Life is Wonderpurr Without Rocks

Hi evfurrybuddy, this is the Noo and Impwoved Dori. *wavy paws*

I am feeling so much better without a yoo tee eye, an alien and now without wocks in my bladder. It's been a week since I went for my oppurrashun. Let me tell yoo, I did not enjoy that at all. 

Not only did I have to be kept overnight away from my momma, but they dared to put me in a pink onesie. Despite the Cat Care Clinic's brand color being purrple, they put me in a pink onesie. 

Pink! I was so upset that I took it off during the night and messed it up, so the next day when the girl saw me, she had to wash the onesie before I could go home. She told Momma I'd had a pawty in my cage. I think I made my point. Don't mess wif me!

Anyway, this past week I was made to eat prescription noms and take pain pills. Those pills made me very loopy. So much so, that the first night I was home, I climbed the cat tree near the kitchen and FLEW three foots through the air onto the kitchen counter where Momma was making chimken salad. She was horrified. But I got to taste chimken salad.

By Friday I was done with those pills. I do not like having anything shoved into my mouf, and so I started to hide. I chose a Chewy box cave in the senior room where I've been recupurrating. Momma had to drag meowt, and when she saw me giving her my vewy bestest scowl, she knew I was serious. But she kept on giving me those pills until Friday when I fought her off. I'm only seven pound, but as Momma says, I may be smol, but I'm mighty.

Then there was the issue of the pwescwipshun noms. No offense to Hills, but I did not like their cuisine. Of course Momma had two cases of it, but sad to say she's now trying to hide it under the other noms (without success let me tell yoo). I do prefer the Purina Pro Plan U/R canned noms. Very delicious. It's like a chunky stew. I like it so much, I'll even eat it cold from the friggerator.

On Monday - exactly one week after my oppurashun - I slipped out of my unflattering pink onesie and made a run for it. Momma noticed me running nekked and found the offensive onesie under the bed covers. She washed it and tucked it away in her memory box where she put my original collar and DollyMeow the First. On Monday she also texted my doctor to tattle on me that I refused to take any more pills and am running around nekked. My doctor is off on a purrsonal leave, so she won't find out until Thursday, but I'm feeling so much better now. Yay me!

Jesse has been doing well, too. He's spending more time on the floor than counter surfing, which tells Momma and Daddy that he's feeling great, despite going for chemo. He even sat on the floor while Fwank and Wabbit were hovering around. Jesse used to be afraid of them, but now he's telling them -- "See my warrior collar? Ah'm not afraid of nobuddy. 'Specially you two."

This Thursday Jesse and Daddy have to leave the house at 5:30 am to drive to Jesse's next appointment where they will take a biopsy to see how his body is doing with the chemotherapy. Please keep him in yoor thoughts and prayers. Thank yoo so much.

And... ChauncieMarie has been doing well too. Momma did a glucose curve on her on January 3rd and the doctor said it looked great, and to keep her at the 1 unit of Lantus. ChauncieMarie likes her pwescwipshun noms, and gets a half packet of Purina Pro Plan HydraCare Liver Flavored Liquid Supplement with each meal, and even as a treat. It helps keep her hydrated, so she hasn't needed sub-q fluids. In fact, we all enjoy the flavor so Momma adds it to mine and Opie and the other seniors meals.

As yoo can imagine, my Momma doesn't have much of a life anymore. Playing nurse has taken the lead in her day over writing books, and social meowdia. As a result, she's really behind in visiting blogs and Instagwam and Faceybook to help me comment. Sad to say I still can't type wif these paws.

So! We had a meeting last week and decided to allow her to take a mental health bweak starting Monday January 29 to February 12th. She will then not feel the footprint of neglect in her back like she does now, and will have time to clean out closets and drawers, purge old papers lurking in the dark corners of her office, brush us and give us pedicures, and finally put a game-plan together on how to manage so many social accounts. Jesse graciously gave up his Instagwam at the start of this month and moved in with me, but sadly that's not enough. So I guess there will be more reductions to come.

I look forward to stopping by to visit yoo during our social bweak and catching up on what yoo've been up to. If yoo have any suggestions on how yoor hoomons are able to manage yoor social meowdia life without feeling overwhelmed, I would be happy to pass it on to her.

Love yoo all, and thank yoo again for yoor messages of support and yoor prayers.

Until Next Time...


  1. Thanks for the update. We'll miss you but know your Momma could use a break.

  2. We are glad to hear everyone is doing well after their various medical issues.
    Dori, the Purina ProPlan UR is definitely tastier than Hill's. according to our Oscar.

  3. I am happy that you have got rid of those nasty wocks and are feeling so much better. I am glad Jesse is doing well too, and hope his vet appointment is good. Good news for Chauncie Marie too. Prayers sent for all of you who need them It sounds like your mom needs to be included too. I don't know how she manages it!

  4. Dori, we r so gladz dat efurrywuns health is getting more stable. your mum dezervez lots of snugglez and face lick fur taking such good care ov eberrywun!!

  5. I'm so happy you are doing better! and I also think it's a very good idea to let your mom have a break, I know she's tired. Being a caregiver, especially of multiples, is not easy. Hugs and prayers for all of you.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better sweet Dori, that makes us very happy. We all send lots of purrs to Jesse and ChauncieMarie too.

  7. Your mom certainly has a lot to deal with. We completely understand how hard it can be to play nurse all the time. You are too cute Dori. You look great in your onesie, but much better nekked :) Sending purrs to everyone.

  8. Wavy Paws back at ya, little Dori (we did luv your pink onesie ... worthy of a red carpet walk ...) but being one of her own mind, guess it was a DORI KNOWS BEST kind of thing, so just hang in as you get betterz each day. And purrs for sweet Jesse, hoping he'll continue to paw forward with his treatment. ChauncieMarie, we're hanging in there with you too! As for da-Momma, we be thinking like MORE than a one-week-break for this PowerHouseWoman. WOW, how does she do it ... well, maybe cause she luvs y'all so so much. Ya, think?

    1. She's actually taking two weeks, but I can see that won't be enough. So sad. But we are determined to get our act together. Stay tuned!

  9. Dori, we did smile when we read about your onesie shenanigans! Atta girl! We are glad you are feeling better! And we hope things remain stable for the others too!

    The Chans

  10. Dear Dori, so glad you are better. And Jesse doing good so far and ChauncieMarie hanging in with good numbers. Yer momanager deserves a break. Lynn has no social media presence, just me, mol. Since all of you kitties like to converse and hoomans must use their thumbs to help out, it must make it busy busy. Purrs fur Jesse tomorrow. Precious

  11. dori ….may bee ewe wood like de rox called diamondz? any mew, we hope
    everee one stayz ona trak oh healtheez and happeez, for yur own sake and de
    san a tee oh yur mom. az all wayz, continmewed blessingz frum st francis

  12. I am glad you are all doing well. I will keep you all in my prayers. How kind of you to give your mom a little vacation. XO

  13. Dearest Adorapurr,
    Read your post and thought I'd left a comment... laughed about being 'nekked'.
    But somehow this didn't happen.
    We lived through a rough week and today we were with our Speckie girl when she became an Angel. Dido on November 28, a bit too much but that is life.
    Mariette + Kitties

  14. Dori, We are so happy to see you again and to know you are on the mend. And We are purraying for all of you - and your Mom too, who must be quite EXHAUSTICATED looking after you all. Yes, We can see she needs a little vacation.
    We don't have social media accounts other than Our Blog, though Mummy is on FB, of course. Our Humans need to spend time pampurring Us, rather than writing about it (mol).


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