27th Day of Retirement

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in Flagler County, Florida, USA. 69 degrees. Tufted titmice serenaded the fragrant ocean air. The Wonderpurr Gang had just finished their after-breakfast snacks (as specified in their contracts), and were settled down throughout the house taking their before-lunch naps. A soft breeze drifted through our lanai where my husband had set up to clean the pool cage screens.
Giddy with the promise of having several hours to myself, I headed toward my office with an aromatic cup of Green Mountain Nantucket Blend to work on my blog when from the corner of my eye I spied the scene below:\

Let it be known, after taking one photo to publish on my social media accounts, I tossed down my phone and ran to hold the ladder.

And yes, Ray got the Speech of Shame where I told him how disappointed I was that he had chosen to risk his life and the future we had planned on by standing at the top of an unsecured ladder--over a cement pool--wearing FLIP FLOPS!

I also pointed out with wifely disgust, that the right back leg of the ladder was less than ONE INCH from the edge of the water.

Typical of my A-type husband, he calmly pointed out that he had not placed the ladder atop the waterfall tiles, as that (he stated in a smug tone) would be too dangerous.

As of today we are 27 days into Ray's retirement, and honestly our footing is precarious as we try to find our New Normal. With that thought in mind, I came to the conclusion that...

Retirement + Quarantine + Ray + AssRabbit = Kim experiencing a daily meltdown.

I'm a glass half-full kind of gal, so the upside from today's drama is, I've found a new category to work from on this blog: 

Stay tuned for future posts very much like this one... (she said with resignation.)


  1. Our Mom relates, she is on day 68 of retirement...Retired with Cats is a TERRIFIC topic! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  2. Maybe you could teach Rabbit CPR. That would save lots of money, too. No need to call for an ambulance. Hahaha!

  3. Having as husband who thinks he is invincible, I know exactly how you feel! Of his many accidents the two worst are when he got his trouser leg trapped in the PTO of the tractor and formed a tourniquet trapping him. Two things saved him that day. It was the small tractor and the trousers around the drive stalled it. Also it was a day I always went swimming with a friend but for some reason we cancelled. I heard his screams and was able to release him and get him to the hospital.
    Most recent was when he was felling a huge tree. It twisted as it fell and he ran like hell. The top branches pinned him to the ground. If he had been a second slower he would have been crushed under the main trunk. Then he wonders why I am a nervous wreck when he is going to do something. The other accidents are too numerous to mention but are minor compared with those.

  4. This is hilarious! I really enjoyed it. It gave me the best laugh I’ve had so far this year! Thank you ❤️


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