Time Travel to Blogpaws 2014 - Day 3

 Friends, there's nothing like getting sick when you're far from home. Me and Mom share this experience because on her first trip to Vegas a few years before me, she got food poisoning at the Treasure Island hotel after eating in their restaurant. 

She got so sick, she asked Daddy to call for a doctor. Mom never asks for a doctor, but she was scared. The hotel wouldn't help Daddy, saying basically they weren't responsible. So Daddy had to put Mom in a cab and rush her to a nearby clinic. They wanted to admit her because she was severely dehydrated, but Mom had a plane to catch back home and said no. The trip back home was horrible, and because Treasure Island was so unsympathetic, Mom vowed to tell everyone she knew about her experience.

Anyway, here's what happened when I got rushed to Emergency:

May 8, 2014

Dear Diary:


By my mom's calculations, I hadn't pooped in 5 days. She figured it was the mix of medications, not necessarily the travel by airplane, although that certainly didn't help. And of course there was the fact that she realized I was not drinking water.

It's not that I don't enjoy drinking water, or that I had anything against hotel water. I just didn't like my new Las Vegas silver bowl with the white drippy cup around it. I refused to drink out of it. But Mom discovered that too late. 

My south end was blocked big time and I required a trip to the Banefield Pet Hospital at the Henderson PetsMart where I spent seven hours waiting for the big event.

Seven Fweakin' Hours!

Meanwhile... my pawrents had to find something to do with their time.

After the Big Event was over, I returned to my hotel room and took a long nap in a bright desert sun puddle. I have to say, it was the best nap I've had in a long time. So glad Mom brought my favorite pink donut bed.

Then I got a leisurely stroller ride and met some of the early arrivals for the BlogPaws conference. My pawrents had attached a cool banner for my Ride, made special for me.

Then we entered the Exhibit Hall where we ran into both the gorgeous @PepperPom and her mom, Angel, and also that @DogDancingGuy Kevin Newman, from Australia.  Just the day before @Bea_Bells introduced us on Twitter, and there we were in purrson, hanging out.

 Kevin was super nice...even though he didn't take either Pepper or me anywhere.

Here's my dad wif Kevin and other pet bloggers from Australia. We were very impressed that they traveled so far to come to the conference. Super nice peoples. (I was taking a short nap.)

Then... Then! We found it. Kitty Heaven at BlogPaws!

I was real nervous about meeting Cat Style Expert Kate Benjamin in purrson. Her designs as Hauspanther are wonderpurr, and My Cat From Hell is my favorite teevee show. Mom and me wandered around looking at all the cool things that Kate had on display. Even though my birfday isn't until next January, I made sure to point out to Mom all the things that made me purr.

Meanwhile, Dad found the crafts table and made himself a cat ears headband.

I have to agree with my mom. It doesn't take much to entertain Dad.

I was thrilled to meet @Pumpkinpuddy's meowmy. She wore pink cat ears, but they looked real good on her...unlike my dad.

Then, I ran into the darling @DollytheDoxie - it was a pawsome night for me to meet my pals in purrson.

I still hadn't met my idol, Kate 'Hauspanther' Benjamin in purrson, but Mom said I'd had a big day and that there was always tomorrow to meet Kate, so we headed back up to our room. I feared my dad might actually wear those cat ears to bed.

But Dad wearing his kitty ears was the least of my worries. While I was lolling around in bed, Mom and Dad went back downstairs and met the wonderpurr Kate in purrson! And, much to my hoomiliation...they mentioned why I'd spent the day at the pet hospital. So embarrassed!

Thank you for stopping by. Please return tomorrow to read the conclusion of my #BlogPaws diary, and how I met @TillmanSkates, how I was mobbed by hound doggies, and how I was immortalized by the talented artist,  +BZ TAT  

And be sure to watch my video of me walking the Red Carpet on my own four paws!

As always, I appreciate your comments.
Love n Purrs, Herman!!!

And if you're looking for some fun reading, be sure to click the image below. Book profits go toward senior cat medical expenses.



  1. dood.....soundz like Kevin waz bizee..... :) we iz glad thoz folkz at de pet hoz pitull were abe bull
    two get cha bak ta feelin like hermz... and we gotta ask...what DID ya get for yur birthday :) ♥♥

  2. Dadderz iz rockin doze cat earz

  3. That was a long wait at the vet.

  4. You had such a great time. A happy time for all.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. I am very glad your stay at the pet hospital made the big event happen. Looks like you had a great time afterwards.

  6. You poor dear! That must've been a terrible day for you. (Mudpie has the same pink donut bed!)

  7. I'm sorry you ended up at that Banfield place but I'm glad all was okay. I hate I missed that BlogPaws, it had to be fun.

  8. Oh noes!!! Hope you are going to be OK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  9. Pity that you had to wait that long, dear! Hope all is well again.
    Great to know you had a lovely time though

  10. We are no sure what was the bigger event…Blog Paws or you pooping. You sure met a lot of woofies at the conference. Mom remembers seeing your mom and you at the conference, but she says your mom seemed so sophisticated and like a veteran that she felt too intimidated to introduce herself. Our mom can be so stupid sometimes. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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