How We Spent Our Memorial Day Weekend

Dearest Friends, We hope yoo are in the process of recovering from a long, fun-filled holiday weekend, and didn’t overindulge in too many hot dogs slathered with mustard and catsup with extra relish and potato salad on the side. With chips and Coca Cola. And blueberry pie. Never skip the pie.

Momma bought us a can of shredded crabmeat to celebrate, but only Wabbit seemed to like it. If she had bothered to text me I could’ve saved her three dollars by telling her to spend the money wisely on Churus.

Anyway, we had a very exciting weekend and … wait for it… all because Momma took Chevy and Nikolas to see Dr. Feelgood on Thursday. I know, good things normally don’t come from being crammed into a pet carrier and driven to the ends of the earth, only to be poked and prodded by a stranger who smells like dogs and foreign cats. But Thursday was a rare exception.

Behind the front desk was a big screen TV showing a program with birds flittering in and out of a bird bath. She asked the lady behind the desk what channel that was on and was told it was on YouTube.

Now being a long-time cat rescuer, you would think Momma would have seen this before, but as she explained to us, whenever she saw cat tv, it was just cats playing with cat toys. Something she didn’t think we would like. And she’d be right, of course.

So, when she came home, she immediately put it on our living room TV and voila! (Which is French for Yippie) we loved it.

The birds! The squirrels! The mice! Oh my!

Peaches and KC love to watch mice, while Opie and Rabbit prefer the birds and squirrels.

So of course, our Momma couldn’t just expect the mice-loving members of the Wonderpurr Gang to watch bird TV when they weren’t feeling it. So, she ran out with Daddy and bought a second tv, a small portable one that moves from Rabbit's ZenDen when he leaves after breakfast, to our Cat Apartment until Rabbit returns to his room after dinner. We now have a TV in the garage, front room and living room.

Before yoo make any comments about us being spoiled, just think about what it might be like to live with cats who outnumber yoo. Momma and Daddy go the distance to make sure we are happy and highly entertained, because when we are sad or bored… Well. It’s not a pwetty pikchure.

We've noticed our old man, Opie, has been a highly inactive over the past year, leaving the Cat Apartment to the couch and back again. But when he saw the Cat TV, he was motivated to not only pay attention, but also got off the couch to jump onto the television cabinet to watch up close.

The funny thing is, Momma and Daddy can’t watch The Office or Judge Judy or Netflix because we give them sour pusses filled with huge disappointment when they confiscate the remote. Yesterday when Opie came out of the cat apartment he immediately looked at the TV. It wasn’t on, so Momma quickly picked his favorite bird channel with the colorful tulips.

Momma says this is the best kitty sitter she's ever had. And it's free!

Meanwhile Momma is making Rabbit do edits on his upcoming book, Diary of an AssRabbit, as she hopes to have it available by his birthday in August.

Oh! Gotta zoom! The channel is changing to mice scurrying through grass. It looks fascinating!

Until Next Time…


  1. Dearest Dori, I am ev-fur so jealous of cat tv. Lynn must try this fur me. I have been going out
    side a bit in the morn, and afternoon. But sleep is ev-fur so impawtant to me. Precious

  2. Oh what a wonderful way to entertain the kitties. So precious.

    Have a purrfect day and week. Scritches to the kitties. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Looks like you ended up having a big old time, Maxwell and Macy love those TV shows too!

  4. No pie here, we had strawberry sundaes instead. My Rosie loves youtube red string for cats videos.

  5. Dori, we are big fans of Cat TV here, too! Our Ava loves it, and she has her own tablet to watch it on. She is like a small child watching her shows until she falls asleep. :)

  6. That is exciting TV. I love the way you are all sat on your chairs and sofa watching it.

  7. You all are definitely not spoiled! Heck, our mom bought us our very own iPad, so me can play Mouse for Cats. Audrey and Astrid are vying for the title of #1 Mouse for Cats scorer. Now, we get to see oodles of birds and squirrels from the catio, but our Mom says she will check out these YouTube channels for rainy days. We loved seeing so many of you engaged. Have a wonderpurr day. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


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