Pawsitively Dori is Excited About Monday

Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori. *wavy paws* Happy Mew Year! 

My fwends, 2024 is all about looking at the bright side of life. Everyone has troubles, but steeping yourself in sadness like a much-used tea bag leaves yoo weak and bitter.

I’m starting this Mew Year off with a fresh message every Monday to inspire yoo to improve yoor mood and determination to live life with a smile on your beautiful face.

Sunflowers represent a long life and lasting happiness, something we embrace at my house. So look for sunflowers on my social media. And if you follow my hashtag #PawsitivelyDori yoo will start each week with a message from me that just might lift yoor spirits and put a spring in yoor step.


  1. Dori, we are purring fur your surgery coming up!! yoo will feel many betterz when those rockz r gone. Daisy the curly cat had the same surgery long ago. yoo both live in flo-rider, maybe iz dee waterz??

    1. Momma thinks Flory-Da salt is the worst. Maybe yoo are right.

    2. Dori, iz toozday morning, we hope yoo r feeling better dis morning and that yoo iz home an sleeping on your mama

  2. You are always adorapurr adorable Dori! Here's to a happy and healthy 2024. Happy New Year!

  3. That was super pawsitive, indeed, Dori! Thanks for lifting our spirits, sweet one!

  4. That is a great idea, Dori! I don't do social media though so maybe you could post it on your blog too?

  5. Dear Dori, you are so right about positivity in life. Ev-furry Monday and then
    all the week long. Love seeing you again and hope your health is all better by now.
    Mommanger has her paws full with Jesse and the rest.

  6. dori N familee…heerz hopin de mew yeer iz pawsum awesum and each
    N everee day bringz sum thin grate yur way πŸ˜ΊπŸŸπŸ’™‼️🌸🌻

  7. Dori I am so sorry to hear you had to have surgery BUT very thankful the painful bladder stones are gone
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Tons of prayers for a successful surgery. Sending you tons of healing hugs. ♥

  9. We come to bring Healing Pawkisses for you, sweet DoriπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

  10. dori …we hurd ewe waz kneadin a bit oh blessingz frum st francis
    sew we asked him ta send plentee yur way….bee well sooooper soon πŸ’™πŸ’š

  11. Hi Dori, we just read that mew'd had a little procedure done at the vets, and we hope mew are recovering well, and that mew will be 'up and at 'em in no time!' Sending oodles of healing purrs just for mew. 😻😻🐾🐾😻😻

  12. Hey Dori! We heard you had had surgery and send lots and lots of purrs for you to heal quickly.

    The Chans

  13. Dearest Kimberley,
    Wishing you all the very best for Dori!
    Lovely video with her talking... WISH they really could talk like that to us.
    Even though we 'understand' our kitties perfectly well, it would be so special.
    Big hugs,
    Mariette + Kitties


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