The Scent of Happiness

Hi pals, i
t's me Herman!!! <~ YupI still got my three exclamation points. I never go anywhere without them. On January 18th I found my Forever Home. It was during a blizzard in Kentucky. I know you may have heard my story before, but I like to tell it whenever I have a captive audience. 

Did you know Happiness has a scent? It does! I smelled Happiness the day before I got rescued. I recall hiding in the woods on the five acres my future pawrents had on top of a hill outside Lexington. I'd been on the road for a long time. I was about 8 months old, and my long hair was severely matted and hardened by tree sap. I'd probably slept under trees where sticky stuff leaked onto me. I was a royal mess. 

Anyway, I recall hiding behind trees, watching some cats hang around this house. It always had cats playing on the front porch. I checked the backyard, and yeah...more cat there too. Different ones. There were also some deer that played on the grounds, mostly young ones with their moms. A skunk or two, some raccoons. A lot of activity surrounded this house. And I noticed something right away.

It smelled like Happiness!

Sure enough. When I allowed the lady I'd seen feeding those cats to coax me indoors with food, I found so much happiness, it's still lasting me right up to this day. 

Anyway, the timing of my rescue was purrfect, because later that afternoon, a blizzard hit. Mom rushed me into Lexington to get vetted and my fur shaved off, but I had to stay an extra two days to wait out the storm. When she returned for me, she brought this sweater with a turtleneck for me to wear. We still have it. 

So embarrassing. I look like a fweakin' Chrispmouse Beanie Baby.

Anyway! I have a very faint memory of my life before I found my Forever Home. I think I belonged to a trucker guy. I think this because when I started to travel with my pawrents back and forth to Michigan where they grew up, I loved seeing trucks pass by. I'd sit on Mom's lap and put my paws on the window as I gazed up at the passing trucks. I especially loved them at night with their bright lights! And when we pulled into a Truck Stop, I positively vibrated with excitement. I'd stand on my hind legs and sniff the air, and check out everything going on. Mom said she then realized I had probably come from the Truck Stop down the road from where we lived. It was several miles away, so it took me a long time to reach my Forever Home. I'm sure I traveled with a trucker guy, but since I had a reputation for bolting out the door, I probably bolted from the truck and ran and ran and ran and ran... until I got lost.

That was a long time ago. I eventually got my own Twitter account as @TattleCat (cuz I have a reputation for tattling on my fursibs) and then I got to fly to Last Vegas to attend my first Blogpaws conference. I even walked the red carpet with hoomons cheering me on. Since I'd never walked on a leash before, everyone was real proud of me. 

On Twitter I married my best girl, Belle, and did you know our wedding was not only the biggest Anipal wedding Miz Dana ever did with a Cast of Thousands...but we also trended Number One! Mom recalls seeing a tweet from a guy saying, "Check this out. A cat is getting married!"

Around that time is when me and my Mom wrote FINDING MYA, my children's book, with these great pictured drawn by my friend Deaner's (@ItsMeDeaner) girl, Mya. Mya used to send me pictures she drew of me, and Mom and I loved them so much, we asked her to draw for our book. We are so happy she said yes. The book was written for adults to read to kids, but we've heard adults love reading it for themselves. And that's exactly how me and Mom wrote it.

And then I opened up my own agency, the Sherlock Herms Purranormal Detective Agency. My little sisfur Dori helped me on cases. (whispurrs) I use the word help very loosely. But she's my sweetie pie, and she made detecting ghosts lots of fun. Mom and me also published my first mystery, The Case of the Dancing Ghosts.

These days I'm retired. We moved to Florida in July, and have this great pool where I can lay in the sun and work on my tan lines. Daddy is retired too, so we hang out, and chat about those fun times traveling to Blogpaws, and meeting all of my Twitter friends.

Life is good. No. 

Life is Wonderpurr!

Love you all. Herman!!!

We appreciate you following us over here to Blogger, and hopefully you will enjoy some of the fresh ideas we plan to entertain you with. 

Have a great week, pals! Love you all! Herman!!!


  1. It's great to see you again Hermie! I loved your detective stories with Dori and have missed you. Happy Gotcha Day!

  2. Herman you are simply a Wonderpurr friend and we love you and your whole family. We are so glad you gave that house a chance and are now in your forever home. Yay!
    We are going to follow you too buddy!

  3. My Comments disappeared! Where are they? Is this the new site I dont think so but Happy Gotcha Day

  4. Hello, Herman!!! It is so nice to meet you and I loved your story. You definitely found your happily ever after.


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