Jesse the Toothless Wonder in Partial Remission

Frens, dis be me, Jesse the Toothless Wonder. Ah'm here to thankee all for your thoughts and prayers while Ah be fighting lymphoma. As of Thursday, ma doctors are verra happy wif ma progress and consider me to be in Partial Remission.

Every Thursday for weeks and week me and ma daddy have been getting up at the crack o'dawn to drive a bazillion miles to where Ah gets chemotherapy. Frankly, the trip is a real bummer for both of us cuz it lasts all durn day. The reason being they have to steal ma blood, and then send it to the Lab (still not sure if Lab is blond or black or brown, but that doggo be verra slow). By the time the Lab finishes doing whatever he's doing to ma blood, it's late and Ah still haven't gotten ma chemo. And when Ah finally get it, there's more waiting around for... who knows why.

All dis time Ah've not had a bite to eat, so Ah'm verra hungry and pretty durn crabby about it, too.

This past Thursday me and Dad left at 6 am and didn't return until after 7pm. Ah was drooling like that doggo in Turner n Hooch movie. Verra greasy and lots of it. The doctors wonder if Ah'm reacting to the stress of being at the hospital (ya think?) so now they are looking into changing how Ah get ma chemo jooce by having ma momma give it to me. This isn't a typical way of handling this, but ma doctors are clearly Pro Jesse and want me to do verra well.

Their notes from Thursday read "we restaged Jesse today with an abdominal ultrasound to see how his internal disease is responding to chemotherapy. Fortunately, his small intestinal wall, spleen, and intra-abdominal lymph nodes' appearance on ultrasound has improved significantly compared to his ultrasound performed on 11/17/245. We consider this a partial remission and wonderful respond to treatment.

Yay me! Here Ah am meowdeling ma Cancer Warrior collar with it's tribal print that Ah got from momma at Christmas. It's working!


Ma family is verra relieved that Ah'm doing so well, but Ah think it's because Ah've got ya'll cheering for me. Frens, you give me strength to keep going despite the awful tasting medicine. Ah'm deeply touched and want ya'll to know Ah thank the Lord every night for your love.

Stay tuned for future reports on how Ah'm kicking that nasty C Monster in the keester.

Until Next Time...


  1. Oh Jesse! I'm so glad you are responding so well to your treatment and are in partial remission! That's great news! I'm also very glad that you are able to take your chemo treatments at home now. You are a true cancer warrior! Love, Otis and Jodie❤️🐾❤️

  2. Dear Jesse, you are doing a good job of kicking this thing in the bee-hind. And git it bee-hind you soon. You are brave and your dad and momanger are terrific fighting fur yer health ev-furry step of the way. We send soooo many purrs to you the air should be vibrating. Lynn and Precious

  3. We are glad you are doing well Jesse ! We will keep on purraying and sending you POTP !

  4. Oh Jesse, that good news makes us so happy, way to go you. We'll keep sending tons of those purrs and pryers your way!

  5. Purring for your continued good health, Jessie.
    Love your one white whisker on each side.
    Can you teach Chili Bruce how to grow back at least one white whisker?

  6. Dearest Jesse,
    You sure are a real trooper and so is your Dad for making those long, exhausting drives and all the waiting, with you!
    Sure, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    May you get well after all those treatments.
    Big hugs,
    Mariette + kitties

  7. That is wonderful news Jesse! Cancer medicine is not good, but it is something we have to endure to survive, and you are doing really well. I go for my CT scan next Friday and hope I get good news like you.

  8. We is owl doin' a verrah relief Jesse!!! Great nooz boio!!!

  9. dood..dam strait kik de C werd in de azzzz. we bee buzzed happee for ewe N hope
    de next ree port showz da bazz terd can sir haz left de buildin. mor st francis’
    blessingz all sew 🐟😺‼️💚

  10. Jesse! This is such wonderful and happy news! We have been purring and sending lots of love your way, and we will keep on doing so. XO

  11. Good job, Jesse! Continue doing what you're doing! We're all purring for you!

    The Chans

  12. jesse, mr. gud boi, we r so ha-pee to hear your gud nooze!!!!

  13. we hope ya'all r taking berry good care ov dee mumster!!!

  14. That's furry good news, Jesse. We continue to send purrs and purrayers and POTP. You are such a brave kitty, a real little fighter!


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