The Leprechaun Trap - a Wonderpurr Cattoon


This week's Cat-toon features me, the resident AssRabbit, setting a trap for a leprechaun. Heard they might offer someone treasure if they're caught. Let's see what happens.

So pals, did I do the right thing by turning down the Leprechaun's offer of gold and Black Forest Ham? Cats don't need money, and frankly I saw a huge package of BFH in the fridge just this morning.

Enjoy your green beer, cabbage and corned beast.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 


  1. dood...we gotta say yez on thiz one coz if him haz ham two day; it'll bee gone two morrow but ewe can all wayz askz for MOR.... anda happee st patz... & st gertrudez catz day az well

  2. The perfect trap. Well done.

    Have a purrfect St. Patrick's Day. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. I think the leprechaun is the one who made the big mistake scoffing at you!


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