Celebrating Pete Cusack - the Creator of Tomcat Commentary by Tim

Pete Cusack, one of my favorite Cat Dads, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 20, 2021.  Today, January 31st, would have been his 69th birthday. This post is a tribute to Pete's genuine love of all things feline.

I always looked forward to Tuesdays with Tim. Timmy Tomcat was the Face and Meow over at Tomcat Commentary by Tim. When I got the heartbreaking news that Pete Cusack had passed away, it truly hurt my heart to know I'd never again read one of his funny blog posts. He had such heart and love for his cats, and honestly for everyone else's cats too. Just read the side bars of his TomCat Commentary by Tim blog and you will agree, he celebrated every cat friend he ever made.

His blog now stands as a testimonial for us to remember him by.

In August 2021 Wonderpurr Life hosted the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. One of the entries was Rumpy Bump Stumpsnot. Thanks to Pete's humor, Rumpy tied for the Naughty but Nice category. Please see his blog post here Tomcat Commentary by Tim  where Rumpy got his award prizes.

I adored his humor and kindness. He will be greatly missed by all of us who have loved and laughed with him through the years. Below is a very early "Cat-toon" Pete posted on his Facebook page with his Heart Cat, Tim. You can see the genuine love man and cat had for each other.

The following are posts Pete wrote about Timmy and Buddy Budd.

click photo to read Pete's Tribute to his Heart Cat


click to read Pete's tribute

Pete loved to blog, but he lost interest in his Facebook account way back in 2012. However I found his last post on February 10, 2012 to be about adopting Mr. Buttons. As always, Pete's love for the underdog um... cat... shined with every click of the keyboard.

You were worth listening to Pete.

Before I close, I wanted to share another blog Pete had. It seemed more like a test blog, but he wrote three interesting posts that delved deep into who Pete was as a man. Click the links to read entire post.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Beginning Life Anew!

To all of my friends where ever they may be including those I have yet to meet.

I am going to lay out an exciting pastime. A interactive game of life and living. All can participate. It will be real fun as we will see some curious things about our minds. This knowledge relates to living a fuller life, as it unfolds, with a sharper clarity. Some of this will be difficult to grasp. Harder to use. Not due to being challenging as subject matter, but, that life and living can impede clear life and living.
Monday, October 11, 2010

Material Connections and Detachment

Much of the talk when speaking about meditation centers around the material world and detaching from it. This is a great stumbling block for many. Lets take a look at what is meant by material and what it means to us.
I have material attachment. I would be lying if I said other wise. The question is not whether you have, or do not have some sort of connection to the corporeal. It is a given. To live in this material plane we must use services, partake of nourishment and use it for energy. We inhale. We exhale. We partake of the oxygen in the air and put out carbon dioxide as our bodies use the food we eat to create stored chemical energy. This stored energy gives action to our muscles.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Return to Never Left

Having some touch of understanding I am obligated to give to all sentient beings, or, at least, make the attempt. That said I keep returning to a vexing question; living in the world means that you must have material to sustain the body, therefore, the body needs to gain material in the manner of the world.

If the desire is to give freely then one can be disinclined to doing or giving as business.

A truth under all this is that the persons I would be inclined to give freely too may see a gift freely given as without real worth. This is the world.

I need to increase how I give but the work takes material. I must move closer to material for a time so to have material to do works.

This is the duty and responsibility of having life.

Pete is survived by his four fur kids, Miss Fitz, Rumpy, Toby and Einstein. 
Thank you for all you did for the kitties. It made a difference. 
Rest in Peace, Pete.
 Kimberley Koz and the Wonderpurr Gang


  1. He was such a kind man and although I'd only blogged with him and his kitties for a few months I loved them all. He's missed by so many.

    You did a fabulous post about Pete and his kitties.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to all the furbabes.♥

  2. We miss Dad Pete. He brought so much joy to those who knew him. He had a great sense of humor and was a kind and gentle soul.

  3. Beautiful tribute to Pete. He had a great blogging voice and was kind beyond measure!

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Pete. I know he will be looking down and smiling. I put my link in my Friday post

  5. I did now know Pete very well but he treated me as a friend. I visited the blog on Sundays as this was selfie day. I have always struggled with visiting blogs but Pete sent me a card a couple of years ago for Christmas with the gang on and I keep it by me. He was so encouraging and, from you I learn, he was a deely compassionate and loving man.

    Thank you,

    Marjorie and Toulouse.

  6. guyz...pleez ta tell yur mom we said MANEE THANX for thiz eye dea frum de start...we haz seen a lot oh postz for pete; two day... anda few all reddy posted last week..we hope pops' birthday haz been epic... N thanx all sew for sharin de face book post.....we waz never on that site ♥♥

  7. Thank you for coming up with the idea for us all to post about our favorite post of Pete's. Yours is a beautiful tribute to Pete. He will not be forgotten. XO

  8. That was wonderful and thanks for starting the wonderful idea for all of us to share our love of Dad Pete today.

  9. It has been wonderful reading all the posts done in Pete's honor yesterday and today.....I will always think of him as the ultimate Cat Dad. His love for his cats and for life was amazing and honest. Pete was one of a kind. Love all the clips you included here as I'd not read many of them..........Hugs to you for suggesting this idea because it was a wonderful way to celebrate Pete's birthday in heaven.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  10. It has made me both sad and happy to read all the wonderful tributes to Pete as well as the posts others have selected to share. A kinder, sweeter, more generous man I have yet to meet. To think of him reunited with his heart cat, Timmy, and all his other angels does warm my heart. Thanks for putting this remembrance day in motion. Love and hugs, Janet and the Kitties Blue

  11. What a beautiful tribute to Dad Pete. I'm sure he smiles down at us from heaven, like we smile up to him. What a wonderful man and we're purroud that we have known him. Soft Pawkisses especially for youπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

  12. That was a beautiful tribute to Dad Pete. We only knew him for a relatively short while, through his blog. We count Ourselves fortunate to have had that much.

  13. What a wonderfully poignant and heartfelt tribute to a kind and loving man...Dad Pete.
    I 'met' him back in 2013, when I joined Catster and he was there to befriend us almost right away. When that place shut down, we went to blogging, and soon enough we met up again.

    I truly miss him and his unique style of blogging. I loved it! And all his kitties, too of course. When my cats became angels, he kept up with us still, even though we only have pups now.

    What a great guy and I am glad I got to know him. We made a post too for him.


    Thanks for having this wonderful idea of having a blogging birthday party in Pete's honor. So we could all join our hearts and paws together to wish Pete a Happy Heavenly Birthday ♥


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