleCat Zone. It's wonderpurr to be back blogging again. I've missed you all.

Until next time, Have a Wonderpurr day!

Love, Herman!!!
 Pee Ess:
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  1. Hwermie, I'm so pwoud of yoo for suffuring for yoor art. Yoo are truly an inspurration to me. Love yoo always, Dori

  2. What a fun trip you had and today you got to say no to a whole bunch of pups. I laughed out loud.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  3. oh em cod dood we iz sew buzzed happee ewe dinna say NO two de red carpit !!! 984 pawz up buddy...ewe did good even if momz sandalz tried ta foto bomb de moovee....can ya foto bomb a moovee ??? any way, we N joyed theez diaree postz

    ....de gurl wooda loved ta haz seen tillman....herz a bull dawg fan !! ♥♥

  4. I bet you were glad to get back to the room and get some rest. You did a fabulous walk down the red carpet, bravo! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. You walked that red carpet like a true super star, Hermie! I am loving seeing you again.

  6. You are much cuter than the movie stars that walk the red carpet. XO


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