Feature Friday: Bionic Basil - Smooch Around the Wurld

Welcome to FEATURE FRIENDS, where we celebrate a Blog, an Author, an Artist, or someone who has accomplished something pretty Wonderpurr.

The first to be featured is my friend, Cathrine Garnell, who is the brains behind the EPIC! blog, Bionic Basil

Cathrine checked all the above boxes. She's an author with over ten books to her name, plus an award-winning blog. She's also an artist - both graphic - do check out her Mandelas on Monday feature, and fabric - we are thrilled to support her launch of Kwerky Kat Boutique, coming soon! Ray and I had a crazy-fun time hanging out with Cathrine and her Mom at Blogpaws Myrtle Beach; we both think she's pretty Wonderpurr. 

Mark Watson, Katherine Kern, Kimberley Koz & Cathrine Garnell

As you probably already know, Bionic Basil and his B Team go on amazing adventures all over the world. This past week, Smooch grabbed his pal Timmy from Tomcat Commentary and whiskered him off to Egypt in his amazing Time Traveling Telephone Box. 

This adventure is another awesome creation showcasing Cathrine's artistic talents. So click the artsy image at the top of this page to whisker you into The B Team's TTTB where you'll join Smooch and Timmy zooming off to Egypt. I know you'll enjoy. 

And be sure to leave a "tip" in their Comments after you've finished your Adventure. Cathrine's B Team needs them to recharge the battery on their TTTB.

Until next time, remember...


  1. Hey Friends what a week I have had. First I zoomed off with Smooch to Egypt on an Epic Adventure and now I see his very cool P.A. right here with some notable notables. Thanks so much for the mention my friends and hope to see you all sooner than soon. Purrs
    PS How about that secret we cats all know. Cool, huh

  2. Bionic Basil is one of our favourite blogs, and yours too of course.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing Smooch's epic adventure guys, we really appreciate it 😺❤
    And the P.A. send many thanks too, and says mew are EPIC!!
    Big hugs from The B Team xx

  4. Hi there, Miss Cathrine! How fun to be featured here!
    We love your blog:) (even though we are pups, the petcretary is a kitty fan for sure...)

  5. I love Bionic Basil's blog, they always have such fun adventures.

  6. YAY FOR BIONIC BASIL! Always fun, always fun projects or reads or puzzles and giggles. YAY - TOTALLY EPIC!

    Hugs, Teddy


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